T-Mobile Galaxy Tab

Pricing for T-Mobile's version of the Galaxy Tab (check out our hands-on) has been revealed through a leaked slide deck, allowing us to see one of the only things still not known about the device.  According to the shot, the Galaxy Tab will be $399 with a 2-year contract after a $50 rebate. For those who don't want to be tied down for two years, the off-contract price is $649.

Still no word on availability yet, but expect to see it soon.  And we don't know how the data situation will work. Will we be paying more? Pulling from an existing data plan? Inquiring minds want to know, folks. (TmoNews)


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T-Mobile Galaxy Tab pricing revealed, $399 with a contract, $649 without


wow. Way too much. That means the Sprint price leak should be true as it was the exact same price. Hmmm... maybe I will get the iPad afterall. :| Actually, I'll just wait 'til next year before getting any type of tablet. By then we will have a bigger variety from PalmPads, to ThinkPads, to 7" iPads, to Android 3.0 Tablets. I love the size of the Galaxy S Tab but I don't want to pay the monthly data fee and Android 2.2 isn't optimized for tablets AND this is way too expensive. Trust me, good things come to those that wait... at least until March of next year.

So 3G internet capability, 256MB more RAM, a more powerful GPU, front and rear facing cameras, a GPS, Adobe Flash support, a gyroscope, an external memory slot, and multitasking aren't worth another $150 to you? As long as you're OK with that. Samsung already said they would be updating this to 3.0 by the way.

I paid $829 for the 64GB WiFi / 3G iPad which is slick etal, but has become basically a paper weight. I tried taking it out with me daily for a month, but found it too bulky, cumbersome, and PIA for carrying around all day. The restricted file access, lack of Flash, and limited native video codec support makes the iPad a bad match for my needs. It was an impulse buy when the unlimited data plan option was expiring. An impulse buy I wish I did not purchase.

I have used an Archos 7 HT (much better than tech reviews), and a Dell Streak (quite a nice device, wish screen was a bit bigger). The 7" screen seems to be the sweet spot for me from a size, weight, viewing pleasure, and bulk pov. The Tab is a high end Android device that is lighter, less bulky, and supports more of the features I use daily than the iPad. With Flash support, file system access, and increased native video codec support, the Tab is definitely a better device for me than the iPad.

On a recent weekend away, I took both the iPad, and a laptop to see if indeed an iPad could replace the laptop as some web posts had indicated. Unfortunately, at least twice each evening I had to boot the laptop (or use the Nexus One with Froyo) to watch Flash videos that were not available in a format supported by the iPad. I also regularly share files between devices, so user access to file system is critical for me. Android allows it, iPad no. I even tried jailbreaking an iPod touch, and although I could get to the files, the files were corrupted when copying to a NAS, or other device. Plus, I don't like the idea of playing cat and mouse with Apple for each software upgrade cycle, hence have not jailbroken the iPad.

I already have a T-Mobile SIM off contract that I swap between a Nexus One, Vibrant, and G1. Hopefully, I can use it with the Tab as well. At least with smartphones, when you buy a T-Mobile phone without subsidy off contract, the monthly service price is lower to the point that over a two year period, your total cost is about the same as the subsidized price. Hopefully they will have similar pricing for the Tab. Off contract is nice, you can terminate at any time without any fee, and if you keep it two years, it does not cost anymore overall than the subsidy price with the two year contract.

The iPad is definitely a slick device, but is just a bad match for my needs. I understand, and respect that the iPad may be an excellent match for other users. From my pov, the $649 off contract price for the Tab is quite reasonable for a high end Android device with 7" screen considering what I paid for the Streak, and iPad. Hopefully, T-Mobile will continue its pattern of lower monthly service fees for non-subsidized phones.

One of the significant reasons the iPad is successful is the ubiquitous mainstream advertising you see for the iPad on network TV, lighted kiosks downtown etc. Hopefully, Samsung will launch the device with effective mainstream advertising so non-tech consumers will know there are alternatives to the iPad. Android phone sales soared after mainstream advertising was initiated. Hopefully, Samsung will do the same.

You got that right Jerry.. Samsung always find a way to screw something up. Touchwiz on their phones.. Bing on some.. I'll still stick to HTC, thanks.

I'm assuming you're planning on skipping the new HTC world phone on Verizon then.. since it has the dreaded, blown out of proportion Bing search?

Good points... yes, it's more of a problem with VZW, but I personally also take fault with Samsung being a pu$$y and doing whatever the carriers say. I'm a happy T-mo subscriber anyway, and judging by VZW and ATT's shenanigans over the past year, will never switch to either of them.

How did they shoot themselves? In every way its better than the iPad. Camera with Qik, Flash, a very portable size. Better specs in general, and upgradable to Gingerbread. The iPad with 3G is way more expensive.

The iPad is roughly the same price... Samsung should have undercut that price significantly if they really wanted to sell these. I have money in hand to buy an Android tablet (and only an Android tablet), but not at that price point, especially for a device with Touchwiz.

I want a tablet. I don't particularly want an Ipad. However, there is no way I would pay more for a 7" android tablet than a 10" IPad. It is running an operating system even the owners of, Google, says is not optimal, and wait for the upgrade. Had this come at a reasonable price I would have bought it, but at this price I have to agree with the first post. What were you thinking! I don't see a tablet is that different than a netbook, and they priced it $300 above nebook computers.

U are absolutely right. However this tab is stuck at 2.2 per Samsung. It wont see gingerbread or honeycomb. At this price range absolutely grotesque. Hopefully this is wrong cuz im not even interested any more.

US versions don't make calls. After taxes it will be about 700 out the door, and that's a fair price, even though it's about 400 more than a netbook that can do much more.

But the on contract price just killed it.

you mean it "can" make calls. because last time i checked the official phone function has been removed. now we "ourselves", have to find some way around it to be able to do that... or patch it...

i for one dont want to "have to" find and use some 3rd party solution. i just dont get why the'd do that and then have the nerve to ask that much for it!?

Problem is, it won't get assigned a phone number from the carrier. As far as US carriers are concerned, it's mobile broadband data only.

Not sure how it's gonna work once the dialer and messaging software is added back (by the community) and a SIM with a good phone number is dropped in. Might take a full re-write of the OS (CyanogenMod or the like) to make it work. And thats assuming the hardware is still in.

Wow...talk about being totally out of touch with current US consumer economy.

No way during these current economic times are people going to buy this. The Dell Netbook on T-Mobile is much cheaper than this.

The iPad at least brought along the ease-of-use of the iOS and the popularity of the iPod and iPhone to help it's numbers do so well.

But for a tablet with an OS not optimized for tablet platforms, removed features, and just another drop in the bucket, this is going to fail in comparison to the iPad. I'm thinking they may not even recover the R&D costs for this device. Bad move Samsung!

at this point im wandering "what kind" of contract do they have in mind... i sure wont pay $70/mo like i would for a phone and a data plan. they would better mean "only a $30/mo unlimited data" plan, then i may still consider it

Off-contract price is not outrageous(on par with iPad....kinda) but contract price is a joke. What i am curious about is how does the off contact work, because even when I buy a phone "off contract" i have to get a contact to get service. Hopefully they don't completely drop the ball.

Really? You mean the lowest end iPad that only has 16GB of storage, no 3G mobile internet, half the RAM, a weaker GPU, no front and rear facing cameras, no GPS, no Adobe Flash support, no gyroscope, no external memory slot, and is still waiting for the multitasking update? Is that the one you're talking about? Yeah, I wonder why it's cheaper...

You fail to realize that most consumers don't care if a device has more features than an Apple device. Like it or not, the iOS devices are usually the innovators that spark copycat devices. Apple successfully creates an iPod, iPhone or an iPad then everyone scurries to make a competing device. Apple doesn't necessarily invent the category, but they execute it better than others and that's one reason why their devices are loved and sell so well. This Galaxy device is priced too high and ships with an OS that's not optimized for a tablet. If the experience is bad, the reviewers will tell and that could affect the perception of all Android tablet devices. Also, if Apple releases the rumored 7" iPad with the Retina display, gyroscope, and iOS 4.2 priced lower than the current $499 iPad, I think it would be very challenging for the competition. I own the $499 iPad and I am delighted with it. I don't look at what it doesn't have, but instead concentrate on what it does have and how well it performs. Like they say, competition is good and we'll see how the competition does once those devices hit the market.

What is with you guys? I think it's priced reasonably. A comparable iPad (Wi-Fi + 3G - 32GB) costs $729 and has half the RAM, a weaker GPU, no front and rear facing cameras, no GPS, no Adobe Flash support, no gyroscope, no external memory slot, and is still waiting for the multitasking update. Apparently you guys wanted this to be cheaper than the feature starved, entry level, Wi-Fi only 16GB iPad? Samsung said they will release a Wi-Fi only version sometime later. That one will likely match the price of the lowest end iPad.

This is likely only the 16Gb version, I don't think anyone has any pricing of the 32Gb versions anywhere. Even over here in Europe places are only putting a pre-order price on the 16Gb and just have coming soon on the 32Gb cos nobody knows

I'm comparing it to the 32GB iPad because it likely comes with a 16GB microSD card like some of the Galaxy S variants for a total of 32GB, which can be expanded to 48GB with a 32GB microSD card.

simple answer. the ipad is the direct competitor to the s-pad. Also its the most popular. Do you think that your sales pitch will sway costumers to buy this over the ipad?? With that being said they need to price this to compete with apple or it will never be considered. And by need i mean cheaper significantly. All the specs dont matter when an average consumer comes in to buy a tablet, you will choice a: an i-pad and choice b: the android tablet. Apple is still the most popular and its looking cheaper in my eye and i personally want this for my son, but an ipod touch is the smarter buy for me right now. Or the cherrypad which is $188.

Wow ... I wonder how much they're going to charge for the wi-fi only version? Forget about the iPad, considering the other Android tablets coming out, I wonder why they priced this so high?

That is pretty high priced. It's not too much worse than the iPad, though, so I agree with some of you there. I'll be interested to see how it does, there are a lot of Googlites that I'm sure will buy this just like the iPeople. Not nearly as many, though.

This makes me wonder about a price point for the new BB Playbook. Considering it's got a similar screen size, but better internal specs, if BB goes with the rest of them that could be outrageous. These companies are setting the value. Someone will pay for it.

Do all of you think the iPad is $500? I have news for you... that's only the cheapest one with only 16GB of storage and no 3G internet. iPad prices extend all the way up to $830, yet none of them have nearly as many features as the Galaxy Tab.

It's only 1lb vs the iPad's 1.6 lb for 3G version. It already sounds like it'll be better for reading.. iPad is a bit too heavy.

Sorry samsung.... I was 100% set on buying this when released. But it's priced too high. Needs to be lower, or it will not sell. Apple is known for being expensive, and sammy is making apple look like they price low. Ridiculous. Those of you that say it is well priced, maybe it is. But the iPad already has the market share. They need to be very competitive in order to get into that expanding market. I mean, imagine how expensive their 10" will be!

Dude, we get it, it's not bad when you consider everything that it has in it. However, the MAJOR problem is that you have to compare this with the cheapest iPad. If I want a good Android Tablet, it's going to cost me $650. If I want a good iPad, it's going to cost me $500. There is no option to get a crappier Android tablet.

It's the same issue that the PS3 ran into on release. With the amount of stuff that they threw in there, you were getting way more stuff for your money then you would with the XBOX 360. However, for someone that want's to play video games, they see the 360 and the PS3 next to each other, one is a hell of a lot cheaper then the other. Guess which one got bought? The 360 dominated sales until the PS3 was finally able to come down to a competitive price.

If I want a tablet, I can either go for a $500 iPad or a $650 Galaxy Tab...guess who has a greater chance of being bought?

There are plenty of options if you want a cheaper, crappier Android tablet. Where have you been? This is the top of the line Android tablet and you're unfairly comparing it to the cheapest iPad that doesn't even come close to matching up feature wise. The top of the line iPad is $830 and it STILL can't match a lot of the features the Tab has.

There are plenty of Android Tablets out? Like what? The only other tablet that I know if that is currently out is the crappy one that KMart sold. It has no marketplace and no Google Apps.

Well, there's the ultra low end one that you mentioned. Archos has several low end and mid-range tablets. http://www.archos.com/ Dell has the 5 inch Streak tablet and is launching a 7 inch tablet in a couple weeks, followed by a 10 inch tablet. http://tinyurl.com/344jhe4 Viewsonic is releasing a mid-range tablet. http://tinyurl.com/22q46d9 Cherrypal announced a low end tablet. http://tinyurl.com/22ujh65 There are several others too.

OK, so maybe there aren't plenty yet, but there are several available now with many more coming in the next few weeks/months.

Dude, we get it, it's not bad when you consider everything that it has in it. However, the MAJOR problem is that you have to compare this with the cheapest iPad. If I want a good Android Tablet, it's going to cost me $650. If I want a good iPad, it's going to cost me $500. There is no option to get a crappier Android tablet.

It's the same issue that the PS3 ran into on release. With the amount of stuff that they threw in there, you were getting way more stuff for your money then you would with the XBOX 360. However, for someone that want's to play video games, they see the 360 and the PS3 next to each other, one is a hell of a lot cheaper then the other. Guess which one got bought? The 360 dominated sales until the PS3 was finally able to come down to a competitive price.

If I want a tablet, I can either go for a $500 iPad or a $650 Galaxy Tab...guess who has a greater chance of being bought?

Screw you Samsung. I hope everyone that buys this shitty piece regrets it like I do with my phone. They have failed miserably with the Galaxy S phones. If you guys are dumb enough to buy one, you deserve to get the shaft.

Seriously laughed out loud when I read the pricing. Yeah, I'll be rushing right out to get one of those...

I love having zero communication from the manufacturer and slow updates. I also love having to void my warranty because the only people who actually support my phone are a small group of independent developers om XDA...

Oh, sorry, I'm talking about my Vibrant. I'm sure it will be different with *this* new device from Samsung, especially considering that they are rushing them to market before the holiday season.

Yeah, I don't think so. For that price point I'd definitely choose an iPad.

Yes, because the large ipod touch was also optimized for it's 9.7 inch size at release right? I love that lame pathetic argument. "even Google says it's not optimized"....blah, blah, blah. My Captivate's WiFi antenna broke after only 3 months. Samsung says I have to send it back to them for replacement. I will not be buying any device from Samsung in the future and would recommend that others avoid Samsung. Clearly, HTC, Motorola and even Dell are doing Android better. No wonder they were greedy with the super amoled screens. There would have been no reason to buy a Galaxy in the first place.

I don't think the price is outrageous, but it's definitely not priced aggressively either. Personally I'd never buy a tablet with a data contract tho, why would anyone that's got a smartphone do that? Just get a Wifi only version and tether... I'd pay up to $500 for a high end tablet sans contract... Altho I'll probably swap my netbook for a thin n' light laptop before I do that, I just get a lot more done with a laptop. I still haven't seen the killer app or purpose that's gonna make everyone WANT a tablet.

This. Apple invented a market for a tablet. They do nothing well, aren't very portable, and are designed to part people with lots of their money. It works for Apple, because people will buy anything that Apple tells them to buy. At this price point, it won't work for Samsung.

It's clear from all of these posts that people think this should be priced at about $450 without a contract.

Considering the Galaxy S phones costs $500 and have no front facing cameras, much smaller, lower resolution screens, and much smaller batteries, how could this possibly be $500 or cheaper? Seems like they would be losing money if they priced it any lower than $600. Apple cut the cost of the entry level iPad down to $500 by axing the 3G modem, cameras, GPS, gyroscope, and only giving it 256MB of RAM.

So let me ask you this... Would you rather have a $450 Galaxy Tab with only 256MB of RAM, no 3G modem, no front and rear cameras, no GPS, and no gyroscope? Everyone would complain that it didn't have enough features then and there would be nothing to set it apart from the entry level iPad. People would just pay $50 more and get the entry level iPad. I guess they could cut the internal storage to 8GB as well and further reduce the price to $400, but by that point it's just a midrange Android Tablet at best. The whole purpose here was to create the first high end Android tablet.

Do you guys just think this is a lose lose situation? High end Android phones go for the same or more money than the iPhone does, so why can't a high end Android tablet go for roughly the same price as an iPad (the 16GB 3G iPad is $629)? It even has a bunch more features than the iPad to boot! Please consider my arguments and tell me what you think Samsung should do?

Another thing I haven't seen people mention is discount pricing from places like Amazon and Wirefly. They tend to knock another $150 off the price of most cell phones if you sign up for a contract, so you might be able to get the Tab for as little as $250 if you sign up for a two year contract and order from somewhere like Amazon.

Parts like a camera sensor and a gyroscope are actually surprisingly cheap, extra RAM probably costs more than several of those things put together... And if you think that Apple isn't still making some huge margins on the $500 iPad you're pretty naive, Apple reaps huge margins on everything, that's part of their entire business model.

As far as smartphone prices... Other phones w/front-facing cameras have identical MSRP as the Galaxy S if you get 'em out of contract, the off-contract prices for phone are pretty random if you ask me. An EVO has an extra radio (for WiMax), a 2nd camera, a larger battery than most phones, so on and so forth, and the full price for it isn't any higher than most other smartphones.

Either way, for most people there's still no killer app or use for a tablet, something that makes it a necessity... And it's hard to get around the fact that a $500-800 laptop is still far more capable and can rival a tablet in battery life. I'm not saying Samsung is pricing it wrong, I'm just saying they probably could price it a lot more aggressively...

Being the first carrier subsidized Android tablet sold w/a data plan they have the benefit of testing the waters tho, just like Apple has done w/the iPad by rushing it to market... Otherwise it would've launched with a camera, w/more native apps, etc.

Smartphones sell for $500-$600 yet they cost $200 to make. They can typically get away with that huge markup be because they get subsidized. I don't see most tablet users subsidizing their tablet so if Samsung wants to sell this product, they have to have a lower markup. I love my Droid but there would have been no way in hell that I would have paid $600 for a data plan only version.

"Please consider my arguments and tell me what you think Samsung should do?"

Realize they are trying to compete against Apple. The ONLY way they can do that is with a low price. Lower their own profit so carriers can put this out the door for 500 bucks, or 199 with a contract.

Demand carriers set up a low priced data package for just the tablet, or allow existing subscribers to add it to their existing cellular contract for 10 bucks a month.

As it stands, the only people who will buy this instead of an Apple product are the few tech savvy consumers who haven't been burnt by Samsung in the past. Find someone who owned a Moment or Instinct and see if any of them will throw this amount of money at Samsung again. Samsung needs us far more than we need them.

Unless there's a prepaid service option, why would anyone pay $649 off contract for a device that can only be used on T-Mobile's network? This isn't Europe, where you have competing GSM carriers. Who's going to pay $399 to get locked into two-years with this ill-conceived, rushed-to-market device? Who's going to pay $399, much less $649, to gift a device that will require the giftee to pay to use it? Seriously, this is the best advertising Apple could have for its Wifi iPads this Christmas!

@gtg u keep mentioning how reasonably priced this is to the ipad but apple makes huge profits w each ipad. Look at the isuppli breakdown: http://www.isuppli.com/teardowns-manufacturing-and-pricing/news/pages/mi...

Samsung should have taken this opportunity to price this new android tablet better to increase product recognition. They seem to want to make similar profit margins as Apple, whose customers buy anything Apple. Just wont work for them.

Also public perception means a lot in product pricing. Do u really think the avg consumer will break down the components piece by piece to c that the s-tab has a better value? No this is what happened to ps3. They'll look at this s-tab n ipad its smaller than the ipad n the os doesn't fully support its form factor. That equals price should b lower than ipad.

Valid points. Personally, if I wanted a 3G connected tablet I would get the $400 Galaxy Tab and 2 year contract instead of the $629 iPad 3G. If you're getting the 3G version you are probably going to get a data plan anyways, so the Tab is a good bit cheaper in this case. If you don't want a data plan, wait for the Wi-Fi only version of the Galaxy Tab. Maybe Samsung will drop a couple things like GPS and the rear camera and price it below the $500 iPad.

I think I'll wait for the Notion Ink Adam. They are saying that the top of the line model will be less than $500, no contracts.

The only ones shooting themselves in the foot are the early adopters. By this time next year you wont be able to swing a dead cat without hitting a tablet type device. I say wait and see what the different options will provide.