T-Mobile's 'Project Dark' is especially of interest to us because of T-Mobile's faith in Android. Because of their support (and the great customer service), we have a soft spot for the fourth-place, magenta loving carrier and hope that 'Project Dark' can be all its prepped up to be and catapult T-Mobile into the big boys table. And if it follows the lead of these screenshots, we think 'Project Dark' will become an out and out success.

Tmonews got their hands on these leaked images that show new pricing structures and rate plans for T-Mobile. According to this report, T-Mobile will offer two new options, Even More and Even More Plus. The details are as follows:


Even More Plan:

  • $100 for unlimited voice/SMS/data
  • $70 for unlimited voice and SMS
  • $60 for unlimited voice
  • Requires two year contract

Even More Plus Plan:

  • $80 for unlimited voice/SMS/data
  • $60 for unlimited voice and SMS
  • $50 for unlimited voice
  • Pre-paid, no contract

What's really amazing is that the 'Even More Plus' plans are not locked in a 2 year contract and yet are cheaper! There's also word that you'll be able to purchase phones over four different installments. We're hoping that the no-contract plans of 'Even More Plus' can still lead to carrier subsidies for phones and that the 2-year contract plans of 'Even More' can offer ridiculously cheap options. Yeah, we want to eat our cake too. Don't you?

How do you feel about these details of T-Mobile's 'Project Dark'?


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T-Mobile 'Project Dark' Details Leak, Looks Promising


It looks like T Mobile is really trying to step their game up. the offers are very similar to Sprint's Simply Everything plan. With this the main thing that would hold T Mobile back is their spotty service in some areas. In the NYC area they have a lot of dropped calls but this might be enough to have people overlook that.

Casey, you're just being kind, right? The phone industry is number one in consumer complaints. It's a mess and T-Mobile is not doing much to help. How are overhyped, confusing plans that have to be examined carefully to find any differences with other carriers, promising? I was hoping that Android's and Google's influence might combine with T-Mobile's competitiveness to open things up and give us the creative phone devices, collaborative networks, and pay-for-what-you-use pricing that we want. Nothing here. Still in the Dark Ages of wireless.

It is confusing because they are only showing part of the plans. It still isn't earth shattering, but it makes more sense when you see all of the pages.

this is great and all but when did paying for unlimited data in a crap coverage network become ok? Though this is definitely better than AT&T

tmobile is taking the cell phone industry to another level i dont think that any other big cell phone company can compete against these plans or new handsets tmobile continues to revolutionize the cell phone industry kepp up the good work T-MOBILE YOUR #1 and JD Powers proves the awsome job you guys are doing!!!!!

it is actually earth shattering. do a little comparison shopping. VZW and ATT unlimited everything is 150 per line. family shares start at 100 per line for just VOICE. 230 for 2 unlimited with just unlimited text and no internet. still 30 bux PER PHONE on top of that for a smartphone plan. so your looking at 290 bux for 2 unlimited everything smartphones on VZW... ooor $140 for the same on Tmobile. If thats not earthquaking i dont know what is. And Tmobile gives free tethering witch VZW and ATT charge about $30 more for on top.

correction to your article. the EM+ is not a prepay. you have to have the same credit to get that with the 20 month payment plan for the phones, as you do to get the normal postpay lines. the difference is the EM+ doesnt offer a subsidy on the phone(so u pay full retail) but you get NO ETF, no contract, cheaper plans, and 20 months to pay off that full retail phone. Basically the phone payment becomes an ETF of your own choosing. So if you go for cheap phones, no big deal, but if you go for say a Touch Pro 2, you are locking yourself in by the payment plan if u use it. Also there is no wait time on upgrades on EM+ since its no contract. If you got the cash or the billing credits, you can change your phone out as much as you want to.

for the guy that wants "pay what you use", thats out there, its called pay by the day prepay. and there are android phones comming to prepay.

for the even more plus plan do i need a credit card to get the phone payments over 20 months? because i was going to go to a store and find out but i cant right now. so.. do you guys know or not?