Photon Q

Rather than waiting for the inevitable question, Motorola has taken to their blog and Twitter to confirm something that always manages to come up when a new device is announced and eventually released. Will the bootloader be unlockable? In the case of the Motorola Photon Q and some other upcoming unnamed devices:

For months now we’ve been working closely with our developers and carrier partners to provide users a way to to unlock the bootloader on their Motorola Mobility device while keeping the networks secure and satisfying carriers’ requirements.  And we’ve finally found a solution.

Starting with the MOTOROLA PHOTON Q, users will be able to unlock the bootloader. Other products will have this option too in the future.

MOTOROLA PHOTON Q will be available on Sprint in August. Specific details on unlocking PHOTON Q’s bootloader will be available then.

Nice to see Motorola opening up a little bit more and coming right out and saying it. Now, about those other products, tell us more.

Source: Motorola


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Motorola Photon Q bootloader will be unlockable, upcoming devices to follow same path


Why is AC posting an article from a year and a half ago?

Oh wait, I just saw the part where is said that devices will have an unlocked bootloader and remembered that moto made the same claim back then.

Agreed. If they found a solution, then why did they bother to lock down the Photon's bootloader with the latest update? I'll believe it when I see it.

Motorola is a Google company now.
Wouldn't want to give the big Google a bad name, now would they?

Well done. I was planning on posting the same thing :)

The only reason I purchased the Bionic was because they "promised" future devices would be unlockable. I sorta knew they would reneg, but I purchased anyway. Tis okay, I have a Nexus for a reason now.

I read something somewhere that the clock widget on the atrix hd (looks just like the one on photon q) can be downloaded, if anyone has the name or a google play link thanks!

Thanks many times!!! its got clock weather and battery % i love it! Thanks again! although i just searched the atrix hd widget and wonder could i use that apk on my droid x2? maybe *going to be the pig on this one*

Hell's freezing over, the Glaciers are boiling lava, it's raining frogs and fire is wet.

Still less surprising than Motorola actually going to do this.

Prove it Moto. Talk is cheap, as has been said we've been promised this before and burned.

(not that anything would be unlockable on Verizon anyways)

+1. SMH Verizon. Even if they did unlock my RazR Maxx now, there would be hardly any development now. But we all know Verizon are some greedy mother effers anyway and won't allow anything else unlocked on their network. Might be time to switch soon.

When will they release a 5-5.3 inch screen phone like the galaxy note, bit fat and with a slide out keyboard?

i really want a crazy geek phone that has everything, sure itl be a bit large, but man a galaxy note with a full slide keyboard, an awesome battery, and everything else improved.

il buy immediately.