We've been watching this one for signs of life since it first appeared (and now has been pulled). DroidDog was given an image an unknown square Motorola device running Android 2.1 and MotoBlur. The story goes that it was from someone's brother's best friend's sister's, cousin's roommate (or something like that) who was lent this device to use, and didn't realize they weren't supposed to send pictures to people on the internet. Either way, real, fake, specs, who knows, there is no information, and the original post was removed at the original leaker's request.

But now that it has been leaked, odd's are people with further information will come forward about it, and hopefully we can get some factual information about the device, and some better pictures. If you happen to have them, feel free to use that "Tip Us" feature above! [via DroidDog]


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Mysterious MotoBlur device comes from the wood ward?


I don't own an android phone YET, so I may have no idea what I'm talking about here, but is it odd that the background image on that phone is one of the live wallpapers included in 2.1? Are there still versions of these available on non 2.1 devices? Is this indicative of maybe motoblur running 2.1 in the future?

Oh...hah...reading comprehension fail I guess. I just saw motoblur and assumed it was on 1.5 as always :/ Wish I could edit my comment...

Interesting. It looks like it may actually have a functional keyboard. I wonder if it's a slider, or if it's similar in form factor to the Nokia Twist. Minus the Motoblur, I'd be quite interested if the rest of the specs are up to par.

It does looks like the Nokia Twist but more like the Verizon Blitz, the ridges on the side hint that it's a slider phone. I don't see this thing selling though, no one bought the Nokia Twist or the Blitz because of it's form factor