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Following last week's Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 updates, it's the turn of the Tab 7.0 Plus to receive the newly obsoleted Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.  First to get the update will be the Austrian Wifi and 3G version of the tablet (GT-P6200), and the new software version should bring the Tab's UI in line with Galaxy Tab 2 products, while eliminating some of the weird lag that's characterized most Honeycomb devices. You'll also get the standard suite of ICS features, like face unlock and the new swipe-able multitasking menu.

Austrian Wifi and 3G Tab 7 Plus owners in Austria should be able to update now over-the-air, or through Samsung's Kies desktop software. Owners of the Wifi-only version (as well as Tabs 8.9 and 10.1) will likely have a little longer to wait, though at this point what's a few extra days?

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus ICS updates begin rolling out


If you're going to be mad - at least be mad at the right thing. "So you're rolling out the most requested update to the Galaxy Tab 7.0 first...not the Galaxy Tab 10, which is the device that puts you on the tablet map?"

Amen to that. I have bought my last non-Nexus Samsung device in the Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi. No carrier excuses on this one and it was supposed to be their flagship. I guess we already know the answer about future upgrades to Jelly Bean.

I don't get it. With basically the same tablet on ICS (Galaxy tab 10.1 2).. whats the delay? This is the last time i buy a non- google experience tablet ( similar to the Xoom that already has everything)

I'm in Chicago. What good does that do me if its only being pushed in Austria? How long does it take go to from Austria to the states? Been waiting since November so suppose i can wait another six months when my tablet is entirely obsolete (though its holding up quite well to the kindle fire, google nexus' tablet and all the rest of the other 7"ers. Seriously, anyone know how long it takes when it gets released in EU? Another few weeks? Or months?