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Been wanting a Galaxy Nexus for use on T-Mobile or AT&T, but didn't want to shell out a lot of dough?  Daily deals style site has the unlocked i9250 GSM Galaxy Nexus for just about the same price one would pay had they been sold at Best Buy or the like -- $559.99 plus $4.99 shipping.  CES is right around the corner, and we're sure to see something that tickles everyone's fancy, but for many there's nothing like a Nexus, and the price is right.  No idea how many of these are on hand, so go click if you're interested.

Source: Daily Steals


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Score a GSM unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus for $559


Not a terrible price, but will it run 4G on Tmobile, and if so will it do 42mbps.
Guess I'll wait for Tmobile to get it.


In comparison 21 is nothing brag worthy. Especially, when you are comparing specs. The Galaxy S2 was out before AND has better specs. In 6 months that Nexus will be a middle of the pack phone. I'm still getting one though.

yes that's true, but in a year all the phones from now will be old and dated just like the Galaxy Nexus, but will also be suffering from buggy or unpatched software and running an old version of Android, while the Galaxy Nexus will be cruising along with a fresh version of Android running on it with minimal problems and quick updates.

The software benefits of a Nexus device will outshine any fancy newer phones for a long time to come. Ask anyone with an old Nexus device, or anyone who bought a fancy flagship device running a skin from Motorola, HTC or Samsung. The experience and software support are unparalleled.

Jump on this now. i bought mine on ebay new for an unreal $549. I wasn't going to buy the Nexus but after I saw that price I felt like I had to get it asap. So I bought that 3 weeks ago and haven't been disappointed one bit.

And even though CES is coming, nothing is going to have stock ICS, so the Nexus is my pick for best phone!

Sell your old one on eBay and you will have about as much invested as others who will be locked into a new 24 month contract in a few months. You will not have burned an upgrade to get it.

I want one, but at that price, it's still not cheap enough to get me to move from my Nexus S. Yeah, it's little bigger screen, a little faster processor, and it's got "face unlock," but there really isn't enough of a difference to get me to upgrade. Now, if it had 32gb, then maybe. I still haven't figured out why the CDMA model has 32gb and the GSM only has 16gb.

I'm thinking of taking the plunge. I miss having a Nexus after I switched from the Nexus One to the Atrix. I'm due for an upgrade, and the way I see it, I can either get an iphone 4 and unlock it, or an iphone 4s and keep it wrapped and resell it on Ebay to make $300-$400. The cost of this phone would only be around $250. I don't really care about LTE since HSPA+ is good enough in my opinion. The 16GB limitation is a bit troubling, but I'm only using 10GB on my Atrix between the internal and external storage.

What possessed Google NOT to include SD storage? Especially on a 16 gig phone. That just seems insane to me. This wasnt an accident of design...someone at Google actually thought this would be a good idea.

Ha. Good luck making a $400 profit selling a 4S on eBay. You won't come anywhere near that. If you buy the iPhone 4S 16GB, using Philadelphia sales tax calculations, you'd pay $216. Then, you've got to hope you get $569 on eBay, among the 300+ other sellers selling the white AT&T 4S.

Then, you need to calculate the eBay fees - what's that now? 9%? Take off another 50 bucks, and then include PayPal fees, another 15, then ten bucks for shipping. Not looking so hot, huh?

It's on Daily Steals though. You'll be lucky to get your phone before your contract comes up. They use the worst shipping ever and everything I ordered from them took at least 3 weeks to get if I got it at all.

those radio problems are only with Verizon LTE, or for the gsm version with radio frequencies only used in England. Plus Google has already released an update to fix the GSM issues. So the radio problems are not applicable to this version of the phone when used in the US.

Sweet picked one up. This is a insane deal this soon already. I hope I get it soon. I have been using a Galaxy Nexus for the past 10 days. Have to return the one I have it has a defect so this will be great and additional $150 off then what I normally paid for it. The only people that actually complain about this phone not being good is the people that don't own one or never used one. I upgraded from a GS2 and its a night and day difference. Remember its not all about the specs anymore. All these dual core phones are already faster then they need to be.

So its been over a week now and all I have to show for my order is the charge on my credit card. My order status on the Daily Steal website still shows no ship date or tracking info. How long does it take to put a phone in a box and stick a shipping label on it? Mickey said on the podcast he ordered one as well and when I checked with him on Twitter today he said his order on the website shows it shipped Monday. I haven't been able to find anyone however who's actually *recieved* a phone from these people yet.

I guess we know what the "steal" in their name really stands for. Not happy, and won't ever be using these folks again even if I get my phone from them. They have not responded to my email inquiries. They have until the end of the week and then I call my credit card company to revoke the transaction.