Nexus 7 LTE

Nexus 7 for $16 per month, Tab 2 for $19 per month, for two years

Along with its new tablet data announcements today, T-Mobile revealed that it'll be carrying two of the more prominent Android slates for $0 down. T-Mo will give you a Nexus 7 (2013) with LTE connectivity on a 24-month payment plan costing $16 per month, or a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 for $19 over the same period.

And just like any other tablet brought to T-Mobile, you'll get 200MB of 4G LTE data for the life of the device, with the ability to top up 500MB on a one-day pass for $5, or 1GB on a weekly pass for $10. With both the daily and weekly passes you'll get unlimited data at a reduced speed beyond the 500MB or 1GB of full-speed data.

The Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is available now from T-Mobile, while the Nexus 7 will launch on Nov. 20. T-Mobile's also bringing its "free data for life" deal to iPad customers, along with $0 down deals for both Apple's new tablets.

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T-Mobile to offer Nexus 7 LTE and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 for $0 down


I love what T-Mobile is doing.

I would switch if their coverage was better.

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Their coverage is good where I am, but my 2012 N7 still fills my needs.
Still a great deal though.

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Off-topic, but since the AC folks seem too busy writing about BBM to mention it, invites for a Google Play event for tomorrow went out YESTERDAY. While this is not a hardware announcement, it seems like itis more relevant to AC readers than WP's latest tablet flop or yet another BBM article.

Kicking Verizon to the curb June 2012 and bringing my 2 lines of service at that moment to Tmobile was a great choice.

Now after my Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, and most recent Galaxy Note 3 purchase I will be adding that Nexus 7 LTE tablet November 29th.

Nothing is better that Tmobile period.

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Richard ,this will be mines after acquiring the Black Stallion of smartphones,the Galaxy Note 3,because I like the fact of LTE even if I'm not taking the tablet all the time with me but when I hit the train or something or on a plane,it'll kill time for me.

The trifecta goal:Galaxy Note 3,Galaxy Gear and Nexus7 2013 LTE .


Sounds like a solid enough deal. I sort of wish my Nexus 7 was the cell radio version.

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The other deal is pretty awesome, this one not so much.

Isn't this just the subsidized phone thing all over again?

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Yes and no.
With a subsidized phone, you keep paying the subsidized price even after the phone is paid off. With these programs, once the price of the device is paid off, that cost goes away completely.

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I can walk away and we are back to it being the same. I do see you point, but it's the same.

You get a subsidized price, with a two year contract, and at the end you get a choice. Continue, maybe with another device, continue paying for service, or go somewhere else.

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Gotcha. I was missing that this is essentially two separate bills. One for the tab and one for service

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No billl for 200 MB. Prepay option for more. NO BILL for service.

-also -
any tablet brought to T-Mobile, you'll get 200MB of 4G LTE data for the life of the device. NO BILL

200mb goes next to nowhere, but it is nice to have.

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Actually, using wi-fi as much as possible, 200 mb gets you through the bulk of a month if you're only using the device for surfing the web and watching videos.

I was skeptical on my wife surviving on the 200 mb of data she pays for on her iPad, but she very rarey hits the limit before it rolls over into the next month. And it's her primary consumption device. I was shocked.

I know I am a huge user and even with using a ton of wifi, 200mb wouldn't get me through more than a few days.

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Depend on the user. I am only up to 68 mb this month right now on my HTC One even though I browse the web a couple hours a day.

Depends on the user a lot. I commute 40+ minutes each way on public transit. 200mb doesn't get me very far at all (about 8 days).

Like I said I know I am a high user, but with music services being more and more prevalent I won't be unique in hitting 200mb in a few days.

Turn the music on, read a book and play a game for a few hours and boom, 100 gone

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I've had 170mb of data just for my browser in the last 12 days (since this billing cycle began). That doesn't count twitter, G+, or any game data (not downloads, I'm talking online play).
For a smaller portion of the consumer base, I'm sure 200mb would be fine. For others, not even close.

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If I read this correctly you can bring ANY LTE device (I suppose tablet) you already have, I suppose get a SIM and get 200MB free per month.
Sure 200MB isn't much, but for free for nothing this is crazy awesome. Seems like a smart idea too as I'm sure a large percentage of people will end up ponying up money for more data once they get in the habit.

I think I'm misreading this and it won't work for BYO tablet, but that would be extra awesome.

No. There's no contract and no required data plan. Not even close to a "subsidized" phone deal.

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The weekly rates obviously aren't expected to be used consistently... but more here and there when you're traveling or just need more mobile data on your tablet.

But even if you did consistently pay the weekly fee, $40 per month for 4GB of data isn't even that bad.

Possible ignorant question: So if you opt for, say the 2.5 gb month data plan on T-Mobile, is it effectively unlimited with the speeds throttle for data after you reach 2.5 gb, or does this only apply to the day/week pass?

Also, do you have to buy the tablet from T-Mobile and make payments to take advantage of these deals, or can anyone bring their new tablet to T-Mobile and simply jump on 200 mb of free data/month?

I am wondering to if I can buy the N7 w/LTE on Play and order a sim from T-Mobile. I'm still tempted to go the route of paying monthly just so I don't fork over $350 right away, but knowing I could have just bought it outright would tick me off.

I will trade in my old galaxy tab 10.1 to get one of these new LTE enabled tablets. I wonder if the trade in rumor is true.

So what do I get for the extra $35? The N7 is only $349 with free shipping and a T-mo sim from the Play store, 24 x $16 = $384? Am I missing something here?

200MB per month of LTE. The article says for life but it really means until they decide to stop offering that. But, most likely it would be quite awhile. Or, do you mean I can get a free T-mobile sim from the play store even though I am a Sprint smartphone customer?

Unless I'm confused you can bring any tablet and get the 200 MB, as in I can go buy it from the Play store and then still get the 200 MB.

Nexus devices have always had a little markup on T-Mobile. Google subsidizes some of the cost.

You're missing the point where T-Mobile has to make at least a little money off the sale of the device, and they're also offering "free" mobile data every month.

Questionable if the $35 difference is profit if the costs of a Sim card, if tax, if shipping, if availability, no financing charge as "legally" noted, if warranty are taken into the equation consideration.

In the Play Store offerings, what's the difference between the LTE version and the T-mobile version?

Nope you are basically paying 9% interest by doing payments rather than buying it outright.

I know right,they're falling over chairs right about now trying to come up with a plan to counter attack.

Sent from my Note 3 rockin Jelly Bean 4.3

The 200M of data per month is free, so you can look at it as the $16 a month including that...

There's not ETF fee for T-Mobile's device payment plan, you just have to pay it off if you leave. Think of that what you will, but it sounds fair to me.

No taxes/fees.

Amazing how people in these forums with cognitive dissonance and self entitlement syndrome will bellyache about price and service even when it's FREE.

You can't make this stuff up!

been with t-mo forever, they've never stopped improving. even when things looked bleak a few years ago, they still gave the best customer support, best phones on the market, and best prices on plans. and the market is responding to them, finally.

My mouth is watering.

I can trade in my 2013 wi-fi only Nexus 7 for the LTE version and be paying only around $10 a month

Awww snap! I support this but for my personal needs, I don't need a tablet with data. If I'm ever in a situation when I do, I turn on my phones hotspot for a little.

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384 - 230 = $154 (if you where just looking to get a wifi version for yourself like me)

Is it worth $154 ...i.e. $6.42 / month for 2 years to have a tablet you were threatening to buy anywhere....but also have cell data service for those rare occasions (travel) when need it.

I'm down right almost sold....

(feel free to let me know if am missing something)

I'm really curious on what tablets are eligible for trade-in. I've got an TF101 that's collecting dust, that I'd love to unload.

I'm with Tmo so I could get Nexus 7 for $16 month with with free data and use my hotspot of 2.5g that I get free..hmmm or get a small data plan plus use hotspot wow

Thank you for your reminder Amir47.

With all the excitement about this T-mobile FREE 200 MB LTE offering, I briefly forgot about the root & tether option for picking up my Sprint unlimited LTE signal if needed on the wifi only model. The 32 GB wifi only Nexus 7 costs $269, $80 less than the $349 32 GB wifi & LTE Playstore version.

Anyone with advantages and disadvantages of the root & tethering option versus paying an additional $80 for potentially seldom used LTE service?

Likely depends on personal usage requirements. For me, I haven't envisioned using the tablet outside a home or elsewhere wifi environment. Perhaps more applicable for business related travel and students.

I've said it here many a time..
T-Mobile.. You keep this kind of forward out of the box thinking up,
And by 2015 you WILL be the Number #1 Carrier of the people..
Maybe people locked in for job reasons etc may not be able to switch right away,
But build the towers provide the coverage, and you can rule the U.S. Market.

$30.00 T-Mo a month.. Forever.

Seriously. The $40/month 4.5gb plan is a ton of data, and with VOIP, why would anyone mess with any other type of plan?

Seriously Jr..
Stick with what works for.. Don't worry about mine..
Go back.. Re-Read what you typed..
You sound like an IDIOT.

I had been thinking about getting a Nexus 7 to take to conferences. It occurs to me that paying $10 for a week is way cheaper than $15 a day for hotel wifi (assuming there is TMobile data coverage at the hotel).

I know this isn't really related, but since T-mo carried the N4 and now the N7. Do you guys and gals think they will be carrying the N5?

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The very first Android smartphone was introduced on T-mobile. Subsequently T-mobile has been a service provider option for all Nexus phones and now the Nexus 7 tablet.

No thinking required!

Yeah they will

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Can you get the Nexus 7 with no data plan and just pay the $16 a month?

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So, I was just looking at Verizon's website, and you can get 4GB/month on a prepaid plan for $40. That's equivalent to what T-Mobile's charging.

Seeing as I already have my phone on T-Mobile, and the fact that I travel a lot, it only makes sense for me to reap the benefits of both networks, if or when I decide to switch tablets.

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I just realized: Verizon still doesn't "officially support" the LTE Nexus 7. Go figure, lol.

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Classic VZW. No matter how good the coverage, the stupid, inane roadblocks like this just make the idea of ever using VZW just unbearable for me. Sure you can work around it, but why should anyone have to?

Agreed, brother. I was looking on XDA, and there are quite a few workarounds. However, the most simple workaround involves you purchasing a Verizon tablet or Mifi and swapping the Sim cards. Sure, it works. But, why should I have to purchase something that I know I won't use? It sucks, because having both networks at my disposable would be amazing while traveling.

I think I'm gonna partake in this. Sure, I'm paying about $30 extra (give or take) by letting T-Mobile subsidize it, but...I'm all in for the Magenta.

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