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An hour of talk about the G2, and nothing but the G2

By now you've read our massive reviews of the LG G2, both the AT&T version as well as Verizon's model. We've done our best to cover it all, but there will always be more questions, right? We're going to cover that this week with a special edition podcast all about the G2.

Join Andrew and Jerry — and their G2s — tomorrow (September 26) at 9PM Eastern. That's 6PM for you left-coasters, and 3PM for folks in Hawaii. Aloha. We'll be talking about the differences between the models, giving up our super-secret likes and dislikes, and fielding your questions — both live and the ones you mail in. It should be a lot of fun. 

To ask a question live, you'll need to be signed into Google+, where you'll find the event as it happens. To mail in a question, shoot us a message at actips@androidcentral.com with the subject G2 and we'll do our best to get to it.

We're pretty stoked about the G2, and we know a lot of you are as well. See you tomorrow!

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Special edition LG G2 podcast tomorrow at 9PM ET


Great timing as I'm trying to make a decision on my next phone since my GNEX is struggling to stay afloat.

Odd that you wouldn't wait for the T-Mobile /Sprint variants. Hopefully, the nexus 5 will be compared to all these as well. My pal has the LG optimus g? on sprint (whichever equivalent of the nexus 4 but LG skinned )and does not report poor battery life that i see a lot of nexus 4 users complain of. I care less what you think of LGs skin (subjective) and more how these usability issues vary between models.

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I feel you have guys have talked way too much about the G2. Last weeks podcast was basically all about the G2, Jerrys review. Back at IFA, and the prior podcast. How about you guys talk about something else, any new leaks, perhaps new apps, or widgets. Sorry guys, Im just tired of the G2, its a great phone, but its just a another phone getting in the way of my future nexus 5.

I have to agree with you here, way too much G2 coverage, like if LG paid Android Central or something. Did they do a S4 or HTC One special podcast? I can't remember.
This is a very good phone, indeed, it is getting good reviews everywhere, but not great reviews, everybody is dissing the software a lot.

Yayyy!!! I can't say enough great things about this device, and to see that y'all are devoting an ENTIRE Podcast to this lil wonder really brings home why I dig u guys so much (70's chick here : ) About the only question I can come up with regarding LG's G2 is, "why o why is everyone so down on it?" I know a skinned Android phone is not everyone's cup of tea, but to the degree that people have criticized it boggles my mind. When did it become such a crime for a phone to deliver on paper AND real world use?!
Oh, it does EVERYTHING it says (and more) without a hiccup, stutter or lag??!! LG.. Those b*stards!! lol


Haha I watched your YouTube video about the G2! The "last video" because of haters. I totally agree with you. I think people who say anything bad about the device is either a) never used the device, b) anti-LG, c) a spokesman for another company, or d) all of the above.

Just got mine yesterday to replace my s4, the biggest enhancement to me are the display and camera. Don't care about the lg skin because I installed nova launcher right away. Also love that double tap feature to wake up the handset.

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