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T-Mobile has announced today that it has overtaken Sprint to be the largest prepaid service provider in the U.S., with a total of 15.64 million prepaid subscribers on the network. That's dramatically past the other big rivals AT&T and Verizon also, who have 11.34 and 6.04 million prepaid customers, respectively — and T-Mobile shows no signs of slowing down.

While prepaid offerings are often pared-down and limited on other carriers, T-Mobile's pretty directly mirror its postpaid options, simply offering fewer extra "features" of the postpaid side like device financing and international roaming. Add in the wide availability of its prepaid SIM cards and phones in retailers and through its website, and you can see why so many people use T-Mobile prepaid.

Doubling up on its prepaid customer numbers, T-Mobile's recently-acquired prepaid brand MetroPCS has also surpassed the 10 million subscriber mark, adding 1.2 million customers in the last year — a rate of one customer every 27 seconds. T-Mobile CEO John Legere had this to say on the news:

"The good news just keeps on coming for T-Mobile. The momentum we're seeing with our T-Mobile and MetroPCS brands is outstanding, and the fact that we've blown by everyone to take the No.1 spot in prepaid is icing on the cake. As a matter of fact, I'm going on record—I predict we'll overtake Sprint in total customers by the end of this year. Not someday. Not next year. This year. Americans are voting with their feet, and they're joining this Un-carrier revolution by the millions."

Legere is known for his bold statements, but this doesn't seem all that lofty. At the rate T-Mobile is moving, there's indeed a good chance it passes Sprint in terms of total subscribers as it continues to leave the others in the dust in terms of prepaid subs as well.

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T-Mobile is now the largest provider of prepaid phone service in the U.S.


Here is a economic breakdown of carrier stores in your neighborhoods.

Verizon, ATT, and Sprint stores are in upper to middle class neighborhoods.

T-Mobile, MetroPCS, and Cricket lower class neighborhoods.

Prepaid is big with low income areas.

I gotta move away from all these prepaid carrier stores.

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Sorry DWR_31, but that comment is plain stupid. I didn't know towers serviced areas based on income in said area

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I understand he meant stores but that's bs. Number one suburb in Ohio is Lakewood, Ohio and that's where I got my T-mobile service. Corporate store. Not a retailer

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In my neighborhood sprint, Verizon and At&t are all within a block of each other, I don't see this as true at all.

I'm on prepaid metropcs, because it's the best deal in my area. The fact that I make more money doesn't mean I should overpay for things

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I have all 4 major carriers in the same shopping carrier and a metro pcs across the street. Just saying . :)

Posted via HTC One on Sprint

Prepaid almost always cost more than post paid. Exactly why there are more of them. People like prepaid because of lack of info needed (for shady activity) and they can't pay a monthly bill.

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@DWR31 Really, how stupid are you? Turn off Fox News and get your head out you ass.

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I don't think you are using those words correctly. And have you seen the other news stations? They are very biased towards the left.

This is inherently wrong. Companies are not goon to focus on low-income areas. Those are the areas they're more likely to work with an existing store to sell their prepaid SIM cards in order to minimize costs.

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The closest T-Mobile store to where I live is in an area where the "cheap" houses go for about $400k. Yep, definitely lower class...smdh

Right, most of the time I work in Virginia and around million dollar homes are. T-Mobile stores all around. If that's "lower class" then I must be homeless.

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Funniest thing I read all day. You need to delete your account before you embarrass yourself even more.

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Even if I was rich.. I'd still want to be with Tmobile. Lol??. If your statement is true they must love sucky service.

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Completely inaccurate and kind of condescending. I know of several locations in several different areas that I travel to or live in, that completely contradict everything you said.

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It's been pretty plain and simple since June 2012 nothing has beats Tmobile they are KICKING CARRIER butt.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Really? I have tmobile and my Verizon buddy beats me every time we travel. He always has signal in the middle of nowhere while I have either edge or h+. It's not until we arrive in a major city that my signal goes back to normal. If I travelled more I would get Verizon or att. Your just a one track mind idiot.

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Actually, you can roam internationally on T-Mobile prepaid. One of my friends bought a TMo prepaid phone, loaded it with money, and used it in Germany to call back to the states.

You can buy international calling minutes and roaming on prepaid, but you don't get unlimited calls/texts and 2G data internationally like you do on postpaid.

I traveled overseas and I didn't get unlimited calls, I did get free unlimited data/texts..

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Got their $30 a month plan and love it. On the random month I actually need to talk on my phone, I just throw another hundred minutes on and it's all good.

I do as well while I do occasionally overrun the 100 minutes, it just goes to 10 cents a minute. And I never spend 40 bucks in overages it'd take to meet the comparable $70 a month contracted plan with the same 5 GB LTE data.

Only downside is no data roaming. But I don't travel enough to be more than a minor annoyance.

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Ha, Literally signed up with them yesterday. $75 out the door. First month bill and sim card. So far I love it. I've had 4g all day since I left my house. Full service right now in downtown Cleveland. I'm at work on the 5th floor of a 20 floor building with full signal and 4g right now. So far I love T-mobile...so far.

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I'm going to jump from Verizon to T-Mobile. I'm on the unlimited plan and once October 1st rolls around I'm done.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

I like some of the services on T-MO (I get about the same price from Sprint so that is not an issue) but unfortunantly for me and where I go T-Mo sucks.

We have a work account sim that I use with the test phones and it just doesnt compare to my sprint coverage.

Good for you for ditching Verizon though....Great coverage but damn those prices were high.

Admit it ...you're an idiot....just admit it...you have prophesied for the last two years that Sprint was going to buy tmob, and you were wrong.,.just say it... You suck...

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Since you expanded on your original post allow me.

I did not go to a crystal ball for it, I went by all reports and from people I talked to about it. It didn't happen because the FCC and FTC cannot see that they are hurting competition more than helping.

Shit happens. It does not make me an idiot for wanting the best for both companies, and it certainly does not make me one because the government stepped all over it.

Hey, you were wrong.,and you kept saying you were right../over and over and over...you said we would all eat our words...now you are trying to worm your way out of it..you suck.

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That's exactly my problem with the guy. He's a big mouth that spins like a top when he's proven wrong. I even offered to make a bet that Sprint would not purchase T-Mobile and the coward refused.

For exactly this reason, I said I would bet you the offer would be made but being in government myself I know you cannot predict that kinda crap.

Agreed, I live in Raleigh. TMO would be great in Raleigh. Butttttt my parents house and the beach I frequent are about a hundred miles east, NC's gorgeous crystal coast. Sprint has LTE in all of these places, and all of the way to and from. As soon as you get about 20 miles east of Raleigh TMO is on Edge. Thanks but no thanks, TMO would be great if I never left work or home, but I do.

I made this switch last week from Verizon to T-Mo, and for the most part data speeds have improved. It was not to difficult to give up my UDP on Verizon since most of the areas like work can't get signal. Now with T-Mo I'm generally rocking 30mbs+ at home, work and play.

@NoNexus you're one of my favorite people on this site because you have an unpopular opinion like me. T-Mobile is overrated.

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I will definitely admit, if I didn't have such a sweet deal with ATT right now and TMO had more coverage in my area, I would switch in a heartbeat. Just worries me that things aren't going to stay like this when they get bought out, by whoever they get bought out by.

Yeah I'm in the same boat. I have a corporate discount with AT&T so my wife and I share 2GB and we pay only $80 a month for two lines (unlimited talk and text). It makes no financial sense for me to change carriers. Granted, the discount is 24% off the $55 package so the regular price isn't very much different ($13ish higher). Even at $93, I'd keep AT&T over T-Mobile for the coverage since I travel quite a bit. And even if I had to go to say a 10GB plan for some reason, it would be like $105 with my discount for 2 phones. There's just no reason for me to switch especially since T-Mobile axed corporate discounts. There's really no dollar savings.

Even AT&T's regular prices aren't THAT much higher than T-Mobile's. If you don't need the coverage, then T-Mobile is a great option. But if you travel and do need the coverage, then AT&T still offers good value for the dollar.

Their $30 prepaid plan is how how I tested them before ditching sprint. Not really sure this is good news though. Just news. And they acquired metro which was like 6 million prepaid users?

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To me it is good news BC any media attention for T-Mobile means we all win. More advertising for them helps any mobile customer. Look how Verizon and ATT had to offer cheaper plans to combat them at the beginning of the year. Now T-Mobile has countered by under cutting those $160 "deals" by $60. All consumers win when T-Mobile makes the news.

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Yeah but wasn't it closer to 6 when acquired ?
And this 15 million figure is all T-Mobile prepaid and doesn't include metro? I was thinking it included metro bit probably not huh?

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Hey, maybe you should just put the header on your articles, then put the actual content in the first comment. Then maybe people will read it ;)

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Yes Deutsche Telekom or T Mobile Germany are the original ones and the American one is the copycat. But not really since it is still the same company and they do awesome stuff in Germany and take this European mentality with them to the USA and they here in the states surely need the positive change.

OnePlusOne Special Edition

If they had a decent signal where I live they'd have my money. Till then I'll stay with net10 att

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I switched over to there pre paid plans about two years ago. two lines 70$unlimited everything plan
And the 30$ 5gb plan. About 105$
A month for both lines. Hopefully they will keep these plans for a while.!!!

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Gotta say tmo has made quite impressive progress since Legere stepped on the scene. Stark contrast to Hesse these days.
Ironic seeing as they used to work together.

Posted from my caseless GS5, because I believe in myself

Exactly my point. One is doing extremely well, the other isn't even in play anymore.
Stark contrast.

Posted from my caseless GS5, because I believe in myself

I don't want to get in a T-Mobile coverage debate, but it works great for me in NJ and they provide the best uncompromised prepaid experience, even on their cheaper MetroPCS brand unlimited data for $60 a better deal for someone who needs unlimited everything and fast LTE doesn't exist.

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Sprints prepaid brands are Assurance Wireless. Boost Mobile. Virgin Mobile. Also they have many MVNOs like Ting.

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Soooooo TMobile has 5million+ prepaid subscribers and bought a company that had 10 million and claims the most. Accurate, but deceiving.

I've been with T-Mobile since 2002 (the beginning) for one reason. Customer service. Still there and will be until proven otherwise.

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What is the big deal to be #1 or # 3? I can`t see it. People goes with T-Mobile because they thing T-mobile cheaper and giving them more than any carriers out their, which is that total misleading people.
no one done the math before jumping to any carriers.

You didn't answer my question first of all! Last time I did check out T-Mobile offers is not 100% unlimited as they're claiming. I been told by T-Mobile representative their unlimited data, talk and message it will cost$70.0 a month.
That's not cheap.

Is that what you called the best value to the customers? Please take a look at this fromT-Mobile web site, At T-Mobile, simple means one plan. With our Simple Choice Plan, every line gets:
Unlimited talk, text & data while on our network with no overages. Ever.
Up to 1 GB of 4G LTE data on the fastest nationwide 4G LTE network
NEW: Unlimited music streaming on services like Pandora, iHeartRadio and more that doesn’t count against your 4G LTE data
Unlimited international data & text in 120+ countries and destinations PLUS unlimited international texting from the U.S. to virtually anywhere*
No annual service countries.

T Mobile surpasses sprint in prepaid phone use. AT&T AND Verizon still have more users by a large margin.

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Step One: in my prediction is complete... Unlimited Music Streaming WITHOUT Data usage..
Step Two: You now dominate the "Smart Market" with 15 Million+ and growing Pre-Paid Accounts..
Step Three: Lower your Unlimited Data Package down to $60-70.00 a month.. and watch the business grow.. even more.. :-)
And by the End Of 2015.. You will be the Number One Carrier in Metro Areas in the United States of America.
Leave the country folk and mountain dwellers to AT&Ripoff and Verizon.. and just Snatch Up the rest.
T-Mobile... FOREVER.

They're not going to lower the price after raising it to $80. The best we'll get for unlimited is $60 metropcs which is essentially the same network.

Fortune Teller?
Then Provide Me With The August 9th Lottery Numbers For Ca...
T-Mobile... FOREVER

Wow - now we have people being carrier snobs. Pathetic.

If T-Mobile service works well for you - why would you pay more at AT&T or Verizon? Some people are really posting some uneducated stuff on here.

Ive been with T Mobile since they were Omnipoint. THEN on my parents plan when the Sidekick was a big deal. There great pre paid or post paid. To the person who said there in lower class neighborhoods that's foolishness there on madison ave here in nyc and poor and rich use prepaid. Why? Because you save money paying a flat 50,60,70 or 80 dollars with unlimited calls no over changes. Its excellent when you have kids. Your nuts with that old 1993 attitude/comment

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