motorola kobe

The Motorola Kobe, also known as the MB520, looks to be a mid-level Android phone that’s beginning to show its face. Looking to be directly attached to AT&T’s network, and Engadget's tipster says it's running the same sort of “Philblur” hybrid UI that is found on both the Droid X and Droid 2.  The MB520’s slate style design will feature a 480x854 resolution on a smaller-than-average 3.5-inch LCD touch screen. Also, as expected with most the current Motorola Androids, it features a sturdy TI OMAP processor clocked at 800MHz. Utilizing the PowerVR SGX 530 – the same GPU found in the Droid 2 – its graphics performance should be well above par, and the 2GB of internal storage along with an included 2GB microSD card is a fairly nice addition as well.

The only problem for the Android enthusiast might be the 3-megapixel camera without flash – but as you might know, megapixels don’t always mean everything. With the included Swype and Vlingo software plus DNLA support, the Kobe seems to be a solid new device for the Android novice or simply those looking for a smaller screen. Check out the full deets at the source, but a slight caveat: Don't read too much into the Linpack scores. We've found that it's not properly reporting the TI OMAP processors with the Droid X and Droid 2.  [Engadget]


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Motorola Kobe to join AT&T's Android arsenal?


Cool, good to hear that the android family is getting bigger on ATT network. From the specs, though a solid device so far, it seems that it is a weaker device compared to the Captivate.

And what's up with these AT&T Android phone without a camera flash??? Shouldnt it be standard for smartphone by now?

Never going to happen as long as they have Apple exclusivity. They will never introduce a top-shelf android device that is even in the same quadrant as their uber over-rated iPhone models.

Edit: Sorry, meant for the comment below.

& itch 808 But its better then the droid x. No front facing camera no 4g. To name just few. The only other droid I see coming dangerously close to the evo is the epic but other then that they are all a step lower right until something comes out that beats evo and epic.

Why does every comment threat become an EVO hater parade. Get over it, sprint NOW has the best phones. Verizon, AT&T, and T-mobile used to have the best phone. Either you come to terms and accept it or get an EVO. Hating helps no one. Good-day.