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Terms of trade-ins and pricing not entirely clear at this point

T-Mobile is set to make the first major revision to its JUMP! upgrade plans, giving you the freedom to upgrade as often as you'd like. According to documents acquired by TmoNews, starting February 23rd T-Mobile will remove restrictions on JUMP! that kept customers from upgrading more than twice every 12 months.

The current system with JUMP! indicates that you must wait six months after purchasing your phone before trading it in, then forgiving the rest of your financing payments so that you can pick out and finance a new device. With this impending change you will be able to trade in your phone regardless of how long you've been paying it off, but it isn't entirely sure whether or not you'll have to pay to make up the difference to a new phone (having made few monthly installments). Again referring to this leaked information, it seems T-Mobile will forgive any outstanding financing balance for your original handset, up to half of the phone's original cost.

If the value of the phone you're trading in covers at least 50 percent of its original price, you'll be cleared to pick out a new phone for $0 down and begin financing it. It isn't completely clear at this point how (or if) T-Mobile will expect you to make up the difference if your phone is no longer worth at least half of what it was when you purchased, but that should be cleared up when the changes actually go live.

Indications are that existing JUMP! customers will be brought into the new system automatically, with the ability to upgrade as soon as they'd like, so long as they've been a JUMP! customer for at least six months (the old wait period). Tablets are getting added into the JUMP! program as well, although we're not sure how many people will really take advantage of that deal. In fact, we're not sure how many people will want to upgrade their device more often than every six months in any circumstance — at least T-Mobile gets the good publicity of removing restrictions from the program.

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T-Mobile expected to change JUMP! terms to remove upgrade wait period, add tablets to the mix


That may work best FOR YOU, but that's not a viable solution for everyone.

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I guess if you don't have the money up front but when you buy a phone for 40-65% retail value from swappa you get to keep it. With t-mo you pay off 50% of the phone and then give it back. Dafuq type of stuff is that?

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Trust me, I know Swappa does have some great deals, but the vast majority of people know nothing about it.

For people like me and you (and others on this site), Swappa is great. But, (and I am speaking from experience when I say this) most people I refer to Swappa and see a good deal won't jump on it and would prefer to pay the premium at a retail location.

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Not everyone likes Paypal. Paypal can die in a pit of fire today as far as I'm concerned.

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What's funny? He made a suggestion that does work for some people.

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That's exactly what I have done with my last 3 phones. I've also sold several phones on there to make up most of my money for the new one. For me that's best but for some financing is the only option. One thing you can do on swappa is use the pay later option. But in the end at least the tmobile jump program is one of the best and it offers insurance too.

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Who said they were away phones on swappa?I root anf ROM. Warranty's out the window anyway.

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This is obviously a move to counter the Verizon's and AT&T's policy changes, which was done to counter T-Mobile's.

I hope this song and dance continues. It only helps Verizon's and AT&T's customers...and also Sprint's and T-Mobile's. The only one who gets hurt here is T-Mobile. T-Mo's plans will only make them look like fools if customer's don't switch because the loss of revenue will do nothing but hurt them.

Plain and simple Tmobile paces this carrier game and everyone else on the sidelines sit back then follow whatever Tmobile does.

At the end of the day Verizon and AT&T equally suck monkey balls period.

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His Disqus profile pic from a few days ago looked like he was about to rape someone due to his creepy-ass smile. He recently changed it to this one too though.

Any insider info on when they gonna add more devices ? I went to the Tmo store (helping a friend to switch) and it looked like they had 5 different phones to choose from.

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VZW Moto X

Wow my bad. Just went to their website. Seems like this huge store had some issues w supplies then. All I saw was 2 Nokias, iPhone 5s and of androids
N5, z1 (not s), note 3, gs4 and some small LG phone.

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VZW Moto X

you may be right, but up till now verizon and att have been reacting to t mobile, so the defecting to t mobile is causeing the big boys to keep up

Yeah, anyone can upgrade for a price! and a financial commitment! What T-Mobile is doing is both misleading (there IS a commitment and you DO have to pay to get out of the commitment if you use the JUMP program or any of their "0" down or whatever $$ they are charging. You'll never have a "buyout" price that is less than the value of the phone with the T-Mobile model. I'll take VZN or AT&T any day with better coverage and lower ETF's!

I understand that financing is never a great option but don't say that vzw or AT&T are better options just because of coverage. When it comes to price tmobile is better, then att then Verizon. In the end the deciding factor should be coverage where you live. For me AT&T, Verizon and tmobile have great coverage where I live. Out of all 3 T-Mobile has the fastest lte where I live. So I chose them. If coverage with magenta doesn't improve in some areas or I lose lte in my area which is rare then I'll chose AT&T. I hate Verizon prices and luckily I don't live in an area that only has Verizon so I have options.

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I have both Verizon and T-Mobile, therefore I can compare.

COVERAGE is the #1 issue. It will always be the #1. As of right now, T-Mobile's coverage is decent at best. In average T-Mobile's voice network is spotty. Sometimes, I can't hear the person who I am talking to nor can he or she hear me so well. It doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen. That's something that I never experienced at all with Verizon Wireless. As for data coverage, it's just like the phone coverage. Sometimes in areas my streaming content freezes. Again, that never happens with Verizon. FYI...for T-Mobile, my phone is the Nexus 5.

In all honesty, I can't begin to even think of entrusting T-Mobile's phone and data network with my family. What happens if their car breaks down in a T-Mobile dead spot? You know what? I also live in the NY/NJ area too.

So don't say that "don't say that vzw or AT&T are better options just because of coverage." and "For me AT&T, Verizon and tmobile have great coverage where I live." I decided to test T-Mobile because of their rates, policies, and their coverage map....which happens to be misleading. For the sake of the safety myself and family on the road, I would gladly pay $100 more for that peace of mind.

Where I live and work, t-mobile works fine. Calls are clear and data is fast. I streamed an entire US hockey game this morning. It all depends where you are located.

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Ok, we get it. You constantly complaining about TMobile's lack of coverage (that everyone knows about) helps no one and adds nothing constructive to the conversation.

And, what gives you the right to tell someone that AT&T, Verizon, and TMobile don't all have great coverage where they live? I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and all four carriers have great coverage here.

If you want to pay the premium for the service that you want, go for it. But, constantly complaining about TMobile's coverage (or lack thereof) is pointless. If you must complain, complain where it matters.

This is true. But, it would depend on the kind of plan you're on and the number of people if on some kind of family plan.

"What happens if their car breaks down in a T-Mobile dead spot?"

The same thing you did before there were cell phones. Goddamn, people are dumb.

Lol. Do you even know what people did before cellphones? There used to be this thing called call boxes. Or pay phones. Could you show a picture of one?

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I don't think you're in the same NY/NJ area as me. T-Mobile's network is amazing here. Even if you find a few bad spots it's still great. I'm not alone. Check Sensorly. This is part of the reason Richard won't shut up. This is one of the areas of the country T-Mobile has done a great job on.

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Sorry, but the author has it wrong:
"The current system with JUMP! indicates that you must pay off 50 percent of your phone before trading it in... "
Not true. Currently, you can trade it in at any time regardless of its residual value. In fact, if it's worth more than you owe on it, they refund you the difference (unlikely unless you made a large down payment). And the six month waiting period is only at the beginning. From then on you can trade in twice a year (your first year starts when your first six months are up). So the new program is not as good a deal, ergo the grandfathering. Now you'll likely owe when you trade in and they'll probably do away with zero down.


I just did a JUMP upgrade on Monday from an S4 that had $450 remaining after 6 months. I'm glad I traded it in before these new terms, as the depreciation on the S4 has been much higher than $150 over 6 months.

I agree. The way I read this was it was tightening up their policies, not loosening them. Definitely not better for customers, hence the grandfathering.

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Thank you, recently switched to TMo and thought that this sounded wrong. Glad to hear it isn't true.

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You're right, we made a mistake in writing that currently you must pay off 50% when in reality you must wait 6 months before your first JUMP! transaction (making a confusion with the new policy). We've clarified in the article.

I am not sure where these ideas are coming from, but I hope Sprint keeps him/her on next year.

Hell make her/him CEO if they arent already.

So, I have to ask: why exactly do you bring this up in EVERY T-Mobile article?

You should know that it's going to start the T-Mobile vs Sprint crap, lol.

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I wouldn't go so far as to say that. I just hate the replies that usually follow those comments

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No Amir is sorta right on this one. The absolute asshattery that the first thread left a bad taste in my mouth, so I am sorta trolling when I do it on these.

Also, on the non troll side, it is kinda a foregone conclusion that it is going to be bid on and it is a serious question/statement. Tmo is coming up with some interesting things lately and I want that guy to stay on

Hey, brother, completely understandable. That first thread did get out of hand. Hell, I probably helped it get out of hand.

Trust me, we all know that a bid is going to happen. It would be awesome if Sprint did continue to these aggressive plans and UN-Carrier promotions, though.

I believe what NoNexus is alluding to is what he hopes for regarding T-mobile's aggressive pricing and plans in the event Softbank / Sprint acquires T-mobile.

And, in thhe event that Sprint/SoftBank does successfully acquire TMobile, I hope they make their pricing and plans even more aggressive than this.

I read that as well, but newer articles go in the opposite direction. There is no word from regulators and the CEO is VERY resolved to getting tmo. Unless the meetings that they are currently having with regulators say that there is no chance in hell, he is going to make the bid.

I'll stick with swappa. Which only works out if you get a popular phone. Higher resale value. I don't think I'm going to get much for my G2, so in theory this sounds like a better plan. Or I just save a little every month and buy a phone outright.

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If you don't upgrade your phone often, then Amir47 is spot on with going the Swappa route. You'd find a device for a great price, and you'd save the money every month that you would be paying to TMobile.

But, if you do upgrade your phone often, then either route could be feasible. But, how long you would keep a particular phone, the value of that phone, and the current state of the JUMP program would be some of the factors that would come into play when deciding to go either route .

There is no question in this country who has the better network and coverage. It's definitely not T-Mobile. That's a fact. However, I do appreciate the policy changes that they keep implementing, because it's FORCES Verizon and AT&T's hand...as well as Sprint. It's called competition.

To be honest, I am not emotionally aligned to any carrier. Even though T-Mobile has the worst network of the 4 and possibly the slowest, I am hoping they get more customers. Why? It will simply up Verizon's game and lower their prices or increase features.

I live in the NY and NJ area. For T-Mobile I use a Nexus 5. For Verizon I use a Moto X. The T-Mo download speed for my Nexus 5 is 5 Mbps in my home. Verizon and my Moto X is 16 Mbps. I just can imagine that VZW data network is way more congested than the T-Mo's.

I actually want to jump to T-Mo, but things need to happen first:

1) Better phone quality and coverage
2) Better data coverage

I can't have my family use shoddy and inconsistent carrier. What if they were to be in some sort of trouble on the road?

I can understand and appreciate people liking T-Mo for their pricing and such, but please....don't lie about how great that company is,...because it's not.

Agreed. I just switched to T-Mobile after doing heavy research on each carrier and I'm having a high speed data party where I work, live and travel frequently, places where even my wife's Verizon coverage tank out. I'm good.

tmobile for me give me better LTE and 4g Speeds compared to what i had on at&T i can also USE my phone in my building at work ... where with at&T i could not .

Yeah it depends on where you live man. T-Mobile gets me 40 Mbps down compared to Verizon's 10 Mbps in Seattle. It probably helps that T-Mobile is a Seattle based company.

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The point: TMo is driving the change and lots of people hate on it, but yet non-tmo customers benefit b/c their carriers are forced to make a change that don't want to make. I saw keep it up! AT&T has taken far too much of my money.


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If only they sold the Moto X from their site. I'd upgrade from my S4 in a heartbeat :(

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Any specific reason you need to buy from T-Mobile? Is it just for financing? Motorola offers the same 0% financing terms from its own online store.

Yeah, but he's probably on the JUMP program. Buying from Motorola could prove to be a hassle. In which case, he'd have to pay off the S4, sell it (possibly incurring a loss), then seek financing through Motorola.

If it were available via JUMP, it'd be as simple as turning in the S4, getting re-financed, and leaving the store Moto X in-hand.

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Yes there's that. Plus me personally I didn't get approved for Motorola financing, but somehow got approved for the JUMP program.

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That is strange. Maybe T-Mobile's financing terms are less stringent than Motorola's.

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Exactly. I'd have to pay the $350 or so I have left for the S4 and sell it for around the same price
Hope they have the X2 this fall though...
Ignore the sig, this isn't my Moto X :(

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The jump program requires a separate payment of $10 per month (forget what it's called) that includes insurance only on devices purchased from T-mobile. If you bring your device, that same required payment does not provide insurance.

This. And, I believe the payment is called PHP (Premium Handset Protection).

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Yeah. Its not only jump but its PHP.

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

Yeah, I had PHP before I was put on the Jump! Program. Now I pay $2 less and I can upgrade after every 6 months (I think I've been on it for around 4 or 5)

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He you go Android central, time for a whole series of articles on all these changes and how they compare to both the single individual and say a family of 3.

Smacks of desperation to me.

Here's a clue for you T-Horrible - It's the network stupid! Upgrade your ancient EDGE network and you'll attract customers easier. You can give your services away, but if it's going to be on an outdated EDGE network nobody's going to want it even at zero cost.

We switched to TMobile 3 weeks ago. The coverage here is great and the price is right! Had Verizon for years and we now save $. Only problem might be when we go on vacation and hit some dead spots. TMobile is good for competition among the carriers.