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Join us, friends, as we do something we've yet to attempt in our 200-show history. With Phil and Andrew at Samsung and Motorola in New York City and Chicago, and Alex and Richard in Berlin for IFA, we're bringing you this Intercontinental Ballistic Podcast for the new Galaxy Note phones, a little virtual reality, the new Moto X, Moto G and Moto 360 — and Alex pretty much loses it on Sony.

This is 90 minutes of (audio-only, no video) podcast insanity, folks.





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Android Central 201: The Note 4, Moto X, Moto 360 special edition!


I have to agree with Alex. While Sony didn't fix all the nags of the X series, I would understand the 6 months cycle. But now, with the exception of the internal storage, they basically fixed all the things they had to fix hardware wise on the Z line. So it may be time to ditch the 6 months cycle. Otherwise it's just releasing phones for the sake of it.

On the other hand, the 6 month allows for flagship prices to drop a lot in little time. So it's not good business for day-one buyers, but for those who can wait, they can now, for example, get the Z2 for under 500€...and no other Android flagship from the major OEMs costs that.

I don't mind it that much. From a specs stand point its about the same phone...but that's not all there is to a phone. They did a ton of refining to the actual build of the device. The Z3 is beautiful. Would I upgrade from the Z2 to it? Of course not. But, I don't think they would expect me to either. This is for people upgrading from older hardware.

Yes and that's why I said, now that they refined all there is to refine, I don't see the need for the Z4 to be presented at MWC. What would it bring apart from a specs bump?
All that the Z line is missing hardware-wise is proper internal storage. Those 16GB should have disappeared long ago. But apart from that?
The Z4 will be just like the Z3 and the Z2. And do we and they really need to re-release the same phone every 6 months? It would be better for them to just go annually as every other OEM. They want to refine the design? Fine. Put it on the list. Build a considerable list of things to improve and do them all at the same time. If the Z3 hadn't been preceded by the Z2 in February, people would be way more interested in it.

The truth is, and I agree with Alex, the phone worth noticing is the Z3 Compact. That one yes, is a considerable upgrade from the Z1 Compact in all aspects, from screen-size to IP certiciation, to RAM, Snapdragon, build quality etc. If Sony hasn't release the normal Z3, nothing would be different with regards to people's interest in the device.

The 6 month cycle has gotten Sony a very slick iteration of the Xperia Z. The electronics in the Z2 is current and everything you need. The Z3, as far as I am concerned, just ups the phones prettiness. It is a nice looking glass slab. And that's fine by me. If the small changes to the camera and flash fix their criticisms, then the package is pretty much perfect... except for the lack of 32GB internal.

The Z3 Compact is a lovely little slab. That alone is worth a whole lot of praise for Sony.

One thing is for sure the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge as well as the Galaxy Gear S has cornered the market so easily it's comical.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Sales won't be low a boatload of people with original Note and Note 2's will be buying for sure.

They will sell over 80 million Note products easy not to mention the Note Edge combined.

We will see for sure.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

It's a tough year for a good product. There's plenty of competition, and last years model was good enough that people won't feel like they need to upgrade. In all seriousness — the Note 3 was one of the best mobile devices of last year.

A smart year to release the Edge though. It's new, and different. should garner a lot of attention.

Phones have hit that level that Computers hit a while back, where what you have is good enough. You aren't waiting for things to open and everything looks nice enough. The pressure to upgrade is is gone.

True that, to be honest I don't even really feel a "need" to upgrade from my N4 (though I will if a new, decent nexus phone emerges) it's plenty powerful for me, terrible, terrible, terrible battery life not withstanding.

Posted via Android Central App

every moto x owner in my opinion should upgrade. this thing did started out with lesser specs. my recently rma'd moto x was ten months old and laggy as all get out. degradation was not very kind to it. and i take care not to charge while doing intensive things to my baby. upgrading to the new one is going to be the same as a two year upgrade for other flagship owners.
once i get my hands on this new one in a month, i will completely agree woth your statement.

What's up with that guy's hardon for the ASUS watch? Its an average looking watch. Is ASUS paying this dude?

The LG G watch R is a much better watch.

Posted via Android Central App

i think the asus looks awesome on my crappy c720 screen.. i could only imagine what it looks like for reals. if i don't have a 360 on my wrist by the time that comes out, i very well may but it instead.

I actually think Moto 360 has a lot more modern design and it's got better supporting apps and gchrome extensions surrounding (Motorola Connect).

And... It has a really premium build for practically the same price of all the other plasticky let's-throw-something-out-there watches.

The 360 is good looking, no doubt. I just wish that Motorola would've use a more classic, external lug design. As-is, the watch looks like it's sitting on top of the strap; with external lugs (what I'm calling external lugs) I think it would look better.

I seriously do not think you could make your comment sound any more fratboy douchey...yikes. People like different things. Please come back to AC when you've grown into a decent human being.

Posted via Android Central App

The Note Edge's second screen seems like a great way to read your twitter feed and news headlines without actually touching your phone. I think its a great idea.

Posted via Android Central App

Am I crazy for still thinking the S5 is the best phone out there for real life?

Posted via the Android Central App

No, you're not. I have an S5 and the only thing I don't that its not the blue one.
Only thing tempting me with the note is the metal, front cam, n screen

Posted from my caseless GS5, because I believe in myself

The S5 would be my last recommendation for a android smartphone. Design wise it took a step backwards since the S4 managed to shove a 5" display in a small-ish footprint. Then you have the software, TouchWiz is only functional if you own a Note. Also, too many other flagships out there that are flat out better. Samsung is only relevant thanks to its marketing.

Is a great phone for sure, but for me the Xperia Z2 made a better day to day, because it's waterproofing is better, it has the noise cancelling built in,a superior microphone set up (I'm a birder) and has a digital audio out.
It's by no means clear cut though, I flip flopped between the two for ages. Of the note 4 had been out that would have been my choice.

Posted via Android Central App

The moto hint sounds pretty interesting to me...

Gonna be too expensive though, at $150 it'll probably translate to £130.

Also, there's absolutely no technical reason for the Z2 to not get the remote play features in an update. It may not, but that'd just be Sony being dicks ;) I'm with Alex.

Posted via Android Central App

i think $150 is a fair price for something in that small of a package. that is of course as long as it performs as well as their whisper. which is also $150, and worth every penny of it.

Damn Phil, get Richard a new mic. That's absolutely painful hearing him speak with all that background noise.

Posted via the Android Central App

Love the new easy to press buttons in the podcast here. Also love that u can view the comments while the podcast plags in the background

Posted via Android Central App

The Moto X has a small non-removable battery, no SD card, horrible speakers, no OIS but apparently Phil and Andrew are slobbering in adoration of this phone.


We haven't seen what the real life battery life is yet, so the 2300 mAh may be enough.

Posted via the Android Central App

Over breakfast I had your podcast playing on loudspeaker which meant my wife endured it too. She has zero interest in tech.

However, she thought Jerry's replies were a hoot and overall enjoyed everyone's contribution. I thought it was a superb podcast as usual.

I know recording on or from google hangouts is super convenient.. But I think you guys should each be recording locally and combining for the final audio file. The audio dropouts are really bad in some places. Also, microphones.

Alex for the WIN!

Sony does make very funny decisions which can make the calmest most measured of tech experts frustrated.

Passion drives us or we simple stand still.

Regarding Alex's rant about Sony... He is absolutely on the money. The argument about bringing their product range in line is meaningless, they could have done that with the Z2. It's because they said they will update every six months, which is idiotic anyway and likely to irritate buyers and force hardware designers into putting half baked features into phones to sell them. As it is, Sony are releasing phones that haven't been thoroughly tested; my Z2 camera overheats often during the UK summer if you just add filters to the images.

So Alex, I am totally with you there my friend. Sony should be given the Golden Smartphone Turkey award this year for the Emperors new clothes.