Samsung Infuse coming to Walmart

Since the announcement of the Samsung Infuse 4G it's kind of been overshadowed by other devices that beat it to market, that's not to say interest is gone but the noise of the device has diminished a little for sure. Either way -- it's still coming to market and while there is no official release date as of yet, Walmart is now producing some circulars that have the device slated for a release next month.

Release date aside, the circulars are now also showing a price of $178.88 presumably with a new 2-year contract. That is of course, subject to change but that's the info we have for now. Anyone still waiting for this device? Let us know in the comments if you are. Thanks, for sending this in, Anon!


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Samsung Infuse 4G coming to Walmart in May for $178.88


This is exactly the phone I was waiting for...until I saw the Galaxy S II. This phone looks amazing, but I'm hoping the S II is close.

I'd love the front fascia of this phone, 4.5" screen with at least qHD and the internals of the S II. The trackpad on the S II is an eyesore to me.

at&t have the best smartphones out to date and always will. even on the android o.s cant wait for this phone!!! s-amoled+

That's a good price for this phone. Makes me wonder why Verizon is charging $299 for the Droid Charge when it is basically a Galaxy S phone with SAMOLED plus display and LTE. I am going to check this one out when it gets to the store to see if it is really as good as the specs state. Seems like the best Android phones are now going to AT&T.

I'm currently an AT&T customer...but have been a customer on the others, and for the life of me I think all of them are crooks.

I'm locked to ATT by a family plan, looking to move from Blackberry to Android, waiting for a phone on ATT I can live with. I'd like a physical keyboard but it doesn't seem like that will happen in a phone with at least Froyo and at least 1ghz. Learning to type on glass after 15 years of Blackberry, I'm guessing a large screen will help, so I'm waiting for Infuse. It battery life is okay, I will probably buy about 70 days after release, looking for a good price.

I just checked my local walmart ad, and sure enough, there's the infuse! It says the prices are good from 1 to 7 May, so I will check Sunday and buy if it's available. I will even check Saturday, and see if I can get it a day early. Odd that ATT hasn't announced it's available yet.

Also the $178.88* price is for a new 2 year contract or qualified upgrade.

I'm with you, I've had my infuse for a little over a month but The s II is just off the charts that I'm seriously considering the upgrade, either way it will still be better than an iphone even with a jailbreak. I'm happy I ditched ios for android!