Galaxy Nexus FCC

Earlier today we saw some more proof of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in Verizon's internal systems, and here we have the device passing through the FCC. While we patiently wait for Verizon's big announcement of the device, we can be happy to see the device moving along the approval path. The device comes complete with an LTE radio, as well as a CDMA radio, but no GSM radio in sight here. Now we sit and patiently wait for Big Red to bring us an official launch date so we can get our hands on it!

Source: FCC; Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Samsung Galaxy Nexus strolls through the FCC, shows off its Verizon LTE and more


Does NFC show up in the FCC report. I am looking at it but not 100% sure what I am looking for. No need for it right now but if I am going to keep a phone for two years I want it to have it.

I only ask because it is not unheard of for a carrier to have this left out.

The "RF Exposure Info 1" file states the battery has a NFC antenna so yes it does come with NFC, though we can't know until it is released or the specifications are announced whether Verizon will leave the NFC operational or not.

Verizon may have some kind of first-to-market agreement that's holding up all the other carriers. It might be a week, a month, holiday season, who knows.

Then again they may not, just a thought.

Verizon and google could have requested that this not leak out until a certain date which is why it took so long. Plus maybe they have exclusive first to launch which is holding the other carriers up?

The infamous @black_man_x predicts this week on twitter >> @black_man_x: Wondering how many people remember me telling you about the new google music updates launching same time as nexus? #pandanation knows first

So, like I said (and got flamed for) awhile back... No world phone... No unlocked GSM... Married only to VZW... Good times.

I don't know why someone marked me as SPAM...

The debate was over the fact that a guy was going to jump ship and go to VZW if it was the only way to get a Galaxy Nexus on 'launch' in the states. Everyone jumped down his throat saying the Nexus would have to be an unlockable world phone because it's a Nexus and Nexus is different and there's no reason he'd have to jump ship.

I disagreed (and was relentlessly flamed). This goes to show I was correct, unfortunately.

Are you daft or what?

The phone has already been announced on at least two continents as a GSM penta-band version. Why would Verizon opt for that version since they don't even know how to spell GSM?

I really wish they would release a phone like this on all of the big carriers at the same time, or with releases fairly close together. It's the only way a phone can have a chance at becoming a top phone. (I hate the term "iPhone killer". It implies the iPhone is the best, which it isn't)

Can someone look at the past timings of (a) VZW phones passing through FCC and (b) release date?

Would be interesting to see if there is a trend.

Here's some of the recent Verizon releases:

Droid Razr: cleared FCC on October 18, launched 24 days later

HTC Rezound: cleared FCC on September 9, launched 66 days later

Droid Bionic: cleared FCC on August 7, launched 32 days later

Samsung Stratosphere: cleared FCC on September 6, launched 37 days later.

It doesn't look great, but I believe the Galaxy Nexus is the first of these phones to be announced before its FCC clearance. Hopefully that will speed up the release.