Samsung Continuum -- coming soon to a palm attached to one of your arms.

Well, it makes sense.  Today is Nov. 2, which means Christmas is 52 shopping days away, and Verizon Wireless wants to add a little Android green to your holiday season.

Fueled by Samsung's onslaught of Android devices, Verizon Wireless is using the flier above to make our mouths water even more for the Samsung Continuum -- the first Android device to feature dual capacitive AMOLED touchscreens.  No launch date has been revealed yet, but we're suspecting an announcement next Monday.  The rumor mill indicates it will be store shelves when the sun comes up November 11th.

Our own Phil Nickinson was fortunate enough to get his hands on the Continuum on two occasions, so check out those links if you want to see this dual screen bad boy in action.  [Verizon Wireless via Unwiredview]


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Samsung Continuum shows up on a Verizon Wireless gift ideas flyer


I think that thing looks ugly with the small screen BELOW the touch buttons. If it were in between the regular screen and the buttons that would look a lot better. Anyway, it's a good idea, just badly done.

My dumb browser posted my comment multiple times so my original comment got deleted and marked as spam. Freak!!!! Anyway, I don't like the mini screen below the buttons, I would rather have it between the main screen and the buttons, or just above the main screen.