And the Wildfire S gets a new lockscreen

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Looks like HTC is going on something of an updating spree. According to reports from multiple HTC users, the Desire HD and Incredible S have both received updates to Android 2.3.5 and HTC Sense 3.0, bringing their software in line with more recent phones like the Sensation and EVO 3D. In addition, the Wildfire S has apparently received an update of its own, and while it's still on Sense 2.1, its Android version has been bumped up to 2.3.5, and it's now sporting the fancy Sense 3.0 lockscreen that we've enjoyed on high-end HTC devices for some time.

To grab the updates on your device, head to Settings > About Phone > Software Updates and tap the button (note that if you're on a carrier-branded device, you may have to wait a little longer before it's rolled out to you). If you've already upgraded, let us know how you're getting on over in the comments.

Source: XDA (1, 2, 3); thanks, Dingbums!


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Sense 3.0 updates rolling out for HTC Desire HD, Incredible S


The little wifey just got the update (2.3.5) on her Incredible S...
Not carrier branded, thank god.. :)

I sure hope this comes for my Desire Z, I can't run Sense anymore thanks to its constant crashes. Restoring to factory does nothing for me. Luckily, there are other high quality interfaces out there that work quite well (currently running GO Launcher EX)

I'm in the exact same situation! Sense have been crashing so much that it's not even funny ever since the Gingerbread update. Several times an hour is not unusual. I'm now running Go Launcher EX, but it's reloading my homescreens almost every time I close an app.

HTC has not been helpful at all. Releasing a new update with Sense 3 is the least they can do, and maybe that will change my mind about HTC again. That and quicker updates.

Im using Desire Z too! I have already given up on Sense. Use GO Launcher, it's a lot smoother and it's fast to startup! Currently, Im also using Launcher 7 to try out the feel of Windows phone.

Something must be eating up all your ram if sense keeps reloading on you,you should check out xda developers and root your phone its not that complicated they provide step by step instructions and a lot of times there roms function etter and you have a lot of variety and support,the first time I rooted was for my hd2 and I was apprehensive but they make it easy for you.I've also rooted an EVO 4g and I'm going to root my inspire and all this with no prior computer savy as long as you can read your good money.

My Incredible S updated yesterday, UK T-Mobile, no problems apart from lost bookmarks, luckily I backed them up last week.

It can't be that difficult to do this for the Incredible 2 if it was done for the S, right? Is there a major hardware difference between the two?

I'd make some quip about the Thunderbolt getting it, but we all know that isn't going to happen. The Thunderbolt is a great phone. Why HTC and Verizon don't show some love for those of us that beta tested the LTE network is beyond me.

You know HTC/ATT, your inspire was ok but the battery life sucked and of course AT&T bloated it up and the switch to GB buggered up the the bluetooth a little but just enough to be annoying. I rooted and went with the absolution variation on CM7 which hits 24hour at least battery life, ditches the bloat and there a custom rom version of ICS in beta so thanks for your offer but really no thanks.

ATT already did the update to 2.3 for the inspire so why waste their time when they could just push ICS? Personally I would rather them put the effort into ICS instead of sense 3.

Since there appears to be nothing about the Inspire, I'd rather not bother rambling. Although, we are still stuck on Sense 2.1 and GB 2.3.whatever. And anyway, we were the first out with your 4G (not really, just HSPA+, but we "tested" it). Oh, well.

Besides, I'm already rooted.

Nothing showing up on my Virgin Mobile AUS Incredible S. No doubt VM will cause it to be out in 6 months instead of now.

After the upgrade my Desire HD started deleting downloaded wallpapers from HTC Wallpapers when the phone is restarted. Additionally, the Calendar is broken when called via Intent from a widget.

Anyone with bell get the update yet, and can anyone tell me if I have to unroot my phone before I can get it ? I'm new to all this coming from a blackberry. Thanks