Nexus 7

Just as we saw this morning with the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, the Nexus 7 is getting updated to Android 4.2.1 via an OTA update. There's nothing groundbreaking here, its simply a bug fix for the omission of December from the people application and an update to add joysticks and gamepads as HID devices. 

But updates are updates, and we know that plenty need to get them ASAP. Thanks to XDA, the manual download link is available and advanced users can flash at will. You'll end up with build number JOP40D, and everyone you know that was born in December is now allowed to get a year older again. Grab the OTA package below, and head into the forums for questions about flashing.

OTA  package download; via XDA

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bassdelux15 says:

Just got my update. Glad to see December back lol

pinch55 says:

My n7 has been just about useless since the last update. I hope there is some magic to fix the little bugger.

kfilipov13 says:

Does this update make 4.2 more stable?

sushiguy732 says:

it shouldn't. All it should do is add back in December to the Events under a persons contact card.

That sucks. I started getting random restarts with 4.2.

EvanJ18 says:

Meee too..

sushiguy732 says:

Got it!

Small_law says:

Got it too. Just showed up an hour or so ago.

Mike77 says:

Will my screen stop coming on for no reason all the time?

EvanJ18 says:

Wifi Off
clear services framework data
Wifi On
Check for update

Its worked for me a few days ago with my GNex and just worked now with my 7. Coincidence, maybe.

joshua.worth says:

Not working on my Nexus 7, I'm just going to wait for the OTA though rather than update manually this time.

toxicsociety says:

Does the hid controller mean that games might be more likely to support x box and ps3 controllers, etc? I can't wait till Android gets this issue figured out. You can only do so much with on screen buttons and only a couple games allow controllers. I love playing dead trigger with a ps3 controller

I hear it after the recent upgrade that Bluetooth did not work we'll 4.21 upgrade fix Bluetooth as well because I'm not getting good Bluetooth experience

DataHawg says:

No fix for Bluetooth in this update from what I have read. If you are having reboots, fc's, etc, a factory reset usually fixes it but you'll have to reinstall your apps. Yes that sucks but probably worth the time. I flashed mine back to 4.1

jbrossard says:

You can fix Bluetooth yourself.

First un-pair or remove your Bluetooth devices.
Then HARD reset your Nexus 7.
Lastly, pair your devices.

This cured my Bluetooth music issues with 4.2.