Galaxy S4

New Samsung phone available in-store and online through major retailer

British retailer Phones4U sends word that it's officially launched the Samsung Galaxy S4, with the handset being available online, in-store and in store-in-store locations at PC World and Currys. P4U offers the Galaxy S4 on a range of tariffs through EE, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Orange, with prices starting at £36 per month for a free GS4. That'll get you unlimited data and calls, and 2000 minutes.

The cheapest monthly price plan we could find was on Orange, with £26 per month (and £299 up-front) getting you unlimited texts and calls, and 250MB. 4G LTE plans are also available on EE through Phones4U, with prices starting at £199 up-front and £31 per month for 500MB, all the way up to an eye-watering £81 per month for 20GB with roaming included.

The full list of pricing options can be found over at the source link.

Source: Phones4U

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Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy S4 launches on Phones4U in the UK


I hope you bloggers get off of this plastic vs metal crap. You need to realize that the S4 has the best display and best camera of any smartphone to date.

None of that was mentioned anywhere in this article, but since you asked... Best camera -- maybe. Best display -- definitely not.

It's one of the best... In movie mode it got the same score as the iPhone 5 by display mate which is considered the most accurate screen..

True! I picked my S4 up on Saturday in the at&t store. The phone feels great in my hands and the display is excellent. And I have no battery issues. Phone has lasted me well over 24 hours before needing a charge.

According to the display experts, changing the display mode to movie provides the best color representation of any display. Now, go get your S4 : )

'with the handset being available online, in-store and in store-in-store locations at PC World and Currys.' Whats in store-in-store?

The cheapest monthly price plan we could 'fine' (did you mean find?)

Sorry to be picky, just thought I would help :).

the cheap monthly payment is good but that up-front is madness.

don't get ripped off by going to Phones4U who do not do deals from Three. Three are offering for 35 per month 500 Minutes, 5000 Texts, all-you-can-eat unlimited data with 49 upfront cost. or for 37 per month 2000 any network minutes, 5000 3-to-3 minutes, 5000 texts, all-you-can-eat unlimited data, unlimited tethering and 49 upfront cost. Also the only network to cover over 60% of UK with speeds of up to 42Mbps at a great price!

I don't even know why anyone signs up to any other network to get ripped off, and to add to all that, they have the largest 3G network too!

If you take out the same deals with Three through carphone warehouse, the phone cost is free and you also get a free kiksound Bluetooth speaker!

Phones4u have a similar deal for t mobile s4... £36 a month 2000 min unlimited text and for free no upfront cost... I was considering the 3 deal until I saw this it also saves me the hassle of changing networks and numbers.