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The OnePlus team have announced another batch of invites (5,000 in total) will be handed out for the flagship killer that is the OnePlus One. The Android smartphone has had an unconventional launch with invites being sent out to those who wish to purchase a unit. If you're still waiting for your lucky golden ticket, be sure to check out the 'Blizzard of Invites' to cool you off during this summer. This batch of invites is also to celebrate the announcement of the Bamboo StyleSwap Cover.

Entering your name is easy, simply login with an email or through everyone's favorite social network, Facebook. You're then able to be awarded an invite per task you complete. Four tasks are available, including liking OnePlus on Facebook, following the team on Twitter and Instagram, as well as writing up posts on the official community forum. While OnPlus is giving away 5,000 invites, 10 of the lucky winners will also receive a free Bamboo StyleSwap Cover to go with their OnePlus One purchase (once the cases are available).

You have until July 23 (9:15PM CST/3:15PM CET/9:15AM EDT/6:15AM PDT) to enter, so be sure to head on over and get an invite!

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5,000 OnePlus One invites up for grabs in the 'Blizzard of Invites' giveaway


That picture can't be the one plus one...there's no yellow band across the bottom

Posted from the Avengers: Age of Droid Ultra

Neither of my 2 one plus phones had the yellow band. I love my oneplus, although I really like my wifes g3 and may get that one.

I just unscribed from their newsletter. Got tired of seeing this crap.

Posted via Android Central App

Same. If I had gotten an invite early on I might have impulse bought this phone, but now I just don't care. My N5 is more than sufficient for now.

I think if OnePlus had enough quality stock before they released this phone, and did a marketing blitz, they'd have gone over like gangbusters with those specs and the prices. Sadly, they had neither: the yellow band issue is known enough to give people some pause before jumping, you can't just order one/you have to get an invite, and I'm afraid they'll suffer under their own slowness.

The N5 is definitely sufficient. After I got my oneplus I said, this feels a lot like the n5 until it was late evening and my phone still had over 40% battery life without it being charged midday like I did with the n5. I think if the n5 had a bettery battery life it would sell even more. Overall the oneplus is a solid phone and if you happen to have one you will enjoy it. The only issue people are having is the yellow band but it looks like it was just a bad batch and has been resolved. Mine doesn't have it.

"Sufficient" is putting it kindly. The battery life from my N5 was nothing short of abysmal, even on the replacement I demanded after 6 months as battery life collapsed into even worse shape and the camera ceased working with HDR all the time and in auto too many times. OTOH, here's what my battery graph looked like yesterday with 3-1/4 hours of screen on time:

While my OPO has a light yellow band, it has faded to the point where you only see it if you're looking for it on a blank white screen which for me is about 0.000000000000001% of my usage. I think people are just clutching onto anything they can to justify a reason to trash something and thump their sunken chests as if they've accomplished something. It's like bashing the Xbox 360 with catcalls of "RRoD!!" except without the high incidence of actual failures.

Haters gonna hate. Playas gonna have the best phone for the money, hands down.

Agree, i was initially interested, but now this is just annoying.

I am still on an N4 and I am starting to think maybe I can wait to see if/when a new nexus phone is released.

I thought this invite thing would only last a couple months.... Bad move on their part.

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I think they just can't make enough and that's why invite system is still in effect. Hopefully they figure out a better way soon

I don't understand how this company continues to operate like this. Are they under the impression that their device is so good people will fall for way they sell these things? At first it was a cute way of doing things but now it just make them look weak and scared to put their product out. I've lost all interest in this product and wish they'd either mass produce this thing or dry up and go away. None Plus None = None. Exactly the number of their devices currently in peoples hands.

As long as people are buying eBay invites. Yes. Yes they do and it's why I moved on. No point complaining whining and bitching. There's way to many options available

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Exactly, there's still very many people willing to pay just for an invitation (to buy...) and also selling well above msrp through other distributers. I'm not interested in buying a OPO, never really was, but I commend their attempt to shake things up and offer a flagship quality device for a midrange price (a la Nexus). I wish them well and to stick around, and other than upsetting the "temper tantrum in the isle if I don't get that candy" folks I'm willing to bet this is relatively as successful of a launch as they hoped for. This slow rollout may screw them out of some volume, but their margins must be too slim to chance overproducing and going belly up.

Agreed, then they would have known how many devices to make and still would have had no risk. The games have been a total waste of time.

i got an invite for them a week or two ago, it was only valid for 24 hours... And after i wanted to order it, eventhough my country was listed for the address, for shipping it was only Canada and USA...

Wait they keep doing this contests frequently, and there will be more than 100000 entries at a minimum so chances of getting the invite is less. Also this is crap, looking them on Facebook etc.

I got the invite last week as part of early supporter and the phone is awesome but these contests got to stop.

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FYI - their website seems to be down. Probably everyone jumping on to try and sign up or whatever for this contest. What I wanted to check for was to see if I got my invites from purchasing one... I didn't as of last night...

Had they not taken so long, I would've purchased it.

But I'm already smitten by the T-Mobile G3, and thank god too. At least if I have warranty issues with this phone, there are several companies that can replace or repair it, whatever. Hopefully the company learns from this for their next phone, if they're even around that long.

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Sorry One Plus, LG got my money. I really wanted your phone but the games got old. Love my G3!

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You guys took to long. By the time you get a phone it's old news and won't kill any flagship phone...terrible launch btw

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What's ridiculous to me is the number of people purchasing multiple phones (via invites coming back to them) to resell and people selling invites. Apparently OnePlus is incapable of seeing the rampant abuse that's happening right in front of them.

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Bad company plus no wireless charging = No Sale
Stick your invites where the sun don't shine
Happy with my unlocked N5 on T-Mobile > waiting for N6 with "L".

So I have to be invited to purchase your phone? You must not like money One+ and Oppo will shut you down in the next 2 years at the most.

Quite simply.. If my money alone is not enough... Then shove your phone firmly up your arse. Sideways

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I agree with you 100%. The problem is they are selling them as they make them basically so no money is being lost, except for those that have given up. I doubt that's many though because a lot of people will say they don't want the phone anymore until that invite arrives.

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I'm so over this so called "flagship killer"...Note 4 needs to hurry up and get here...

Posted via My Galaxy S5...

I'm waiting on the Note 4 or the Nexus 6.... Checked in on the G3 and I like it just not sure if I like the back button set up... Would have splurged on the One+ six weeks ago... Too many invite games.....

All the reaction here is exactly what I expected. They are/were already selling to a niche market (enthusiasts like us) and they went and blew it with many of us with their games. Yes, there are going to be some people that still buy their product, but still not as many as they could have sold to. Oh well, their lost.

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I didn't participate in the other contest so I'll do this one. What the heck do I have to lose. If I get a invite I think I'm gonna drop the $350 for one

Posted via my LG LS740 and The Android Central App

Well this is the first contest I entered for a chance at an invite for the OPO. I am still rocking my G3 so not sure if I would purchase the OPO if I got the invite. Need to check the OPO out more in depth.

Tired of waiting for the invite (since this hype began). Got me rhe G3, then an invite popped up. Arhh. What the hell i thought. Got me the 64G. Woohoo, the special yellow band edition. Cell signal and wifi seems to be less stellar than the G3. Submit a ticket for replacement, hopefully or get ma money back. Could have been made in heaven, if not for the wierd and odd ball marketing scheme.