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When we reviewed the European Motorola Motoluxe, there was one thing that let it down drastically. The software. Motorola's build quality was there in bundles, and despite being a low-powered, budget device, there was a lot to like. But it arrived with Gingerbread, and it didn't do particularly well with it either. 

Now, Motorola is set to launch the Motoluxe in China, and the XT685 as it is known comes much improved from the European one. The processor has been bumped up to 1GHz, but more importantly, the software has been bumped up to Ice Cream Sandwich. Otherwise, it looks very much the same as the European version with the same size 4-inch display, the 8MP camera on the rear and the darn sexy notification light strip in the bottom left. 

The Motoluxe XT685 is available across China now, in Brown or White, for RMB 1,999 ($313/£199) which puts in pretty much on par with its European cousin. No word yet on whether or not this will make it to any other global markets, but it looks like the device the Motoluxe should have been when it first launched. 

Source: Motorola

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DubA says:

Ok, if it has the notification strip on the bottom......Is that a FFC, light sensor, and another led notification light at the top? Or is that a flash???

hoosiercub says:

FFC, Ambient Light, & Proximity Sensor up top..

DubA says:


Gekko says:

WHY capacitive buttons in 2012? in the age of ICS and JB and beyond???

this is like putting a big round channel changing knob on the front of a new 60" LED TV.

Suntan says:

Because a large majority of us think onscreen buttons are dumb.


hoosiercub says:

That's actually not even a remotely good comparison. Capacitive buttons still, work, and aren't inherently bad for the device. It's not like compared to on-screen buttons they make it any more or less useful.

prlundberg says:

Because many people still prefer capacitive buttons. Unlike a channel changing knob, they are still functional and efficient to use. I really don't understand why some people are so dead set against them.

A big round channel knob is more comparable to the mechanical home button still found on some trendy but outdated devices.

ItsDeath says:

This is very nice phone

aarnoldupenn says:

Why not launch a phone like that here in the US? That's a slick looking phone.

richdroidx says:

^^agreed the phone does look good. Moto has been busy internationally but we need some love here in the states....cough cough razr hd hurry up please.

pdqauto01 says:

Here is a thought how about they spend more time delivering on their broken promise of upgrades and unlocked bootloaders and less time pushing out more unsupported crap that will never see a upgrade!!!

Lanhoj says:

That Notification light strip is awesome, but I wonder if it works with Light Flow