T-Mobile just officially introduced their 'Project Dark' rate plans, Even More and Even More Plus. The new rate plans look exactly like what we saw leaked last week and though it falls just a bit short of our sky high expectations, is still a great move by Magenta. On Even More plans, you'll be able to get unlimited voice, text, and data for $99/month on a 2 year contract. On Even More Plus plans, you'll get the same unlimited voice, text, and data for $79/month without any contract.

The catch of being on the no-contract Even More Plus plans is that your future phone won't be subsidized by T-Mobile (which means the G1 will cost you $399.99 on Even More Plus as opposed to $129.99 on Even More). But even if there is a premium attached to no-contract living, the ability to get out anytime seems like a great perk and plus, it looks like you'll still be able to purchase phones over a period of time with no interest.

The Even More unlimited plan is similar to what Sprint is offering and according to T-Mobile is half the price of comparable AT&T and Verizon plans. The Even More Plus is what excites us, if T-Mobile can have the entire industry headed to no-contract wireless service, we're in.

What do you guys think of T-Mobile's Even More and Even More Plus plans?


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T-Mobile 'Project Dark' Rate Plans Go Live


yeah, their plan might have went down(dont rememner) but I just looked to see if I would stay put at sprint, and a family plan with 2 android devices cost an extra 80 a month for data and messaging. it used to be only 35 a line, now its 40 a line...

Im staying with what I got. 100 more minutes, anymobile, and less money.

oh and also, that 270 bucks saved per G1 alone would more than cover any early termination fee wouldnt it, not to mention the 20 a month savings. after only 4 months youd have saved 350 bucks, last time i cancelled early it was only 175 I think.

*my comments are in regard to the 500/450 minute plans offered by carriers, as that is what i would use*

i don’t think it is that impressive.. especially if you are comparing to sprint. compared to a sprint plan where you have etf/subsidy, you are actually paying $10 more a month.

2 year costs for 500 min plan (450 on sprint) and phone:
myTouch 3G – even more – $2070
myTouch 3G – even more plus – $1940
hero – standard 450 – $1860

i am not a big talker, so only looked at the smallest minute plans. t-mobile is more expensive than sprint. unfortunately, sprint coverage has not been too impressive for me.

verizon/at&t plans would only be $60 more over two years (assuming a $200 subsidized phone). conclusion: not very helpful to me, and i am not impressed.
re: verizon/at&t — i took into account plans of theirs without unlimited text. but whatever their minimum is, is basically unlimited to me. i don’t use all that much.
maybe this is helpful for heavier users. but i think the lower end plans are nothing to get too excited about.
correct me if i am missing something.

and.. their minimum plan for a subsidized phone went UP $5 a month and REDUCED 100 whenever minutes. shady…

Their advertising is a bit misleading. The 3G data is NOT included in the rate plans. Only voice is included.

It now in fact costs more to add Android data services than it did before.

I looked on the sites and dont see how the plans end up half the price of anyone elses plans.

and when it comes to family plans they lose to everyone but ATT

Hey, this is Rachel from Boost Mobile, I just wanted chime in and agree that we are all in favor of plans that don't require a contract ;). However, T-Mobile’s new “Even More Plus” prepaid offer still costs nearly $30 a month more for the same service someone would get with Boost’s $50 Monthly Unlimited plan – which includes unlimited talk, text and Web. Plus, Boost Mobile doesn’t nickel and dime its customers with extra fees or telecom taxes and customers can take advantage of true nationwide coverage which reaches more than 274 million people in over 17,500 cities throughout the U.S.

It would be good if you could purchase any phone from Europe or even anywhere. BUT T-Mobile has that crazy 3g band that requires you purchase a phone from them at full price. Hmm...paying a full price over 20 months...isn't THAT really a contract?

Seriously do you think the Blackberry 8900 is really worth the retail $500 that T-mobile is charging??? Nothing sells for retail...NOT IN this economy.

T-Mobile is basically saying, hey we're gonna give you great priced plans, great coverage, great phones. You can do no contract (Even More Plus), and not be tied down to T-Mobile. You don't like the service, go ahead and go. You keep the products you buy. Full price for phone is just what T-Mobile pays for the phone.

The $79 and $99/month are for the most expensive plans out there. If you are not a huge talker but you like to text and go online the best plan you can get it the Get More Plus 500. It only costs $59/month and gives you unlimited everything except whenever minutes which is 500. That is basically the plan I have right now except I have the 1000 and pay $20 more. I am definitely switching.