Just to ease your fears or maybe tease you even more, Motorola has just updated their official Android update page and timeframes are thankfully getting a little more specific. Leading the way, of course, is the Droid which has completed its Android 2.1 update and the Milestone which is currently rolling out its own update in different parts of the world. Compared to the previous update, the Backflip now has Android 2.1 planned for Q3 and the Cliq and Cliq XT has 2.1 planned for Q2. Unfortunately the Devour's upgrade is still "under evaluation". It's very nice of Motorola to keep us updated on their Android 2.1 plans but we wonder if they've heard that Android 2.2 Froyo is out and about now.. [Motorola]


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Where Motorola stands on Android updates


ridiculous... 2.1 for the Cliq in Q2 and 2.2 is already out... it's like all my friends with Droids are running regular phones while mine rides the short bus

That page has had the Backflip scheduled for Q3 for about a month now. Actually, I heard from the same source who predicted the Blur OTA update that happened a couple weeks ago that 2.1 was scheduled for the Backflip as early as July.

July would be the start of Q3, so your source and this page are in line. Of course, the bad news is that q3 runs through Sept....I'm hoping for July, though I have no dog in this fight, simply because it bodes better for my Droid getting 2.2 sooner. ;-)

A lot of people were "very specific" on Dates for countless other Android Phones and getting updated. Just don't hold your breath because you'll most likely pass out. ;)

I feel ya on that one, I have the cliq and a times have actually gone back to my g1 for a while. Never again Moto!

I have the Motorola Cliq Xt and I am on T-mobile. After having several Blackberry's and getting fed up with bad QC. To buy a brand new phone already behind was hard enough. But Tmo assured me a month ago that an update coming any day. So I guess that's another month away. Sorry, I am returning this SLOW and crashing phone.

The Motorola Backflip has been treated as the red-headed stepchild. So it doesn't surprise me the 2.1 update has been schedule for Q3

There shouldn't be any reasons as to why the Cliq hasn't been updated to 2.1 yet (maybe motoblur to blame?)

The Motorola Devour is the only device on Verizon that doesn't have 2.1 (Considering that the Droid Incredible, Droid and the HTC Droid Eris all have 2.1)

You people are overreacting a little bit. Motorola put out a timeline and has been sticking to it, and although I would like to see 2.1 and 2.2 sooner than what they are giving us, when I bought my cliq I knew it wasn't going to be a cutting edge device (although I wish I had the money for a N1 or a droid). Chill, enclair is coming. If we don't get Froyo officially, we'll get it with an awesome rom.

What gets me kinda worried is both the Backflip and the Devour use Motoblur and at the moment the Backflip is the only one scheduled to have an update when it only came out what a month or two after the Devour. I could be wrong on the exact dates but they were not released that far apart. So my question would be why the "under evaluation" tag?

With it looking like the Cliq is going to be discontinued in October then unrooted Cliq owners my be lucky if they get the update before the year is over.