Sprint Samsung devices OTA

Sprint's Epic 4G, Galaxy Tab, and Samsung Transform will all be receiving OTA updates starting March 21 according to documents leaked to us by an anonymous tipster(s).  The above picture was sent to us, as well as the full text by a duo of tipsters, so we're almost certain this will pan out. 

The Epic 4G will be updated OTA to EC05, which is Android 2.2.1 (Froyo), and according to the docs will add Sprint ID.

The Galaxy Tab will be updated to EB28 which is also Android 2.2.  This update will add Sprint ID and the ability to check usage numbers.

The Samsung Transform will also be updated to EB28 which will add Swype, upgrade the Sprint Zone to version 2.5, and provide various bug fixes in search, mobile hotspot, and Google sync issues.

These updates are all scheduled to begin Monday, and it may take up to four days to complete the rollout.  Thanks to both of our tipsters!


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Samsung Epic, Galaxy Tab, and Transform OTA's coming from Sprint March 21


Sprint ID is not bad at all. In-fact, you get to choose which applications you download like Nascar, Sprint NAV, Sprint Football, etc. So if you only want one or two of them, then you can just download them without having all the others. As far as the ID launcher, just download LauncherPro and you will be able to customize it to how you want.

Hopefully it will address some of the issues found in EB13.


1: Audio out on the car and home media docks does not work... Update This is now fixed with a new version of the app in the market

2: Stock Android keyboard word suggestions is still not working...

3: Ability to access a locked phone after receiving a call by pressing home a bunch of times I have confirmed this as well as a few others thanks to aaronaaron for reporting this a Link to his youyube video here ----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Bt4EdAA1SM <----

4: OTA updates have been causing problems with Memory card and media. Update: Update.zip method still works and is still up on samsungs site...

5: Recording Failed Error Is A bug but not really because of EB13 It's the memory card speed. I put a class 6 Card in and works great after that...

6: Camera force close when using sport mode due to kernel incompatibility

You forgot one, calls being randomly dropped for no reason. Happened to me a few times and I updated using the Samsung update utility so I know my phone got wiped before everything got installed.

its a decent phone and you get it if you dont want to pay an extra $10 a month for 4G. sure its not an evo or an epic but it still is a good phone and its reliable.

Yeah, you do now.

It STARTED as a 4g fee. When transform and Optimus were launched they offered a $120/year savings for folks who didn't want/have 4G service.

If you got these phones BEFORE the cutoff earlier this year, you DON'T pay the extra fee. Two-tiered fees for Transform/Optimus users.

ya it sucks that sprint is doing the $10 a month for any smartphone and instinct phone. That was a big thing that separated sprint with Verizon, ATT, etc.

Verizon will lose a bunch of customers after this Fascinate fiasco.
Thanks for nothing Verizon. This is one of the few phones that will never see another OS revision. Stuck on 2.1 forever.

I don't like this, Sprint deciding for me what my phone will look like and what program sets get loaded. I will stay rooted and not jump on this update until it has been tested and rooted. And I think my next phone is going to be a HTC.

Yes, people don't really understand Sprint ID. It's actually better than having all that bloatware you don't use. The only thing I don't like about it is the on-screen button that replaces the internet button. That's why I download LauncherPro from the market.

I was thinking the same thing. Lot of people don't understand what the Sprint ID is about. You don't have to choose one. When the device loads you just have a couple basic stuff. If it forces you to choose one, the way bypass it is to pick one and while it's downloading, reboot and you're good to go.

Samsung is junk. Was even thinking of getting the tab 10.1 for a second till I saw no SD. No HDMI. No USB!!! Who do they think they are? APPLE!?!? garbage.

Only slightly longer than twice as long as it took HTC to do the same job (actually, a better job) on the Evo... well done, Samsung.

Sprint ID, though? really?

Woah what... froyo.... again... what about those that already have stock froyo... from the last update..... if its a stable release... I might jump on it...

Sprint ID? WTF? I bought an Android phone for Android not carrier garbage. Going to start thinking about jumping ship. Would rather pay more and get what I want then be fed Sprint ID.

People are dumb. Research before making ignorant comments about Sprint ID. It's NOT bad. YOU choose what Sprint Apps that can be put on. It's a good thing.......

its about time the transform will be getting Froyo its a decent pone (and i know it does not compare to the evo or the epic) but they need to keep it up to date with the OS.

I for one am pretty excited about Sprint ID on my Epic and Tab, as long as what I've read here and elsewhere is true. If I can uninstall the stupid Nascar app, and possibly Sprint Navigaton (or not install in the first place), I will be one happy man. Then the only thing Sprint/Samsung needs to do is make the stock system use EXT4 instead of Samsung's file system, I wouldn't have a need for a custom ROM. I will be holding off on the update until its rooted though. I love my free wifi tethering.

I only hope my Tab will be able to install the update. It has failed every time I try to install EB24... it may be time for a clean wipe...

As far as the Transform getting Froyo, that's nice to see. My little sister got one back in december because she didn't want to pay the 4G premium. Now, since all smart phones get to pay the same premium, I honestly don't know why someone would buy the Transform. Just save up a bit more money and get the Evo Shift, or better yet save more and get the EVO or Epic (I LOVE my Epic!)

Hopefully they don't pull this Froyo Epic update... hate to see two epic fails in a row... ;)

So, this OTA update doesn't seem to be that big of a deal, but I doubt Sprint likes their internal documents leaked. The "anonymous" tipsters really aren't too anonymous...
I can see your session ID in the URL, so someone at Spring will now trace back to see what user took the screen shot. And now that user can't say he/she was hacked or claim some other excuse, because the other tab is them sending in the Android Central tip.

People have no appreciation for good spycraft anymore haha.

What makes you think that the "anonymous tipster" isn't really Sprint itself? Even the White House leaks information by "those close to the President." It's a good way to gauge public reaction before an official announcement.

I got the update last nite on my Galaxy Tab. New Sprint ID icon... and I can check usage details on Sprint Zone... Nothing else new that I noticed.