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Radio Shack's Trade & Save program ready for the Galaxy Note 3 launch

Everyone is aware that the Galaxy Note 3 hits stores starting October 4, but Radio Shack is the first third-party dealer to jump up with a better deal — if you have an old Galaxy Note to trade in.

The Sprint and AT&T models of the Galaxy Note 3 will be on sale at participating Radio Shack locations, and folks who show up with a Note 2 to trade in will get $175 off the cost of their upgrade. Folks with an original Galaxy Note will get $100 off.

You could probably get more for your old devices on Craigslist or eBay, but this no muss, no fuss offer will attract a lot of people. Time is money, after all.

For more information, visit Radio Shack's Trade & Save site.

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jmbburg26 says:

That's not bad but Best Buy trade in at a good condition level is $250 for the Note 2. Craigslist would be better but no fuss money is hard to pass up.

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ScottJ says:

Note 2 in this area will fetch $350 minimum in good condition on Craigslist. This deal would only make sense if your current Note has a cracked screen or is otherwise unusable.

codiusprime says:

Or you don't want to mess with Craigslist, some people have no issue with paying for convenience.

ScottJ says:

Yeah, two types: rich people and stupid people.

codiusprime says:

Um, OK. Not really but whatever makes you feel superior I guess.

^^^^^^ this
I mean, $125 is a little steep for a convenience charge.
Even ticket master saw this and said people are getting ripped off!

codiusprime says:

Then go to BB, the guy up top said they are giving 250. Someone not wanting to screw with craigslist doesn't make them dumb or rich, it just means they don't want to screw with craigslist.

ScottJ says:

I wasn't talking about BB. I replied to the root of the thread.

By the way, I forgot s third type of people: lazy people.

wmtoandroid says:

$175 for a Note 2 that's less than a year old? That's an insult.

luqman24 says:


I was able to sell mine for $400 unlocked, 9/10 condition, and a case included on Kijiji in Canada. Rogers offered me $130 for it and I laughed out loud. What a joke these trade in prices are.

purplekiss23 says:

Sold my note 2 on eBay for 525.

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sublimaze says:

Nice. That is more than I paid for mine last November.

vpblaze says:

Don't forget, getting low balled is the whole point of a trade in. These companies are looking to use these devices, they are looking to sell them for a profit.
It's different then going online and selling on Craigslist or Kijiji where you are usually going to sell to another end user.
Make sense?

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Lurking_Grue says:

I guess I'm one of the few weird people that keeps the old phone for other family members.

Andy_in_Indy says:

I put mine in new projects. Who needs a Raspberry Pi when I have an old LG Revolution laying around!

alexlam24 says:

Still waiting for nexus 5...

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NoNexus says:

You have a month

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Cubfan says:

I'm going to stand in front of Radio Shack and offer $175 cash for anyone who is stupid enough to take this deal.

sublimaze says:

You'd probably reel in more than one sucker. A lot of people jumping on this "deal" have zero impulse control.

jlczl says:

Good idea.

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Masheen says:

For a commercial store to offer $175/$100 for a 2yr/1yr old phone is a great deal. Selling anything privately will yield more money... Verizon offered me $20 for my 18 month old Galaxy Nexus. Now THAT is an insult.

Rockee kun says:

Lmaooooo tf!! That's a real insult

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jaj324 says:

I wouldn't take less than $200 for my Note 1. It's practically brand new and in perfect condition. Anyone that would take this deal apparently has never heard of eBay.

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pbolton says: in a Note II will only get 175.00. Since it is only a year old I would think people would not have an upgrade to use unless they had one on another line. Then you are talking full retail price which is 724.99. That wouldn't even make a dent in it.

Rmbrown1964 says:

I agree, I have mine on Craigslist for 400$ but no luck yet just some low ball offers

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Retinella says:

I could get a better price just bringing the phone in to Sprint.

I just saw it, the galaxy note 3 is 249.99 at for sprint.