Kyocera Brigadier

Verizon always seems to have a wide range of phones available for customers of all types, and that means having at least one good rugged and waterproof phone on the roster. The latest rumored to be coming to the carrier is the Kyocera Brigadier, a device that looks like its ready for whatever you throw at it. Kyocera is good at making these kinds of devices, and we wouldn't expect anything less than a phone that looks like this and can take a beating. According to info and a picture from @evleaks, we'll see the Brigadier coming to Verizon sometime this year.

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Rugged (and ugly) Kyocera Brigadier tipped for Verizon release


One more work device that will never get updated.
Or it the perfect device to give a teenager that is constantly doing skateboard trick and breaking phone after phone.

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This is variant of the Sprint Kyocera Torque, except it looks much uglier...

It's a nice phone though, the Sprint version is MIL spec certified, waterproof has a Android, LTE, a nice camera, Smart Sonic Receiver for noisy environments and Sprint Direct Connect.

If I worked at a construction site and didn't care about how my phone looked or the features it did or didn't have then I'd be interested. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me that is not the case...I'll pass. I am sure this phone is meant for someone but that someone isn't me.

why does it feel like AndroidCentral articles are written by Apple fanboys?

this new Kyocera phone is hardly ugly. There are other phones that's way more ugly than this.

Please name an uglier phone? There's been some real "winners" out there but this one gets the prize. OH WAIT....the Microsoft Kin....nah...that looked better than this.....

Move along.

Also, I don't think there are actually any phones that are notably uglier than this.

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No. That is an ugly ass phone, But audience this is for probably doesn't care and definitely doesn't read about smartphones on the internet.


Just stop

I am trading my Note 3 in for this bad boy. I will be sporting a one of a kind phone.


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Verizon always gets the shittiest devices. And the ones worth anything are locked. It's like Verizon goes out of their way to piss on their customers. I am so glad to be done with those bastards.

People do work in construction. And on that kind of job you lift heavy pieces of equipment and objects and drop things get dirty work in rain snow etc and this kind of device can withstand that. Also can be dropped and thrown which sometimes happens with that profession. The look doesn't matter as long as it works and doesn't break. I know it's a hard concept to understand.

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Construction? This thing is idea for African warlords, and of course it effectively doubles as a weapon too when things get hairy for the evildoers.

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Huh, that's a good point. I wasn't all that interested at first, but I *have* been thinking of taking over a failed state in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Needs more Verizon logos, one on the back and one on the front just doesn't cut it for me, I tend to forget what carrier I'm on some times, looks like there is enough room on the sides for at least one more logo! Also maybe a red Verizon wallpaper by default just for good measure! /s

I'd like to see it's off contract price and battery size.
I bought last year Casio G'zone ca-201l (for my dad - clumsy construction guy) from Korea and loved the quality and feel of the phone. The problem is battery life and horrible support (still on ICS). Radio bands too.
This one looks almost the same (casio was more sleek) and will definitely consider it depending on performance.
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If the off contract price is decent, I could definitely see this as a job site phone and a nicer phone for other times.

Or, just get an otterbox for the nicer phone.....

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Ugly is a phone that can't surive a fall of more than 3 mm.

Can't wait to see the specs, if it's as tough as a torque, I'll take 2.

So, besides the truth that " the beauty is in the eye of the beholder " we can easily add "a bit of s consequence" too :), which is equally true.

To me, aesthetically this phone looks better than most of the Samsung devices.

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Looks like a cross between the old BlackBerry Charm in its holster and a Droid Charge. Probably better than both of those devices were in their time either way.

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I'm always happy to see more durable phones out there. Would love to see more "active lifestyle" versions of phones.