Oppo N1 Mini

The Oppo N1 Mini is due to be officially announced shortly, but already we understand expected specifications and even have an idea as to what the product will look like. Today, we're looking at a handful of leaked photos showing the N1 Mini off in all its glory. An interesting observation to note is the inclusion of a swivel-based camera.

The N1 Mini is a strange device as a whole, simply because the device itself sports a 5-inch display, yet carries the title 'mini' due to the fact it is smaller than its sibling, the N1. That just shows how far smartphones have come regarding screen sizes and we only have to look at Samsung's 7-inch 'Phoneblet' development to see where manufacturers are heading in the future.

Oppo N1 Mini

As for the Oppo N1 Mini, we're expecting to see a 720p HD display, 13 MP camera with LED flash, LTE support and a 2,140 mAh battery. More details to follow, we're sure.

Source: Weibo, via: Unwired View


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Oppo N1 Mini struts its stuff in leaked photos ahead of tomorrow's launch


I loved the n1 concept but it was too big for what I wanted. I like the size of this version better. I'm curious on what the price is going to end up being. I haven't seen that leaked anywhere yet.

I know that the n1 is priced higher than the find 7a duo to the camaraswifel. Its handmade and that why a tad more expensife.

And that info is comming from an official oppo ambassador.

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Hopefully they are letting CM do the UI....damn I say that like it is a good thing but certainly is a gigantic step up from the horrid ColorUI

Price and availability will decide. But, why are you comparing a mini device with one that has a 5.5 inch screen?

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