Kirigami is the ancient art of folding and cutting paper to make beautiful shapes or scenes. Most of us know it by the paper snowflakes we used to make as children. Samsung has taken it a step further, and along with the Note 2 have churned out another great commercial.

Using the Note 2 and it's large screen for motion effects, the paper craft work in the commercial really catches the eye. Commercials of this caliber are becoming the norm from Samsung, and we're enjoying each and every one. Have a watch, and if you decide to try any of this yourself (I know we have some very crafty readers) send in a short video or some pictures -- we'd love to have a look.

Souce: Samsung Mobile on Youtube


Reader comments

Samsung uses paper craft and the Note 2 to wish us happy holidays


I have owned the G1, Droid, Nexus, Nexus S, Droid Incredible, Droid X, EVO 3D, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus and now the Galaxy Note II. I can say without hesitation that this is the best Android phone ever! Samsung is definitely doing all the right things to bring exposure to it's Galaxy line of smart devices.

Gotta give Samsung ''MAJOR PROPS''they are android. After owning the Htc Evo 4g, Htc Evo 3d, Lg Revolution, Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S3 and now Samsung Galaxy Note 2. No question the Galaxy Note 2 is the BEST SMARTPHONE EVER MADE. It's Samsung or nothing for and the future.

Wonderful. Other Android manufacturers (I am looking at you Moto) need to start doing such great commercials. Samsung's marketing dept is working really great and is a big part of their commercial success.