T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3

KitKat source indicates that KitKat itself could be ready for T-Mobile's Note 3

Samsung has posted the open-source components of Android 4.4.2 for the T-Mobile branded Galaxy Note 3 today. This is not news in and of itself, as manufacturers are supposed to post the open-source code they have used. But when we see code for software we don't yet have, that's another story.

Posting the code means that Samsung thinks it is ready for production. Typically, we have seen source code two or three days before an actual update, and we're hoping to see the same thing here. Of course, it may not be ready for production and it just got posted early. Yeah, I'm a party-pooper sometimes.

Anyhoo, if you have a need for the KitKat source for the T-Mobile Note 3, you can grab it from Samsung's open source page. If you're just anticipating the release of KitKat for the T-Mobile Note 3, come have a seat over here with the rest of us by the electrical outlets.

Thanks, everyone who sent this in!

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Excellent! seeing how well 4.4 runs on the tab pro devices im really looking forward to see how the note 3 is, i really do think the note 3 is the best device Samsung have made and thats including the new S5

SilverGW says:

ITS GREAT! I've had it since Sunday for the US Cellular verson of the Note 3. Battery life is much better! and its a lot faster to boot! I'm quite pleased after a week of using it!

Let's see what all this sdcard hub is all about.

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Yaaaay!!, I'm just hoping that 4.4.2 won't break anything.

Oh, it will break shit. It always breaks shit :P


Damn! Lol

Thanks Jerry..........

One thing I hate in Kitkat Note 3 is apps can no longer write in micro SD card but overall the performance is a boost.

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3rd party apps cant.

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drokssilva says:

Exactly, most apps.

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

If you're rooted you can fix it very easily by adding a line to the permission file. It's missing the "media_rw" line. Otherwise if you're not rooted you will need to wait for a quick fix from Samsung. I can't believe they didn't catch that in testing. If you want to "fix" it now just google it. There are a couple places that already have the instructions. Here is one place from xda: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2617921&nocache=1

Just a side note. Samsung has started releasing OTA updates for fixing extSdCard write issues along with the problems with S View covers.

yankeesusa says:

What about Note 2? T-Mobile has to remember most people on their network pay full price for their phones and can't upgrade every year. Either way at least those that are rooted will have the option for a debloated version of KitKat. Can't wait.

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markluna1 says:

Older devices get it last

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Damn still nothing on the T-Mobile GS4 update smh

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a0955802268 says:

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a0955802268 says:


Looks like Verizon will be last to the party again

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TLB69 says:

I'll be sure to do a hard reset when it's released.

Sent from my Note 3 rockin Jelly Bean 4.3

Zylograth says:

The S4 got an update to 4.3 in November and the Note 2 got 4.3 in December. What would ever drive you to think your older devices should get another update before the current latest and greatest gets at least one?

tl;dr quityerbitchin'

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SilverGW says:

I was lucky to get the 4.4.2 on this last Sunday (February 23rd) evening. I've loved it, NO complaints (yet) and the increase performance and battery life is a nice bonus! I was looking on getting the 10,000 battery because I use mine so much, but now don't have to! Saved me money!

So for me to get 4.2.2 on my Note 3 I'll have to wait and buy the note 4 in Dec.

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You mean 4.4.2

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a0955802268 says:


RoachForLife says:

AT&T, please get off your asses!!

a0955802268 says:

Eg 970

Frank Moore1 says:

When is s3 getting kitkat pls?

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LB LB says:

I would like to ask a newb question regarding this:
What exactly does the source code (that is published by Samsung) contain?
I mean Android is already open source, and Google already publishes it, so what does Samsung add to it?

Also, How does this help? Does it help for developing Roms that are based on Samsung's stock rom? Or maybe even help with developing AOSP based Roms ?
Does Samsung allow to use some functionality that it has developed being used on other devices? Or maybe port the current one somehow to other Samsung devices?
In other words, what can you get by using their source code?

plunder says:

I wonder if it will include the ultra power saving mode from the new GS5.

Awesome AC.

chris06ob says:

I'm OK with getting kit Kat whenever no rush lol it breaks foxfi on vzw anyway and I need that ish! Too cheap to pay for Wifi and I have unlimited data

Has anyone here seen the ota update in the u.s.a yet?

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Jason Norton says:

pulling mine OTA as I type this

mcook1670 says:

I just got the ota this morning, here in Tampa, Fl.

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