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In all the excitement of the Ice Cream Sandwich launch, it's almost easy to forget that Motorola too launched a new device yesterday, the rebirth of the RAZR

The device has been declared as on sale from Nov. 1 in the UK by online retailer Clove. Announced via their blog, Clove have given the RAZR a £455 ($720) price tag off contract which probably isn't too far off the actual price of the phone. 

Launching with Gingerbread 2.3.5 will come as a disappointment to most given the day's other news, but don't write the RAZR off. If you've not seen it in action yet, be sure to check out our hands on at the launch event. 

Source: Clove blog
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Motorola RAZR gets UK price and launch date


About where I expected. Clove are not always the cheapest but it gives a good idea. On a side note, you should really strip VAT out and use the net price of £379 they quote for a currency comparison with the pre sales tax US price. That tucks it in just under $600.