motorola kobe

The Motorola Kobe, also known as the MB520, looks to be a mid-level Android phone that’s beginning to show its face. Looking to be directly attached to AT&T’s network, and Engadget's tipster says it's running the same sort of “Philblur” hybrid UI that is found on both the Droid X and Droid 2.  The MB520’s slate style design will feature a 480x854 resolution on a smaller-than-average 3.5-inch LCD touch screen. Also, as expected with most the current Motorola Androids, it features a sturdy TI OMAP processor clocked at 800MHz. Utilizing the PowerVR SGX 530 – the same GPU found in the Droid 2 – its graphics performance should be well above par, and the 2GB of internal storage along with an included 2GB microSD card is a fairly nice addition as well.

The only problem for the Android enthusiast might be the 3-megapixel camera without flash – but as you might know, megapixels don’t always mean everything. With the included Swype and Vlingo software plus DNLA support, the Kobe seems to be a solid new device for the Android novice or simply those looking for a smaller screen. Check out the full deets at the source, but a slight caveat: Don't read too much into the Linpack scores. We've found that it's not properly reporting the TI OMAP processors with the Droid X and Droid 2.  [Engadget]

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frozencloud says:

Cool, good to hear that the android family is getting bigger on ATT network. From the specs, though a solid device so far, it seems that it is a weaker device compared to the Captivate.

And what's up with these AT&T Android phone without a camera flash??? Shouldnt it be standard for smartphone by now?

Dural says:

Never going to happen as long as they have Apple exclusivity. They will never introduce a top-shelf android device that is even in the same quadrant as their uber over-rated iPhone models.

Edit: Sorry, meant for the comment below.

josuearisty says:

mmmmm, I wanted a DROID X on AT&T.

dante501 says:

@josuearisty You mean you want a HTC EVO on AT&T

itch808 says:

@dante501 I'm sorry the EVO isn't God's gift to the cell phone world

josuearisty says:

Droid X is definitely better than EVO, better processor, screen material, GPU, a real 16:9 screen, almost all.

What's up with the name, can't remember. The carrier. But there is a moto Jordan, now a Kobe. Kinda funny

dante501 says:

& itch 808 But its better then the droid x. No front facing camera no 4g. To name just few. The only other droid I see coming dangerously close to the evo is the epic but other then that they are all a step lower right until something comes out that beats evo and epic.

josuearisty says:

Just cause of the useless front facing camera and that Sprint 4G??

You are wrong man

dante501 says:

What probably is just a matter of weeks.

Why does every comment threat become an EVO hater parade. Get over it, sprint NOW has the best phones. Verizon, AT&T, and T-mobile used to have the best phone. Either you come to terms and accept it or get an EVO. Hating helps no one. Good-day.

magma9495 says:

Beg to differ. The Evo is a great phone but, Nexus One > Evo