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Phil gives birth, Jerry's struck by lightning and Mickey takes over as Great Leader of the Android Central Podcast. Plus, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Droid Incredible gets Froyo, tons of app news and your e-mails and voicemails.

Top o' the news - AC at IFA 2010

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Android Central Podcast Episode 28

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I was just listening to the podcast and you didn't have an answer for Roger Q about his incredible. Yes he will lose root if he takes any OTA. One function they use the OTA for is closing the vulnerability to access the phone. We all know the carriers do this so we cannot do things like tether. After rooting he should NEVER accept another OTA if he wants to keep root. Yes most of the time people find a way around these updates but they don't always happen over night and that could leave him out of luck for a few months or even more when it comes to root. That being said now that he is rooted he can shop around the forums for any of the rooted 2.2 ROMS that are out there and I am sure he will find something he will like. I do not know myself about any stock rooted 2.2 for the incredible because I have no interest in that phone, but if there isn't one out now I am sure there will be one very soon. As a matter of fact I am sure if there is, someone will post it here as soon as they read this. That is why I love Android Central. As far as the password thing I don't know but if security is a concern make sure unknown sources is NOT checked under

menu>settings>applications>unknown sources

And READ what applications are requesting access to when you install them. And use lookout, it works great and will help keep you out of trouble. Most of all pay attention to what you are installing, you are the first line of defense when it comes to your information and how people gain access to it.