Motorola Endeavor HX1 Bluetooth headset

Let's talk Bluetooth headsets for a second, shall we? They're not exactly everybody's favorite thing to use, but they're a must-have in the car if you want to stay safe and legal. After the break, we take a look at the Motorola Endeavor HX1 Bluetooth headset.

The tech

We first got a look at the HX1 back at CES. It features a "CrystalTalk" dual-microphone system that helps cancel out background noise. And when things get really crazy, you can turn on "stealth mode" and start using the vibration in your melon to really cancel things out. That comes at a slight degradation in sound quality, but at least you can be heard. Here's how Motorola explained it to us:

The fit

There are no two ways about it: The HX1 is a snug fit, and it goes deep into your ear. That's not to say it's uncomfortable, it's just that it extends further into your ear canal than you may be used to with a Bluetooth headset. It comes with hook for behind-the-ear wear, or spring loops if you prefer that route. (Which I do.) You're not going to want to wear the HX1 all day long, but it's fine for fits and spurts.

The hardware

Noise-cancellation technology aside, there are two standout stand-out features of the HX1: An honest-to-goodness on/off switch, and a standard microUSB port. If there are two features we want on a Bluetooth headset, those fit the bill.

There's also a volume rocker button, call button and the "Stealth Mode" button, in addition to an LED light that shows connection status and charging status.

Motorola HX1 Bluetooth headsetMotorola HX1 Bluetooth headset

Call quality

This is subjective, sure, but I found call quality to be mostly on par with other top-tier headsets. It's not horrible, but you definitely know you're on a Bluetooth headset. Stealth mode worsened things a bit, but it does allow you to be heard in very noisy environments.

Note: I had a heck of a time with the HX1 and the Google Nexus One. While they paired and connected just fine, callers on the other end couldn't understand me at all, and I experienced the same in my own tests. Problem with the Bluetooth stack, perhaps? We're still trying to track this down. It worked fine with all the other Android phones I tested it on (including other HTC phones).


If you're looking for a Bluetooth headset with some serious noise-cancellation capability, the Motorola Endeavor HX may will fit the bill. It stays put in your ear and is relatively low-profile. The headset's a bit on the pricey side, however, at $109.95 in the Android Central Store, but you're getting a lot of noise-cancellation bang for your buck.


Reader comments

Review: Motorola Endeavor HX1 Bluetooth headset


How does this compare to the latest Jawbone?

I have been a huge fan of the Jawbone since the first model and have upgraded to the Prime now. How does this compare to the ICON(tm) now? Just curious because I have always had such amazing luck with the Jawbone :)

Does this sound better than the standard mic on the Droid? I've had numerous complaints of people not being able to understand me when I'm using the Droid without a headset.

My personal experiences with the HX1 were quite similar to that of the JB Prime, when performance is considered.
Both offer on par sound quality and do a great job with their noise cancelling technologies. Although I've found myself liking the JB Prime more, due to it's ease of use and comfort (even though JB supplies multiple ear pieces with it's Prime, I use the Jabra ear gel minis for for a snug, yet comfortable fit... but with the HX1, after long term wear I found it rather uncomfortable with it's factory supplied ear pieces).

I also liked the more contour build of the JB Prime as to that of the HX1 (think paperclip verses clothes pin).

they're a must-have in the car if you want to stay safe and legal

They may be legal but they are not safer.

Why do people feel so entitled to talk on the phone while driving? I love my Droid almost as much as I love my own son, and I tend to lean libertarian, but I'm beginning to think that ticketing people for using a phone while driving may be the only way to make people stop putting others' lives at risk!

I would like a headset with my Droid that I could use to make normal hands-free calls like with any other phone out there.. this is one aspect of the Droid that annoys the crap out of me... can't originate a call from the headset, no voice selection of multiple phone numbers.. too much finger work even if you use the Droid voice dialer...

This is what happens when one company buys out another company, and integrates the previous company's R&D and calls it their own. :P

I've used Invisio tech in Iraq and Afghanistan(namely because it was standard issue), and it performed with outstanding results!

But just seeing another company like Motorola buy them out, and calling the HX1 "new" technology just unnerves me.