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Yesterday, Three UK began to send out the Andorid 4.1 (Jelly Bean) update to Samsung Galaxy S3 phones, and now we have two more British carriers following closely -- Vodafone and O2. O2's rollout will begin today, it says, while Vodafone customers will have to wait until Monday.

Again, we're pleasantly surprised at how fast the British and European carriers have been able to get the updates to their devices and hope those on the American side are paying attention. Both updates will be a gradual rollout and are available via OTA over WiFi or via Kies.

If you have questions about a specific carrier's implementation, hit up the source links. We'd love to hear from you if you're on one of these carriers and update your Galaxy S3.

Source: O2Vodafone; via Techradar


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O2 UK begins rollout of Jelly Bean to Galaxy S3, Vodafone to follow


Is there any specific reason why European carriers seem to be so much faster at getting updates out than their American counterparts?

Yes in Canada, companies like Telus and Rogers takes so much time to "test" the new OS before mass release. Basically they are doing their best to add stupid useless apps that cannot be deleted and/or programs and scripts to slow down the LTE network speeds.

Does it really take *months* to test apps though? Something about these timelines isn't quite adding up to me. Given how large these carriers are, you'd think they would be able to test a little faster.

May be they are busy making more useless apps loading to the phone. Also, I learned that 4.1 will speed up the network speeds of LTE. May be Telus, Bell and Rogers don't want that right away? I know that a rumor going around saying that Canadian networks are not ready to handle fast LTE download for a lot of customers at the same time. I could be wrong.

Really all carriers in the UK have a test period of about two weeks to add small amounts of bloatware and the usual startup screen, etc... Us Brits still complain about it but really they are pretty quick about it!

Problem with US carriers is that they have this habit of FUBARing the software to bits, locking bits down, adding their own apps, but the software can be passed back and forth between manufacturer and carrier many times before it gets pushed out to devices usually months later! Really the best way is custom rom your phone to bits!

This is good, very good. I am enjoying this snowball of updates over the world. Hopefully my region gets updated soon.

Nice to see JB is finally getting to at least some GS3s... If Verizon follows its usual pattern with updates, I'm hopeful to get JB on my device sometime in mid-2014, or several months after the phone has been discontinued and is obsolete. Whichever comes later.

I have a unlocked phone and went to Westfield London to check out what was going on with the update some of the people knew nothing about it and i heard on orange and tmobile is weirdly next month but samsung just posted on facebook that jelly bean for the s3 would be starting rolling out within next week or two and aswell when the galaxy s3 mini comes out its more likely for jelly bean to be available for the s3 btw i tried updated my phone with 2 different sims and nothing

It's available this morning via Kies for O2 Galaxy S3, just finished downloading and initial thoughts are that this is indeed faster.