So you didn't make it to the Samsung media event last night, eh? No worries, we ate enough cocktail weenies for you, and then some. Click on after the break to see a bunch of photos we took during last night's media briefing, plus a bonus interview. Oh, and make sure you check out our new hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Tab.



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SoonerGM says:

a good question for the interview would have been "why did you exclude voice capability in the US version?" i am sure we would get the no comment treatment, but it would have been nice is SOMEONE there had at least followed up when they made that announcement.

remixfa says:

because the carriers didnt want it in there.. thats the reason. The real question is if it will be in the WiFi only version.

Mtnraider says:

Fix your phones before you try this market... Epic Fail