Moto X, G and 360

Motorola's late summer product refresh in upon us. With a flurry of announcements today the company has refreshed its Moto X and Moto G, while at the same time announcing availability of the much-anticipated Moto 360 and a new accessory in the Moto Hint.

  • The long-awaited new Moto X is finally here. It bumps the screen up to 5.2-inches, adds an aluminum frame and gives you the option of having a real leather back. What's not to love? Well, waiting until later this month may be the only problem.

  • Speaking of getting a new device, Motorola has announced a phone trade-in program that could get you $300 off your new Moto X purchase. Time to start saving.

  • Just as important internationally, the new Moto G is also here. It's hitting the same $179 unlocked price as last year, but with solid upgrades in a few different areas. It's even available starting today.

  • Our long nerd nightmare is finally over — the Moto 360 goes on sale starting today. And at just $249 with a choice of three leather bands, we think more than a few folks will be grabbing a credit card today at noon ET.

Motorola's been busy, to say the least. And this is just the beginning of its latest products. Be sure to check back with us as we go through all of the finer details of the Moto X, Moto G and Moto 360. A full press release from Motorola with additional details can be found below.

Motorola Gives You the Power to Choose with New Smartphones, Wearables and Accessories

A year ago we relaunched Motorola with a very clear purpose -- to give you more meaningful choices that put you in control of your mobile experience. Today we take that promise to the next level with the introduction of the new Moto X and Moto G smartphones, Moto 360 watch, Moto Hint wireless earbud and Motorola Power Pack Micro. This dynamic new portfolio of products gives you unprecedented power to choose how your mobile technology fits into your life, with new customization options, better value and new ways to connect.

Choose the color or materials that grace the back of your phone. Choose to design your own software experience starting from pure Android. Choose to get the information you want most, either at a glance on your phone or on your wrist, or discreetly to your ear, without ever using your hands. And choose not to pay premium prices for premium experiences.


The new Moto X: Pure style. Pure performance.

The new Moto X is designed with a sense of style and balance, featuring a curved metal frame, vivid 5.2" Full HD display, and authentic materials such as FSC® certified woods and genuine Horween® leather that feel great in your hand. Moto X gives you fast performance with the latest, unadulterated version of Android along with the quickest updates. Enhanced voice control lets you select a custom prompt, and use your voice to do just about anything. Plus, Moto X learns your preferences and adapts to you, making everyday interactions easier. Creating your standout style is simple through our online customization studio, Moto Maker, available in the United States and select international markets.

The new Moto G: Exceptional phone. Exceptional price.

Moto G now comes with a brilliant 5" HD display plus stereo sound to fully enjoy your videos and photos. With its all-day battery, quad-core speed, the latest Android OS, plus the ability to customize your phone with Motorola Shells, Moto G keeps up with everything you do. And all of this starting at just $179.99.

Moto 360: It's time.

Moto 360 is a classically-designed, modern timepiece powered by Android Wear™. Comfortable, familiar, and crafted with the finest materials, Moto 360 keeps you up to date without taking you away from the moment. Glance at your wrist to see updates or just speak to get the info you need. Keep track of your steps and know your heart rate thanks to a built-in pedometer and heart rate monitor. Enjoy battery life that lasts all day, then just place Moto 360 on its wireless charging dock at night.

Moto Hint: In control. Out of sight.

Moto Hint is a discreet wireless earbud designed to look good and feel great. It gives you complete control of your phone and allows you to access everything you need by just using your voice. When paired with your Moto X, you can ask questions like "What's today's forecast?" or get turn by turn navigation directions, all without touching or even looking at your phone.


Power Pack Micro: Power in a Pinch.

Motorola Power Pack Micro is a portable battery that provides instant access to back-up power when you need it. Attach it to your keys or slip it into your pocket or bag. More than just a portable battery, Power Pack Micro also includes Motorola Keylink™, a phone and key finder which helps locate your phone or keys when they've been misplaced.

Global Availability and Pricing

The new Moto X will be coming to countries in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia starting later this month. Moto X will be available for as low as $99.99 with a new two-year customer agreement on select carriers in the US. It will be available off-contract and unlocked in the US from $499.99 on

The new Moto G is available starting today unlocked and off-contract for $179.99 USD on, as well as retailers in the US. Moto G also goes on sale today in India, France, UK, Brazil, Spain, and on in Germany. By end of year, the new Moto G will be available in more than a dozen countries and through several carrier partners around the world.

Moto 360 will be available in black leather and a limited edition gray leather with suede finish in the US today starting at noon EST for $249.99 USD on, Google Play, and through Best Buy stores and Additionally, Moto 360 will be available in two metal options later this fall for $299.99 USD. For those who buy a Moto 360 today, there will be an option to purchase a metal band later this fall for $79.99 USD. Leather bands will also be available independently for $29.99 USD at that time.

Moto Hint will be available on and select retailers in the US for $149.99 USD later this fall and will expand to other regions in time for the holidays.

Power Pack Micro will be available on in the US for $39.99 starting today.

Trade In Your Phone for a New One

Our Trade In program makes it easier than ever to purchase a customized Moto X using Moto Maker. Just send in your old device, and we'll mail you a Motorola Visa Prepaid Card worth up to $300 depending upon the phone you send in. Visit our Trade In site to learn more.


Reader comments

Motorola's late summer product launch: Moto X, G and 360


-4 Tho unless you're buying from the US Play store or Best Buy availability might be different... Moto's own site is usually stingy about where they ship and they have several localized sub sites.

I concur.. I won't be upgrading my MotoX. I'll keep mine until Im tired of it and I find a suitable replacement. I'll wait a little on the 360. Just to see if all goes well.

Posted with my MotoX, no case needed.

Nope, you're not the only one. The big light ring around the lens in addition to the much more flashy M logo (non)button on the X are a little over the top. Love the metal frame, but otherwise, I much prefer the subtlety of the G.

But in both cases, while I know that's where the market is going, the size is a huge disappointment. I had really hoped to step down in size from my Nexus 5 while maintaining high-end specs, and the Moto X was the only model that had any chance of providing that.

I think I'm pretty much done with flagship smartphones at this point. I find every new model carries more of what I have no use for and in a larger package than the last. If/when my Nexus 5 dies, I'll just buy some cheep entry/mid level phone and be done.

Most of the videos I have seen for the moto 360 seem to have the text / content chopped off - its almost like converting the output of google to a circular screen isnt optimal. Is this just because its a pre production model or is android wear really designed for rectangular watches?

Wear was designed with circular displays from the start, in most instances a circular display just equals a smaller square with extra slivers of background on the top/bottom and sides (so there's no special formatting for roundness thought most of the UI, watch faces being one of the exception).

I'm guessing you're looking at bad Photoshop or stuff that would clip even on a square display, tho I haven't paid a ton of attention to that, not really worried about it.

Looks like you're right actually, Verge review confirms seeing assume quirks, huh. They (and the WSJ) also tout great outdoor visibility, and terrible battery life, heh. Looks like maybe backing off the brightness and/or turning off the pedo might be the first things I do.

Clearly, this season belongs to Sony with their Z3, Z3 Compact, and Z3 Tablet Compact.

Posted via the Android Central App

The G i like, the other 2, not so much.

Never been a fan of the 360 looks, and the ancient CPU (!) and the poor battery life really leaves me cold on it.

The X has some nifty features and i like the idea of a low bloat, quick update, but still functional device, but the looks of the X are just bad. Its extremely plain and generic. I miss the old harder looking Motos.

What's 'plain' about a 5.2" screen with aluminum trim and a leather back? The X isn't perfect by any means, there are certainly flaws. But 'plain'? Really?

Materials dont make the design. Its plain because it looks plain. The front is really generic and completely lacking any visual flair at all. The rear is frankly ugly, what its made of is irrelevant.

I will probably purchase the Moto X when it becomes available . I will still keep my original Moto X too.

Thinking I would pass on the Moto X and the watch...Ehh I'd never personally use it I guess. Not yet anyways. Was wishing for a better battery. If the battery was nicer the X might have sold to me. Otherwise the Moto G looks awesome for a lower end device! Wish it had the 2gigs of RAM though. My girlfriends Moto G 4G is pretty sweet though.

I waited few months after launch to get the Moto X and loved it! I am very interested in the new Moto X but want see how the battery life will be with a 2300 mAh battery. Oh and unlocked for me! Thanks for making an unlocked non carrier model Moto!

New Moto X looks good. If I wasn't on one more year contract on Nexus 5 I might make the switch. Hopefully Motorola keeps this momentum up so in 2015 with the new, new Moto X, I might have a tough choice.

Strange not to have an LTE Moto G update. As for the Moto 360, they seem to have managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Surprised by the choice of LCD rather than OLED and consequential battery life implications. Not keen on being made to wait longer in UK and then pay a price premium on top of the tax difference. Not paying rip off premiums any more, so lost sale.

Strange question, but are these watches optimized for working out yet? As in mtn biking and so on? Like using endomondo or something similar. I haven't seen a mention of anything like that yet.

Saw the Moto360 email first thing this morning. Had the dog bury my Visa card in the back yard. Blocking access to PayPal.

New Moto X - Disclaimer: The "upgrade" from 720p + Adreno 320 to 1080p + Adreno 330 is not battery friendly, specially when Gaming, where it's going to be a battery destroyer. (The same happened to me upgrading from Nexus 4 to Nexus 5).

Anyone else feel that the flash around the camera is a little weird looking? At least it's something we (as consumers) haven't seen any other device do before.

i like the new look of the X. Ya'll complain about everything. The old X was too plain looking and probably one of the reasons it didn't sell much for the price they were asking. A more valid complaint would be the leather tho.. It already looks worn in the picture and y'all just got it. Oh well.. I like the front firing speakers on the G. If I could combine the 2 phones it would make one perfect phone.

I ordered the Moto360 but sadly at 12:04 PM, when the page finally came up, it was already on backorder. Does the new Moto G have LTE? I don't see any specifics either way.

Pickup and shipping dates seemed a little sooner on In case I want to return it I stuck with Motorola directly.

Amazon seems REALLY good at fulfillment, they should have let them sell it or have an exclusive. As a Prime member I would have appreciated this.

I'm one person that was very gungho about the watch. After the fiacso with the contest I have decided that they are not getting my money. Yes you all can say what you want. To me which is the only person that counts in this matter it was a fiasco.

Hmm, was excited for the new X, but now, not so much. The size I'll have to judge when I get a chance to hold it in my hand. The only thing I really was hoping for in the new X was wireless charging. Yes, I know it charges slower, etc, but it is massively convenient to be able to just lay the phone down on your night stand when you go to bed and it charges without having to fumble with wires. It is also massively convenient if used in conjunction with a car dock. I know they came out with that fast charge add-on, which is nice in and of itself, but that's not a substitute for wireless charging. Guess I'll hold onto my current X. Hopefully, maybe, they'll release a Moto X MAXX which, if they actually did release such a device and if it held to the same standards they use on their Droid MAXX line, would include both a bigger battery and wireless charging....yeah, like I said, guess I'll hold onto my current X.