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We're back from the Sprint Evo 4G launch party in New York City, and Phil and Mickey brought Jerry Hildenbrand along for the podcast ride. Oh, and we did it all live with hundreds of you listening and in the chat room. It was a sight, to say the least.

The Evo 4G launch party

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Reader comments

Android Central Podcast Episode 12


I have to be honest the last few podcasts have not been that interesting.

When you compare it to Crackberry's podcast and Engadget, it's downright boring lately.

Just one example: Phil and Mickey make a point every week to say they don't care about Flash. Well, guess what? Flash is at the center of the mobile wars and whether either of you personally care about Flash is irrelevant to the whole situation. If the two of you cannot find the wherewithal to discuss this stuff, then find folks that can. You are supposed to be representing Android nation and most Android owners DO care. Not to mention the fact that Flash and how it pertains to Android is getting ready to be HUGE! The whole industry is watching to see what happens and either praise or condemn Android, Adobe and Google. It is going to be pivotal! Your position on Flash is not informative, but instead, BORING! Saying you don't care about Flash is not interesting for anyone! The people that tune into an AndroidCentral podcast do care, and so should you!

On top of that, you try and go down a list of topics and cover them all a little when you should be picking several HOT topics and discussing them in detail. You cannot make an interesting and informative podcast and hit on so many topics. For christ's sake, look at that list of topics above. How can anyone discuss all of that in an hour and it mean anything? Be more focused.

PS, when you read this, try not to be put off. I'm trying to help make it a better podcast.

It's not that we don't care about Flash. When Flash is available, we'll talk about it more. But we're not going to have a flash-no flash battle every week. It's pointless, because Flash IS coming. And when it does, we'll test the hell out of it, and talk and write about it until everybody's tired of THAT. :p