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It's a very special holiday edition of the Android Central Podcast wherein we talk the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt, more on LTE, what's coming up at CES, and a whole mess o' Android. Listen in!

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Android Central Podcast Episode 44


Great show!

But, FWIW - I live in NYC where 3G on sprint hovers in the 700kbps range. Switching to Wifi and/or 4G make a HUUUUUGE difference - even when simply browsing around (I even notice it on craigslist).

Granted - I get closer to 2mbps when I get out into the sticks so I dont notice it as much, but there is a BIG difference when I'm on Wifi/4G as opposed to Sprint's 3G

For those on T-Mobile that don't have HSPA + I am here in Atlanta where we do have it and my feeling is that it makes a nominal difference over 3G. No question it is faster, but by how much, I am not sure technically what the difference is. One thing I do know is that I can do downloads in my office from the Market, where as I couldn't do that before on 3G. I have a myTouch 4G HD and it is on "H" nearly all the time sans when I am at home and on Wifi.

By-the-way... Great review of the myTouch 4G Jerry! I was wondering when someone would get around to doing a review of this phone. I could not agree more... it is without question a "high end" Android phone. I have had a number of phones... the Cliq, Cliq XT and myTouch 3G Slide and they can't touch the 4G. And the quality of the phone itself is terrific... this is no plastic brick as some have suggested. Especially with that metal back on it. Just a great phone and one of the better looking ones as well.