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That's right, boys and girls, the picture you see here is a SIM free, carrier unlocked Galaxy Nexus ready for shipping to a lucky British owner tomorrow morning.

The guys over at Clove have received their batch of devices this evening, and are ready to ship them out tomorrow with the final batch of intial orders being shipped before the end of Wednesday. There is enough stock to cover the initial pre-orders, with a "limited amount" available for new orders.

Furthermore, they also claim that their batch are not subject to the EDGE/volume bug, having had an "additional quality control check." That much remains to be seen, but if you've pre-ordered the Nexus, expect something special in the mail anytime now. 

Source: Clove

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flighinhigh says:

When Verizon??? Your keep dragging your feet of letting this phone get to your customers that do not desire your bloatware. Where is my next PHONE???

Simer03 says:

did Verizon ever actually go out and SAY they were selling this phone? or is everyone just assuming cuz of the "LTE" in the pictures?

Mac58 says:

Dude where have you been? Its been confirmed Verizon will be carrying this phone MULTIPLE times from verizon themselves. They even have a sign up page

N1XM1X says:

i got my sim free version on 17th.. iv had no problem with the 'volume bug' either! im quite impressed with the handset although the boot animation let me down a little considering the hype it got.. not that sharp really.. but then i came from using the iphone.. the battery isnt great either so i guess the bigger US battery will be similar when using 4G.. hope it lands soon for you guys tho :)

sandplasma says:

What does this mean for the states? Will we see an unlocked version soon? I'm this close to moving to AT&T or Verizon for an iphone if I don't hear that the Nexus is coming to Tmobile or simless in the states. Tired of my galaxy S vibrant!

flacoff says:

I think i can still hold out. Let's push my n1 to three years

I wonder what the difference between a Euro and US version would be. I fly overseas in a few weeks and I'm growing impatient playing the waiting game. Tired of reading of this phone every morning. I want it in my hands.