White Samsung Galaxy Note

Three UK announced today that the Samsung Galaxy Note will soon land on its network. Pricing and a release date have yet to be announced, though Three says that the Note will initially launch in white and will surf on the carrier's HSPA+ network. The 5.3 inch behemoth comes equipped with a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor, 16 GB of internal storage, an 8 megapixel camera, and a Super AMOLED display, and launched here in the States equipped with LTE this past week.

We reviewed the international version of the Note (the same one that Three will soon launch) back in November, and we were quite smitten with what has come to be known as Samsung's "phablet." While we wait for an official release date and pricing from Three, you can check out our review here

Source: Three UK


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Samsung Galaxy Note coming soon to Three UK


One slight problem. Apparently it only has 8Gb on board, despite the claim of 16Gb. I have no idea why; my Galaxy S2 has 16Gb and their was talk of a 32Gb version (to come) on some web sites. Perhaps this is a hangover from the shortage of RAM chips a few months ago.

Why can't vendors and marketing drones get their crap right?
Right on the front of the video, it says "16GB internal memory". There is no such thing as "internal memory", it is "storage" or "flash storage". Memory is RAM. UG!!!!

That name is correct also, ever heared of RAMs brother called ROM? Oforce you did ^^ ever wondered whats full name of this shortage? Read-Only Memeory... hehe yes, note that people calling firmware images as ROM actually are one who naming things wrong. In electronics everything that that stores data is called Memeory, normally people avoid that since you are right it common name for RAM, but it's still valid.

Actually, yes... people calling firmware "ROM" also drives me a little crazy. It is obviously not "ROM" if you can write to it.