T-Mobile announces Google Play Music as a top contender for Music Freedom

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has given an update on the carrier's recent Un-carrier 5.0 and Un-carrier 6.0 announcements. Un-carrier 5.0 was the announcement of T-Mobile Test Drive, which lets people try T-Mobile's network for free. Un-carrier 6.0 was Music Freedom, which lets customers use several music services without that data usage counting against their high-speed data limit.

Legere announced that over 12,000 people have pre-registered for Test Drive. The program lets potential T-Mobile customers try the network using an iPhone 5S for a week for free without any obligation. You can pre-register for Test Drive now, or wait to register on Monday, June 23, when the service actually opens.

T-Mobile is also letting customers vote on which music services to add next to Music Freedom. Some services, like Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes Radio are already included in Music Freedom, while others will be added over time. The top two contenders to be added to the program next are Google Play Music and Xbox Music. Over 75,000 votes have been cast so far on the Music Freedom website.

What do you think of T-Mobiles new Un-carrier programs, and what music service would you like to see added to the Music Freedom lineup? Tell us below in the comments.

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T-Mobile announces Google Play Music as a top contender for Music Freedom


Haha so pathetic. Just like how someone manipulated the Xbox One vs PS4 contest on Twitter in favor of the One when the PS4 was dominating all over.

Have you tried Xbox music lately? You will know why it's rated that way, sentiment apart

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I was desperately awaiting its arrival on Android until Play Music All Access came to market. Zune Pass was my all-time favorite music service. In some ways it might still be, but Play Music's perfect for me.

I love what T-Mobile is doing. It only further validates that I made the right choice in leaving AT&T 18 months ago. Looking forward to Google Play Music being added to Music Freedom since that's my primary music app. Hopefully it includes all streaming and not just the paid service Google offers.

They are violating net neutrality. No service will ever be able to overtake the big 7-8 services that are accepted by tmobile, especially if the other carriers follow suit.

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Never in a million years would I think that Xbox music would be beating Google Music. I guess more people than I thought use it.

I really doubt that has anything to do with it. Microsoft has been doing steaming music since like 2006 with Zune, which many Xbox Music users (reluctantly) migrated from. It's really the Google Play Music All-Access that's way over hyped by Google fans. They were cheering it on like it was the greatest thing ever when it released but it brought nothing unique to the industry and even was missing one of the major labels.

GPMAA is actually the only service which has both locker service and an all access library. I've got both but there's really nothing special about XBox Music except for the fact that it works on my XBox One.

Now. When it started all it had was the locker service and music store, which LaLa, who Apple bought, started and turned into iTunes Match. Even then, then Google Music, uploaded all your content instead of matching it to what's available on their service. When Zune came, they brought social and music discovery features, and even provided song credits for music you can keep even if you canceled your subscription. I agree there is nothing particularly unique about Xbox Music anymore. I was just saying, GPMAA is often over hyped. I don't personally have anything against it.

As a user of both Google Play Music and Xbox Music, I can say that Play Music does provide a great experience, even though it didn't necessarily bring anything new. And, the locker service is still something that Xbox Music lacks.

And, please, don't start insulting "Google fans," simply because they have a different preference than you.

As a user of just Xbox Music, I can say I'm sure it does when it comes to the apps as they should be an absolute embarrassment to the Microsoft and the Xbox team. The service itself is great and has a lot of functionality. The locker service is coming with a simple Music folder on your OneDrive that you can drag and drop music not found on the service and it will be available for streaming through your collection, rumor has it.

And, please, don't start insulting "Google fans," simply because they have a different preference than you.

That is never my intention.

Yeah, I can't wait for Microsoft to implement a locker service. Although I do use both, I find that I like Xbox Music more, simply because it's easier to download music for offline listening. Trying to download music from Play Music was a battle that I never intend on fighting ever again, lol.

Not exactly shady groups; but dedicated fans who happen to be very vocal. There were campaigns in WPCentral, Reddit and WMPoweruser to get fans to vote for xbox music. These fans would do what's necessary from getting excluded, I'm one of them.

And WebOS did rock back then, too bad the hardware was weak and the company too broke to support it.

He means radio, like AM/FM radio stations.

Agreed, TuneIn Radio would be good for this. Luckily, it doesn't seem to use much data anyway.

I was kinda bummed that it topped out at only letting you vote for two. I'd like to see Amazon's Prime Music in there too. Because, well, I get it "free" with my Prime subscription anyway. That, plus GMAA and TuneIn would be my top 3.

It's amazing what a company can achieve when they decide NOT to behave like all their competitors. I'm still with AIO cause their coverage and data allowances are still a bit better for my situation. But if I wasn't, T-Mobile would definitely have my business.

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They offer too many goodies to the consumer, FTC should intervene and curb it before Verizon and att start losing customers

The panda has spoken

That chose the iPhone 5s because T-Mobile's data indicated that people didn't know T-Mobile had the iPhone available for use, and because Apple partnered with them to bring this program. Basically Apple wants more people on the iPhone and T-Mobile wants more customers as well as more awareness that they have the iPhone.

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How could anyone not know T-Mobile has the iPhone unless they've been living under a rock? All the major carriers do now.

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Some people still believe Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11. People are stupid.

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When Google Play Music is added I might consider going post-paid. I currently have the $30/mo plan, but I want the new "more". I want to stream music away from WiFi, but as Legere said, I'm afraid to go over.
Tough decisions, continue to save money or do more.

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Do prepaid accounts benefit from free streaming too? I'm also on the 30/mo plan

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On a comment thread yesterday, someone said they called in and a T-Mobile rep confirmed it's also for prepaid accounts. Prepaid accounts don't get the Rhapsody deal though.

Edit: Hmm, just saw another post saying another rep said it's post-paid only. That makes the most sense TBH.

Don't ever take a reps opinion on a lot of things. You will always get different answers from all of them unless you get a highly educated rep but even then you'll get mixed responses.

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I think it's safe to say that prepaid account holders will never benefit from T-Mobile's new promotions. They want people on the Simple Choice plans.

Ugh, confusion. So I just logged into one of my T-Mobile accounts, and found this Help page about Music Freedom, stating it's available to Pay In Advance (Prepaid) and Pay In Advance Mobile Internet customers as well. So that should cover the $30 "Walmart" plan folks as well as folks who pay the $2 a day (2G) and $3 a day options (500mb of 4G+speed cap).

See: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-10969

Whoa, when I checked yesterday, Google music was ahead by miles! Xbox music gained a crazy number since yesterday...

Maybe T-Mobile will add both services at the same time?

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What good is a test drive on a phone
(IPhone 5s) if your not interested in that phone and their volte network is only available in 2 cities in California?
Useless gimmick for now....ask me again in about 2 years when you might have this network up and running everywhere and you offer more phones to test drive.
Try Harder....like your enthusiasm you displayed during your presentation. ...it was very good....however. ..after some thought....Your Reality is hollow
But I did enjoy the show
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The test drive isn't about trying a new phone, it's about seeing first hand what T-Mobile coverage is like where you live, work, drive, hang out, etc.

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He is being pedantic and failing. The actual name of the service is Google Play Music All Access. Google Play Music is a store and storage locker where you can buy music and store music you already have. Google Play Music All Access adds a subscription streaming service on top of the other things Play Music does.

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This should include prepaid plans, having the $30 plans and Music Freedom would be killer. Am I right that prepaid plans aren't included?

I talked with tmo support and they said my free tablet data will work with this. So I'm assuming pre paid will work also. Not for sure though.

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I tweeted T-Mobile and this was the response "Prepaid, too :) Check out http://t.co/ZOp6rgcRiC for more info! ^JB" I checked the link it does say Pay in Advance (Prepaid), so that's freaking sweet, now just get Google Play music and I'll be all set.

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I know it's amazing, the coverage isn't the best where I live but this makes it totally worth it, as long as Google play music comes to it, I don't want to switch back to Spotify. They should also do podcast streaming!

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Damn. Xbox music is leading. Really? I voted. I hope Google music somehow wins or gets another chance. Still can't believe Xbox music is ahead...

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You know, with everything they're doing I actually WANT to become a T-Mobile customer.....maybe when the G3 comes out I'll switch.

I switched from verizon six months ago.. Download speeds are so much faster.

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This may be a stupid question, but If Google is picked, will it only included those who pay for All Access or all Google Play Music? All Access wasn't worth it for me, on average, I spend less than $6 a month on music.

It's the same app so it should be both shouldn't it? I don't see how or why they'd differentiate it.

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Someone brought it up that what T-Mobile is doing with Music Freedom data is actually a “Internet Fast Lane”.

Seriously, nobody is going to bitch about net neutrality and this? I personally don't care, but given something for free, everyone seems happy to jump off the cliff.

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So if Comcast enforced a 250GB cap and then gives specific services an exception to the cap for free, such as their own services, this wouldn't strike you as a net neutrality issue?

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As defined now it is, and everyone would freak the F out. But T-Mobile does it and everyone rejoices. Again, I personally don't care, the internet works exactly like it's supposed to now, so why break it on purpose for some hypothetical future?

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You are 100% correct. Don't also forget to mention that AC posted an article basically wagging their finger when AT&T introduced their sponsored data concept. No article now. Things that make you go hmmmmm. People will say AT&T was explicit in that the companies paid them, but it's still the same outcome. Much less incentive for customers to user lesser known apps. The selected apps and 50 MBs of their data are now more affordable and accessed FASTER (if you go over your cap) than data from another app that T Mobile has not deemed "priority". If Spoitfy didn't pay T-Mobile, they probably should.

The difference is that ATT was making content providers PAY for that privilege. Comcast et al are trying to get Netflix and other content providers to pay them to give 'premium' access to subscribers.
TMobile isn't making any of the content providers pay for this access (unless I've grossly misread all the articles).

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You are incorrect. Comcast and Netflix both want to set up a peering connection, eliminating the normal internet congestion. I believe historically, this was paid for by the content provider, not the ISP, that is the gripe there.

This is worse, because it is in your face about who they prefer. Website loading speeds are not as easy tell by a normal person.

The current net neutrality arguments are about bandwidth prejudice, and data caps in my book fall into that, but again I personally am fine with it, I'm not fine with the hypocrisy everyone is showing.

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Already answered your argument before you did. You also brought up the Comcast/Netflix question which energized the Net Neutrality argument. This was BEFORE money even changed hands. Once again, money does not need to change hands to violate the spirit of Net Neutrality. The same situation in this scenario would be if RDio decided to pay to be part of T-Mobile's program. The issue existed before the money changed hands. The money changing hands was a result of the original issue.

Yes it does and this is yet again another great example of why we should be against gov mandates of net neutrality.

It's very disappointing to see blogs like this publishing articles confusing well intentioned people into advocating for that which they cherish so dearly- the Internet.

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Perfect answer from someone with your name. Now just change your profile pic to a train and I'm all set for the day.

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No, it doesn't. TMobile isn't twisting anyone's arm into paying for access. They're not giving music providers faster speeds. They're just not counting data towards the cap, akin to not counting voice minutes for friends and family. Your post is woefully malinformed.
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You are correct that T-Mobile isn't forcing anyone. That's an argument for leaving the Internet alone and letting the market work. Net Neutrality advocates make the mistake of assuming the spontaneously created neutral state of the Internet of today is a product of government. They further make the presumption that this current state is the most desirable method of delivering data.

Imagine if nn advocates had their way in the 90's!

The central tenant for most nn advocates is that ALL data should be treated equally. Choosing to count some data towards caps and not others clearly violates this concept.

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I use TuneIn Radio most of the time for my morning shows and whatnot and mixes from my favorite stations. I'm not on T-Mo right now anyway tho..

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Tune in & audials for me.... tune to Japan or Australia and play all day... that would be COOL!

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I voted for both Google play and tuneinradio since I have the old unlimited high speed data for 70 a month for line 1 and line 2 is 50 a month I still have to pay $ 4.00 a month for the rhapsody... I guess it is cheaper than bumping up to the 80 a month plan....

Anybody using the uncarrier rhapsody app and have an opinion? My grandfathered $70 unlimited plan doesn't hook me up for free. Thinking about ditching my $10 a month Google all access, and going with the T-Mobile $4 a month rhapsody. The sound quality, eq options, app design, and most importantly collection all seem stellar. Unfortunately I can only play 20 seconds of a tune before it bitches at me to cough up some dough... Should I switch?
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T-Moble may say they have great mobile coverage, but I guess the advertising folks have never left the city! Try driving around OK or TX off interstate and let me know what you think of coverage! On the other hand, they could admit their coverage isn't great, improve it, and allow their WiFi calling on all devices, not just a few.