Moto X

'OK, Google Now. Show me the Moto X'

Motorola and Google, as we like to say in the South, have done good. We've finally gotten our first look at the new Moto X today in New York City. This thing's been leaked eight ways to Sunday over the past few months — and frankly a lot of what you're about to read we saw in last week's Droid announcements — but pick up the Moto X for the first time and you know you're feeling not just another phone, but a phone looking to do things a little different.

The Moto X is the first phone designed and built from scratch since Google acquired Motorola. And the end result is a phone that's as simple as it is complex. Its design is as understated as it is attractive. There have been so many assumptions about what the first Googlerola phone should be. It should be "Pure Google." It should have NASA-level hardware. It should have at least as many features as the droid line.

What Motorola's done is taken solid hardware and attractive design and married it to a fairly stock version of Android — with some interesting features thrown in, as well as a number of customization options. It's coming to five U.S. carriers in a few weeks and worldwide later, retailing for $199 on contract.

And with that, here's our first look at the Moto X.

The Moto X hands-on video

Moto X hardware

Moto X

First things first: The Moto X is deceptively big. Motorola has squeezed a 4.7-inch display into a phone that feels a lot smaller. It's not a particularly thin device — hitting 10.4 mm at its fattest point — but it's curvy in all the right places. (We've never believed that thinner always was better anyway.) The back of the phone curves very nicely into your hand, even better than the HTC One, which does the same sort of thing. The feel of the back depends on how you've customized yours. We're currently holding a soft-touch model, but there's glossy plastic to be had — and, yes, Motorola is prototyping wood backs, to be released later this year.

We'll touch on the customizations in a bit.

The 10-megapixel camera and flash are recessed ever so slightly, as is Motorola's logo. The back of the phone isn't removable or anything. No swapping batteries. No microSD card. And if you customize your phone, no swapping it out for anything else. What's there is there.

Moto X

Up top is the 3.5mm headphone jack. The microUSB port is centered on the bottom. The power button and volume rocker are on the right-hand side. The nano-SIM is on the left.

The front of the Moto X is decidedly black-slabbish, but it's worth noting how the glass flows around the 90-degree edges and into the plastic body. It's very well done.

The Moto X is using the same X8 "Mobile Computing System" under the hood as Verizon's recent Droid refresh. That is to say, it's a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro running at 1.7 GHz, a quad-core Adreno GPU, and dedicated Natural Language Processing and "contextual computing" cores. The latter two are key to the Moto X's major software features.

Other hardware points of note:

  • 2GB Of RAM
  • The display is (only) 720x1280, and it's AMOLED RGB. It's certainly usable, but probably not our favorite display.
  • The battery's got a 2,200 mAh capacity, and Motorola swears it'll go all day. As in 24 hours.
  • Most versions of the Moto X sports 16GB of internal memory. AT&T has the exclusive on a 32GB version.
  • You'll get 50GB of free storage on Google Drive for two years.
  • NFC and Miracast are on board.
  • Wifi does 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac.
  • aGPS and GLONASS for finding your way around.

The Moto X software …

Moto X

You've got a relatively stock experience on the Moto X. Home screens, app drawers and settings are as God and Google intended. The two major customizations are Touchless Control — think Google Now without the annoyance of having to turn on your phone and actually touch anything — and Active Display, which is a low-power way of showing you information on the display without actually having to wake the phone.

Touchless Control

For Touchless Control, you'll have to teach Moto X what it sounds like when you say "OK, Google Now." From then on, the phone will be listening for you — or someone who sounds like you — to say that magic phrase. The phone will wake and be ready for voice commands. No touch required at all. And it works pretty well. Is it possible for someone else to activate? Yep. Seen it happen. It's also subject to the same limitations of Google Now. But that's a software thing, and Google Now's getting better all the time.

This is where some folks have worried about the phone being "always on" or "always listening." We're not going to let that keep us up at night.

Active Display

Active Display — again, like on the Droid line — shows you a bit of information without actually having to hit the power button and waking the phone. A clock will flash every few seconds. If you get e-mail or a text message or something, you'll know it here as well. The items that can appear on the Active Display are customizable — and some can live behind a lockscreen, hidden from prying eyes. You also can set the hours during which you want to see Active Notifications. Don't want 'em at night? Turn 'em off.

The camera​ app

Moto X camera

Moto X has a new camera as well (unless you have one of the new Droids, we suppose), with that quick-flip way of getting to it. Called "Quick Capture," you just turn your wrist twice — like turning a screwdriver or a doorknob — and the camera app fires up. In just a couple seconds from any point, you're able to take pictures. (You can turn that off if you want, and the usual camera icon works just fine as well.) The camera app itself is nicely done, too. Not overloaded with features, you get to the options by sliding out from the left-hand side. From there you have options for HDR, flash, autofocus — by default, you tap the screen to take a picture; this option lets you touch to focus instead — slow-motion, panorama (no Photosphere, though), Geotagging and shutter sound.

It's also worth taking a look at the Assist app, which is sort of an offshoot of the old Smart Actions. The phone will recognize when you're driving, when you're in a meeting or when you're sleeping, and change its behavior appropriately. Moving at 55 mph? Chances are you're driving, so it'll fire up the car mode. Or it'll silence the phone at night.

Other software we're seeing:

  • We'll withhold official praise until we see a final retail version, but there's not a whole lot of AT&T bloatware on the unit we've got here.
  • Motorola's got its own "Migrate" app for transferring data from another device. You'll need to download it on the other device from Goggle Play.
  • There's a translate app built in as well.
  • There's a Motorola Connect Chrome extension if you want to get texts and such on your computer as well as your phone.

Customizing the Moto X

Moto X

Motorola wants this to be your Moto X. And to that end, you're going to be able to customize it. Colors, backs, styles, textures — including, yes, wood — will be yours for the choosing. 

If you're on AT&T, that is. For now, one of the coolest features of Moto X is constrained to a single U.S. carrier. That's great for AT&T. It's great if you're on AT&T. And it's lousy for everyone else. Motorola needs to get that opened up as soon as it can.

You'll do all your customizing through "Moto Maker."  You can change up the color on the front. Or the back. The accents. You can even inscribe a name or message on the back of the phone. At AT&T stores, you'll have the option to either pick a basic white or black version and leave the store with a phone right then. Or if you go the custom route, you'll pay and get a redemption code, then design your phone at home.

From there, Motorola promises you'll get your phone within four days — that's one perk of assembling the phones (not manufacturing, but assembling) in the U.S. Fort Worth, Texas, to be exact.

Along with colors and designs (and the option to choose between 16GB of storage, or 32GB for another $50), you'll be able to purchase accessories — headphones, speakers, cases and earbuds — directly from Motorola.

Bonus: Android Central Moto X Special Podcast!


Reader comments

Hands-on with the Moto X


People don't understand what it takes to design, develop and qa a product.
People will say, "but google owns them".
Again, people don't understand what it takes to design, develop and qa a product.

Then enlighten us. What you have just said is as good as saying nothing at all, since it doesn't offer any new insight.

Curious as well. Even though the specs are mid range, if this is virtually "stock" Android I'll be on board immediately!

It doesn't really look mid-range, except for the 720p. It's still octa core. I mean, it's got 8 cores; dual main procs, quad for graphics, 1 dedicated language core, 1 dedicated contextual core.

It doesn't sound so mid-range now does it?

I also thought "mid-range" at first, but after really reading all the specs and understanding how the processor works, I agree with you.

Posted via Android Central App

Its so stupid to talk about on-contract prices to be honest. I mean there are like 100 variates with different plans you can have and your monthly/yearly/total cost will be totally different. The initial cost is than nothing compared to the total price.
The only way to compare is the real price without contract otherwise we are fooling our self thinking its cheap, hell i can buy S4 or iphone5 with ZERO dollar in my country so does that make these highend phones cheap? hell no with the contract they offer and hook you up for 2 damn years.

no way. $350-$400. This is like a Nexus 4. I could see $500-600 if it was 1080p and quad core and 32GB, but 16GB, 720p dual core will be lower. they already said they wanted to make this affordable. Even the Nexus 4 was $199 on contract.

Agreed. There's no way it could cost $600. Even so, $199 is more than I want to pay on contract for this phone. A 2-year contract and $200 deserves better specs imho.

THIS IS NOT like a Nexus 4. With the carriers involved the carriers control pricing. The fact that its $199 for the 16 and $249 means that it will be 5 - 600 off contract.

This isn't a Nexus device it's a Motorola Product.

Also GOOGLE HEAVILY Subsidized the N4 specifcially. That won't happen here.

It is octacore. Dual main procs, Quad Adreno 320 for graphics, 1 dedicated language core, 1 dedicated contextual core. That sounds like a pretty awesome new tech that will make this thing expensive.

Agreed!! However, for me, to justify that price, that screen has to go. I didnt think i would care if a device was 1080p or not, but after using the One for a bit now, i can safely say i dont think i could go back. That is the only sticking point for me. Well that and i need to see how the pics from the camera actually come out cause EVERYONE knows that stock (or even stock-ish) camera in AOSP cant hold a candle to the processing and pics that you get from either the One or the S4 so i just hope moto REALLY tweaked the camera end of things.

I am totally with you. After using the One picking up my N4 and looking at the screen is rough.

On Contract. This is the biggest fail part. I wasn't planning on buying this phone anyway, but it was supposed to be the phone that would bring down the price point of all the other phones, much like the Nexus 7 did for tablets.

Yeah, the price is what made me lose interest real quick. I was hoping it would be priced much lower though, since I still have a Galaxy Nexus, and I need to buy my next phone off contract to keep my unlimited data. But screw that, no way I'm getting this (relatively) crappy phone when I can get the S4, or wait for the HTC One to come to Verizon, both with better overall specs and probably around the same price.

I am having the exact issue as sfreemanoh. I have to pay full price to keep my unlimited data with vzw. Since none of the gpe phones work on verizon I have to be a savvy shopper and see what to get. I personally would pay full price for an htc one gpe edition if it worked on verizon.

Same here. Must buy full price to keep my unlimited data with Verizon. Feeling kind of iffy on this one. A 1080p display would be fantastic here, but even with that, something doesn't sit right for me with this device. Anybody else getting that feeling?

I'm the same way. Still not sure how updates will work and for how long. Moto has burned a lot of people on the past and not sure they have changed enough yet to get my money. That and if this is $600 I can get the same device with a little smaller screen in the droid mini for $499 full price and get everything that comes with this. If I'm paying full retail to keep unlimited data I couldn't see spending $600+ on this over the s4/g2 or even Htc one... Not sure what to buy lol

If it was a Nexus, I'd go with that thought. I think we need to look at this as if it were any other manufacturer out there rather than being from Google. Also, as it's built in the US and not a sweatshop, I don't see how they could keep the price down.

You clearly don't understand why phones are subsidized. Plus it's not feasible for these OEM's to sell all of their products at cost.

On contract.

199 on contract.

One Hundred and Ninety Nine Dollars with a two year agreement that you will let your wireless carrier fiscally rape you each month without blinking.

I do not understand.... I was SOOOO looking forward to this phone. 199 on contract is a joke. Terrible Specs, Terrible Screen, Non expandable battery + SD slot.

They priced this thing as a flag ship, but in reality it is doesn't touch the One or the S4. What a joke! I was willing to sacrifice on the specs, because i thought this phone would be priced 200-300 OFF CONTRACT.

...back to waiting for Nexus.

Who cares if it drops to $99 off contract, being that is is starting so high the non-contract price is much higher then is should be. I think a lot of people were looking to buy this phone off contract for $300-$350. I guess if they did that though they would need to answer to the cell phone providers as there would be a lot of people buying off contract.

Also, while the contract price will drop you usually never see the full retail price drop from what it is released at.

This is a real fail by Google and Motorola. This device is so average I do not even understand why they held a press conference for it.

While I'm not happy about it either, the public (non-techies, remember) will eat it up as they always do.

Are you really uninformed enough to think that specs are what makes a phone? I think Android Central just posted an article about specs being overrated. Terrible specs and screen? Currently, no phone in the same market offers more than 2GB ram, so that's top of the line. The X8 SoC solution is still untested, so you can't say it's terrible, because the tech sites haven't reviewed it yet, let alone you yourself not ever having tried it for yourself. 720p is not terrible, in fact it's pretty nice. Again, you haven't seen the screen for yourself, so stop judging it from your computer screen.

You have a right to be upset about the battery and sd slot (though the battery hasn't been tested yet, and there are claims for great battery life, so we'll have to see).

Not "uninformed"

To put this as plainly as i possibly can, The GS4, for instance, has better internal hardware in every single area, and costs the exact same with a 2 year contract.

Regardless of whether you believe that specs make or break a phone, it is a FACT that the higher spec'd devices cost more money to produce. sure they have the same amount of memory... But i guarantee you the 1080p screen in the GS4 costs more than the 720p screen in the Moto X. Same goes for the Snapdragon 600 vs the Snapdragon S4 pro... The battery in the GS4 is a more expensive battery than the one in the Moto X, pure and simple.

So why do the phones cost the same on contract? Is the ability to customize the color of the back of the device really worth sacrificing the better screen, cpu, etc... that you could get in any of the other flagship devices? Not IMO.

I don't really say that the specs on gs4 is better because like the person said above, nobody has ever used Motorola's soc x8 processing. You never know. It could blow any new phone out of the water with this new processing but then it could be the worst thing ever. Don't knock it until you try it.

Posted from my HTC One via Android Central App

the s4 is also assembled over seas, whereas the moto x is assembled in the USA...I don't know that last time you checked wages, but I can tell you that the cost of assembling here definitely had to be recouped somewhere...

I use to think that specs matter but I really don't anymore. I have seen so many variations of smartphones with different specs yet there is no magic number. Some phones run flawlessly at lower specs than others with higher specs while some with higher specs run better. For instance, my mom and best friend have moto photons which have easily outlasted me and my brothers galaxy s2's, my brothers evo lte and even ran much better, their batteries lasted longer and they had few if any problems. I got tired of the issues and switched to an iPhone for a while which generally has far lower specs but does it really show? No. Benchmarks and specs don't matter in the real world. Performance and reliability do. One major advantage of this new moto phone should be the hardware/software combo. It's all google made. I am just about done with buying cheap hardware from manufacturers who could care less about quality. Even when moto was not run by google, their devices where still high quality. (At least over last few years). Don't knock it till you try it. The experience is all that matters. If you put a turbo engine in a pinto does that mean the pinto is now a good car? Likewise, if you put a pinto engine into a BMW is that a good car? It's an all around good car if the engine works well with everything else in the car, and a faster engine doesn't mean better. The specs in this are equal to a low end laptop, yet this is a mobile phone! I can understand the concern about battery but if google did this right, that could easily outlast a bigger battery! As far as price goes, it is made in America. Wages are higher here. Google has to make up for this. If I do get it, I would be happy to pay extra if its staying in the country (not that I have any problem with any other countries! We just have a problem in America with being cheap and sending work overseas instead of paying people in our own country which needs more jobs). My biggest concern with this phone is the AT&T exclusive customizations! I think that needs to change to make this more appealing to the general public!

I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss the MotoX's hardware. In some benchmarks, the phone's specific hardware configuration shows the phone can pretty much keep up (or even exceed) the S4 in graphics and web browsing. It doesn't have the raw processing power, but it does seem to apply its strengths to where it matters for most users.

If anything, the screen is probably (on paper) the weakest link.

You can't easily compare costs of parts in the S4 versus this phone. Samsung very likely gets a much larger volume discount on screens, the Snapdragon, etc. due to huge numbers they sell. They've sold over 20M S4's already and still going strong. I bet Motorola will be happy if they can sell a fifth of that number of X's, total.

Very true, but as for 720 being nice and having to see it before judging it, I think it's a safe bet that most of us have owned or at least seen a 720 by now. One should be able to tell the difference without side by side comparison to a 1080 screen off the bat. If people can't by now, they should just revert back to flip phones and pagers, and call it a day.

you people are ridiculous. the Nexus 4 was $199 on contract as well. There will probably be a low off-contract price. just wait. the release is still 3 weeks away.

Please be right. This phone looks good, but I wouldn't opt for this over the GS4 or H1 if they were the same price. Make it close to $400 though.. far more compelling.

My thoughts exactly. I was fine with the specs if it retailed for around $300. Charge $500+ for this ... no sale.

I'm disappointed, too.

I don't not understand.... You were SOOOO looking forward to a phone with terrible specs and terrible screen?

Yeah, unless VZW gets in on this "exclusive" crap, then I'm not buying a 16gb phone. I want some hard copies of pics, videos, music, not to mention apps and games, and I don't want to be juggling that. 32gb is just right for me, and they dropped the ball with this "exclusive" stuff. It's time to end the carrier exclusives. It does nothing to benefit the customers in the least bit. Not to bring up the devil, but when have you seen Apple have carrier exclusives (after the original fact that it was only on AT&T)? Ok AT&T you get the 32gb, Verizon you get the 16gb, and Sprint, since your network sucks, you can have the 64gb. There. Everyone happy now? WTF, this makes no sense.

But on Verizon you can get the Droid Maxx with a larger screen, larger battery with the 32GB and all the same specs right? Or am I missing something?

Posted via Android Central App

That is exactly what I was thinking. The only plus this phone has over the Droid Maxx is that it appears to run stock android and you can customize the colors & materials. Someone should compare this phone to the other 3 new Droids.

Yep...Google's jihad against SD continues. Such a is like eating a perfectly good steak with a fork someone dropped on the floor.

50 gigs of free space on Drive doesn't suck though, and I am really liking this trend towards vanilla Android.

Sure it does. When you try to download more games or when 2 years is up.

Posted via Android Central App

Jihad? Really? I'm on reddit all the time and even I have yet to see that term used within the context of a smart phone. Just wow.

Posted via Android Central App

Comedic genius! Lighten up. It's not like he said "Voldemort" or something. See? I said his name and feel just f...wait....suddenly I don't feel so great.....

Ok....I'm not overly excited, but I am not entirely disappointed either. I have AT&T so I can get the good perks, which is nice. But I don't know...I'm kinda lost. I don't know how to feel. Can someone help me?

It's just a so-so phone with nothing that stands above the rest of the pack.

I think the proper emotion to feel is blandness. This phone is not meant to excite or elicit emotions stronger than that.

Even if you are on ATT, at the same price point you have the GS4, HTC One and soon the LG G2, this phone just don't compete that well against any of those 3.

It competes well against the One and G2 in the minds of an average consumer because neither one of those companies spend much money on marketing in the USA.

It doesn't match up against the S4 because there is no feature on the Moto X that is amazing and jaw dropping; so it comes down to outspending Samsung on advertising to make it the better choice in the minds of consumers. Sadly, I don't see Google outspending Samsung in advertising.


I cancelled cable a while ago so I only see commercials on the occasional YouTube video or hear them on Pandora. The only ones I see or hear are for the S4.

Wheres the stinking $299 and $349 google play option! Thought this was gonna compete against Nexus 4 price wise...its just another subsidy phone!! BIG FAIL MOTOROLA!! LET DOWN

People have to realize that Motorola, even though owned by Google, still operates on its own. This means that it'll be treated just like every other vendor. When the S4 and One came out, they didn't have Google Play edition phones right off either. And again, this is NOT a Nexus device. People have to realize that this is a Motorola phone, not a Google phone (ie Nexus).
With all that said, I'm sure Google had some behind-the-scenes/under-the-covers doings with this phone (they do own them as well), but Google can't offically treat Moto any differently than any other vendor. Imagine what that would do to their relationships with other vendors?!

this, along with AT&T exclusive customization, nano-sim, and bare minimum storage capacity is turning me away. I was legitimately excited for the Moto X.

"bare minimum storage capacity "

Um... there's a 32GB option - curious, what's the problem with a nano-sim?

Since he didn't like the AT&T exclusivity, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that he's not going to have the 32GB option.

No OEM should ever hold out an exclusive like this when its available on all carriers. What kinda of a freaking deal could AT&T bring to the table to get Moto to agree to that. 32GB exclusive and customizing exclusive, both on AT&T.

Lost me as a potential customer, Moto. I bet i'm not the only one either.

So I read that correctly. Motorola/Google had a chance to become big with this.

I wonder what the rationale is behind giving at&t exclusive rights for customizing. It defeats the whole purpose of buying the phone if you're on another carrier.

I'll bet that AT&T was the only one that stepped up to the plate to give you those options. Moto can't force a company (Verizon, Sprint, Tmo) to buy something.

Posted via Android Central App

No, you're reading that wrong. When they claim it as an exclusive, they've paid to avoid being embarrassed when Verizon makes their announcement a few hours later. Any time you see "exclusive" you can bet that someone has been paid to provide inferior product or service to anyone else's customers.

So you can customize the back a lot of different ways ONLY if you buy it through at&t? Am I reading that correct? If you use any of the other carriers you cannot customize?

I think that would be kind of useless without the extra processors in the X8 SOC. Having your phone always listening for that without the hardware to support it would drain your battery right quick.

Well... there's also the Droid Ultra, can't imagine this off contract will be that much cheaper, and they're essentially the same phone.

I've never seen so much hype for a phone with at least 1 year old specs, the only new things it has are the hyped X8 and some customization features. We don't even know if it'll get Google updates.

The pricing on this phone is MASSIVE FAILURE. Holy crap, were the rumors way off or what. You don't price a $300-350 phone at $199 on contract. That means off contract is going to be $500+.


And even the $199 is only for the 16GB model with no expansion!!!!!! Crazy! That is more expensive than the GS4 or HTC one by far

Thats not true, the Nexus 4 was available on Tmo and it was $199 at the start.

So maybe the Moto X will be as well. I hope so...

That stops me from buying the phone all together. For that price we should be able to get 32gb of storage if we are on another carrier.

I was wondering that too, it looks real but kinda hard to tell for sure. I really like the look of the lighter colored wood in the pics.

It never was one, it was always a "flagship" phone with a "flagship" price. People got this confused with a Nexus.

You're wrong. When this was being tested and shown to closed groups it was going to be aimed to be low priced yet have very decent specs.

The version of the Moto X I saw while it was testing was planned to be advertised as $200 off contract with 8gb internal. I don't know what changed from there on but I guess they thought they'd rather it compete with flagship phones.

Actually, there is a lower cost Moto X phone in the works. It will be aimed at developing markets and the prepaid crowd. This is straight from Motorola's CEO.

Posted via Android Central App

Same here. That is the only thing I saw that I really WANT. I would LOVE to have that lock screen on my One.

Was excited to get this on T-Mobile (hope it has their wifi calling) until I read this...."AT&T has the exclusive on a 32GB version." Really?

Well ATT screwed the pooch again. I can deal with the customizations being on one carrier. I don't like it but can except that. What I can't accept is that they have the 32GB as an exclusive. The only way I was going to get this phone was with that option. Now that it has been taken away from me, that's just one more sale they have lost. Good thing I got 4.3 on my Gnex, at least i'm current and it has solved a host of problems. Now I wait to see what the N7 will have. That thankfully I can get without an exclusive.

Agree, I was thinking about this phone but only with 32gb of int storage and now AT&T has the exclusive on that just like they pulled with the SGS4, the HTC One. Google can take this phone and shove it. Wonder how much they are paying these guys to shove this phone down our throats. Every new phone that comes out with Google on it Phil loves it. Keep it.

I know. If anything, all carriers should have 16 and 32GB options, and AT&T can have a 64GB exclusive. But 16GB for all carriers but AT&T? Fuck that.

No sd card slot, no 1080p display. No purchase. Especially not with the Galaxy Note 3 and the Oppo Find 7 coming out. This phone is already out classed by current phones.

Why do you need a 1080p screen less than 5"? Tablet, yes I believe that's a must at this point in time, but I'm not sold on the 1080p display on a phone currently - but hey, maybe that's just me

The biggest thing people were hyped about this phone was the price and they seem to have failed at that.
The second biggest thing was probably customizations and they failed at that.
Then there were the people who were hoping for a 32GB version and they pretty much failed at that too.
I don't like to be the complainer, but what exactly is there to be excited over about this phone? I don't see this phone making even the tiniest of dents in the market, which is sad because it had a lot of potential.
I guess me and my Bionic will carry on a little while longer.

Fully customizable and 32gb option on AT&T. Verizon didn't step up and give you those options.

Posted via Android Central App

Not having them for everyone, and especially not having them on the biggest network is a failure.

Posted via Android Central App

AT&T purchased an exclusive. Simple as that. They shouldn't have been given the opportunity, to have the 32GB option AND the customizations as exclusives.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm severely disappointed with the price point. I don't think it quite competes with the One, Xperia Z and the S4 but I'll reserve my full judgement on it until I can play with it.

White or black, Phil you said earlier in one of your podcasts that white phones turn yellow after awhile. Do you think same issue with this phone?

Welp, guess the GNex is going to be sticking around for a bit longer. Still the best phone Verizons ever had.

Yeah, I'll be keeping my GNex, at least, until the next Nexus phone is released.

Posted via Android Central App

Biggest disappointment for me is no VZW. Not that it surprises me in the slightest, but I was really hoping that Verzion was going to step up on this. ATT is kind of an option for me where I live, but its a sacrifice.

Second dissapointment is price. There was so much hype around the $299-$349 off contract pricing. Guess I fell into it too - shame on me. :-(

With that said, I do think the phone looks solid. I'm liking everything from Phil's quick video of it. I'll be looking for it on VZW (whenever that is), but knowing their timelines and that my contract is up for renewal in Dec, I'm guessing I'll have the option for the Nexus 5 by then.

Also, I don't like the 32GB as exclusive to ATT. I don't need crazy amounts of storage, but 16GB (read 9GB) just isn't enough. I'm hoping this is a temp exclusive, but I highly doubt it.

Now we know why this event was such a cluster F. With no streaming and such. They knew this was going to blow chunks and decided to do it quietly. Well Heck NO it won't. This has turned into the steaming bile of excrement we were afraid of.

Short of saying that we will have this in 6 months like HP did with Palm. It's right up there. What a miserable fail.

Seems expensive, especially considering Moto spent almost nothing on software like Samsung & HTC do (even though I hate it). Middle of the road specs (again, fine by me) with a full size price

^^^This. They're giving you last year's specs with some great marketing and expecting you to pay Flagship Prices. Good luck with that...because I think this phone will need it.

I really like all the software additions they made, but how can I justify a phone with mid level specs for a flagship price? Motorola? Seems to be a lot of people asking this question.

Fucking joke, AT&T has the only 32gb version. Keep the damn phone. Until Google quits kissing AT&T's ass I will not buy it. Total bull shit. Shove that phone Google.

And breathe again now that the mediocre phone has been announced. #hype

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$199 on contract! Moto, you just screwed the pooch on that one. Anyho, I love my nexus 4. And I will wait for the nexus 5.

I'm due for an upgrade on Verizon. Frankly, the X does not impress. Even though it will be late to the party on Verizon, I think the HTC One will be a much better choice for me. The Droid Maxx may be another option, but the price is a bit high.

I'm with you 100%. If I want a great phone, I'll get the One. If I wanted a mid-ranger like this, I'd get the Droid Mini.

Looks like I'll be waiting for the One as well, sigh

And the phone I've been looking forward to is no longer an option for me... Why limit the option to 16gb for 70% of customers? I have 20gb on my phone currently, and Sprint's 3G network (No 4G in my city, or even close, shocker I know) can't handle streaming music, let alone movies... Give me a 32gb option and I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

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Also, why announce a phone and no availability? I realize its up to the carriers, but so much hype/attention is lost when people have to wait to know when they can buy it. Announce the phone, available next week on carrier X, 2 weeks after on carrier Y. So much hype for this phone and it failed in almost every aspect. One carrier gets customization, limited storage, no release dates, no full price even announced...

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Even though I knew it was going to be a mid-level phone, I was considering replacing my GNex with one. The price-point and 16GB on VZW make this one a no-go for me. Now, the wait is on for the N5. I hope it's based on the LG G2. My VZW contract ends in December, so I will probably move to T-Mobile and get the N5, if it's released by then.

The chatter seems to be all negative, and I don't blame them.

As a Verizon customer with an upgrade due, I was hoping for a 32GB model for $200 on contract, that was my honest expectation. There's no way I would trade from my 32GB Galaxy Nexus when it's running 4.3 like a champion right now. At this point, it honestly makes more sense for me to get the Droid Mini for $100 less, if I even chose to use my upgrade at all.

Man, today was supposed to be like Christmas, and instead I'm just sad.

Unfortunately, you're just doing Verizon a favor by not upgrading. The subsidy you're paying every month for a phone you haven't gotten yet is going straight to the net income column on the their financial statement.

I was really looking forward to this phone and given the fact that my Atrix HD has been treating me pretty well( my current back up phone). I thought this would be my next but the price just took the taste out of my mouth. Well I'll just have to hold on to my N4 til N5.

I am so disappointed right now, I never owned a phone on contact and I was really looking forward to this phone. Why Motorola? Why limit the customizations to 1 carrier? I'm so confused right now :-( :-[

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I do not normally post anything, but wow what an EPIC FAIL on the part of Google and Motorola!!!! I was thoroughly excited about this phone and now I am actually pissed off. I was ready to get this phone at the right price point.

Whom in their right minds would buy this with the likes of the HTC One and SGS4 that are the same price if not less?????

Sadly this is the prevailing feeling among Android users today. Despite some people trying to tout this thing and make apologies for Motorola/Google, I can't really understand this release. They're going to spend $500M marketing THIS? Yikes.

I had to think about it for a I feel like the guy at the watercooler with another guy thats telling me about his new fully loaded mid-range car with all the bells and whistles....bragging about how its not a Lexus or a Benz but saying its as good as it, and paid as much as he would have for a Benz or a Lexus.

I guess my point is.....there's not really much of a difference between what I have and it doesn't compare to what I could upgrade to, and yet you are going to charge me the same price and I have to sign another contract with a carrier that I have the greatest Love/Hate relationship with?

I am an optimist, but optimism only goes so far. From a business perspective, let's look at the alternatives: AT&T has the GS4, HTC One, and soon the G2 on deck for $199. T-Mobile has the 3 above phones plus the Xperia Z. Verizon has the same as AT&T PLUS the Droid line. and Sprint....well we don't talk about Sprint.

At best its going to be the 4th best phone on the Big 4, and at its price point won't be a first choice for most people. Its software features are nice, but at $199 w/ 2yr or $499/$599 off contract doesn't separate it from a crowded pack dominated by S4's, Notes, Ones and even S3's. Don't get me wrong I like the phone I really do. But ask yourself 2 questions when you go into the cell phone showroom:

1. Will this be your first choice when its time to get a new phone?
2. Given whats out there now, is it good enough to separate you from your current phone?

I got my HTC ONE for 99 bucks at best buy on a 2 year. To get the same storage I would have to pay 249 plus I'd be downgrading my display, processor and speakers/audio quality. The X looks like a decent device but it can't hold a candle to the S4,ONE or N4.

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No microSD slot + no battery access + maybe a ton of AT&T bloatware = NO phone.

Was hoping this was going to replace my GS2 but not yet.


I just want to know if I can add and delete home screens.... Probably my biggest dislike of stock android...

The fan rage over the on contract price point of this phone is beyond hilarious, after all the endless weeks of built up dreams & hopes being piled on this near Messiah phone that would change the face of the Android world.

Also many cite their reasons for wanting this phone is because its Made in America and is supporting local industry. Could it be the price is a by product of that local assembly and that is the reason why all the competition being built for slave labor in SE asia are priced lower for higher specs?

I think this is a lesson in reality that you can't have things both ways.

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I would agree with you, except that in reality it was said that the X costs about $240-$265 to build. $349-$399 unsubsidized and $49-$99 on a 2 year is a realistic price point even if its "Made in America" especially since its no different than a Nexus 4 except for the software features. It would've been a game changer and set a new standard in mobile. Instead it fell short.

I want to agree with you, as well. However, I'm with kingjames924. Software was "supposed" to be what set the Moto X apart from other handsets. If software is the only competitive advantage, then the cost shouldn't be too much more than the Nexus 4.

Personally, I think the carriers and manufacturers forced Google's hand. Having two cheap, unlocked handsets on the market would be a source of conflict.

This is my opinion.

I could rant all day....

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Software is going to be what sets this apart I hope.

The X showing that you can put a skin on a phone and it be lightweight and responsive as all hell, even on last years hardware.

This was never going to be a Nexus in price or software. It just never was. Those that thought it might were a bit delusional.

I still am holding out hope that this phone will lead the way like I described.

The exclusive BS is BS

I'l be the first to admit, that I was delusional about the X bearing similar pricing as the Nexus devices. The price isn't why I'm most upset. I HATE exclusives.

Nonetheless, I hope that the vast majority of people that were dead-set on buying this still do. I'm hoping that an unlocked version comes to light.

$199 ON contract :rolleyes:

So much for this being a Nexus style device sold unlocked on the Play Store for like $300, not sure full retail price yet, but most rumors put it at the $500-$600 range. For $199 contract pricing, you can also get an iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, HTC One, etc... Why is this Moto 'X' better than those for the same price ? Don't know why, but I see this phone failing just like the HTC First.

If your on Verizon, I'd still pick the Moto Ultra MAXX over this, and most likely get an S4 or One on contract with ATT or T-Mobile, root it, and install the G.E. ROM. or for $349 get the Nexus 4 off contract.

[B]Oh well, only two phones left this year that will tempt me to buy one; Note 3 or Nexus-Five.[/B]

32GB on AT&T only? Fuck you AT&T and you too Motorola for doing that.

Designed by you. Locked to AT&T

Another mid range shit. Motorola is dead. Google sucks! Over price with yesteryear spec..

I'd expect someone to pull this rom and having it working on a Nexus 4 anyway. I don't expect any of the functionality to reply specifically on hardware found in the moto x (except maybe active notifications needing an OLED screen). So, you'll be able to find these features on a cheaper phone with a better processor.

Not likely since the software will likely utilize the two special cores of the X phone. The new software will likely remain tied to the Motorola X8 chip.

To think, I, sometimes blindly, defended the rumors surrounding this phone. I was so sure that the X would be a game changer.

Joke's on me, lol.

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Wow, are they for real? Moto have taken an age to come out with a new phone and I think most of us were looking forward to a phone that would disrupt the big players. Moto have been fairly anonymous outside of the US in the last few years.

It looks like all we have got is a 2012 spec phone at a premium price. Why would anyone want one of these when they could get a Nexus 4 much much cheaper?

Compared to The One, S4 & Xperia Z this is a mid-range phone. Doe it even compete with my S3 (now over 13 months old)?

This would have a chance if it was around $50 on contract but I doubt many will take it up at $199.

Far too many people being angry cos their assumptions and guesses never came true. Dont blame Google/Motorola, blame yourselves.

Youre all a bit spoiled by the Nexus program I think.

All of the hoopla for this? haha. Also why on earth would one spend $199 when they can get an S4 or a One for much less? I do like the wood though. Forget this. I'm anxious to see what Sony has up their sleeve.

Very true. The price is a little too high. I'd rather get htc one or just wait for the next htc or note 3.

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I think everyone is freaking out too early. We really don't know how the X8 is going to perform, or what off contract pricing is going to be. As has been said before, the T-Mobile N4 was $199 on contract too.

And Motorola is not Google. Motorola needs to actually make money on this phone. In the end it is all about usability anyway. If this phone is a better experience than the S4 or the One, who cares what the specs are. It is subjective, and thankfully we have incredible options with all the great android handsets out there. Saying "It doesn't have __________ so it is crap" is probably not a logical argument. Maybe you don't like it because the only way for you to enjoy your phone is if you know it has a bigger processor than every one else's. And that's fine, but I doubt this phone is crap.

I am excited to see the reviews for this and what off contract pricing will be. It very well may be that it is an overpriced, under performing phone, but price is only an issue in the absence of value. And I don't think we have had enough info or time to place a value on what this phone is all about.

^ This. If the battery life is true then this is really compelling for on screen notifications and voice controlled Google Now.

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You are mostly correct. Everyone does need wait and see about the experience this phone provides. I think at this point it is safe to say the quality on the screen is not going to meet or exceed that of either the HTC One or the SGS4. For devices that are primarily interacted with through the screen I think that is a big deal. As Queen said, "I want it all," a big beautiful screen, good industrial design, and great battery life. I don't think this phone can deliver this like I was hoping, but 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

Not really a big deal. My note 2 is only 720p and I love it. I tried my friends htc one for a week and although it's ab awesome screen and picture it's not only reason to get a phone for.

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Thanks for being a rare sensible voice of reason in this sh** storm...

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Since the phone is assembled in the US, I really hope it sells well for the sake of the employees at the Texas factory, but honestly the HTC One is waaaayyyy better.

except it's bigger and you can't ask it the weather while you're getting ready in the morning. So to me, and many, the moto is better.

I wish this had customizable back plates, like the Jolla. It would be chill if the cover had a key that could change your wallpaper or even sure directrix media like photos and songs

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My only conclusion about the AT&T exclusive features is that back in the beginning of Android-im when Motorola was making their Droid line phones Verizon exclusive, they gave AT&T such wonderful phones like the Backflip (yeah I said it), Atrix, Atrix 2, and Atrix HD. No RAZR, no Droid X type phone. nothing.

Then with the announcement that the Droid line would permanently belong to Verizon probably drew the ire of AT&T, and probably paid extra money for some extra "concessions" in order to feel better about having a phone all carriers would have.

So how will this work with T-Mobile, the un-carrier. The no longer have contracts... Right?

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They no longer have contracts but they have phone payment plans. So you'd still get a $50-60 per month plan, put some amount of money down on this phone, and pay an additional $10-20 per month for 24 months. Or just get a Nexus 4 or wait for the Nexus 5.

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Or just pay full price up front or wait a month or 2 and get it on swappa.

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Can't believe their first effort doesn't have full 1080p HD screen.

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I love the simplicity of this phone & the fact that it doesn't have 17,000,000 apps on it that I'll never use (Hello Samsung). No micro SD card slot sucks though.

Motorola makes a solid device. This looks better to me than the Droid line.

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It depends, on the price and specs of the Nexus 5. If you like the X, and you lack patience like I do, then buy it. If you are more patient than me, then wait.

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This phone does have some great software and features. Motorola does have a good start with this phone. I hope they make a more high end phone with these features. I love all the voice features. Google now is already awesome and these features make it even better.

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why is everyone b*tching about the price? IT IS ASSEMBLED IN THE USA!!!!! Of course it is going to be more expensive!!! I don't know how delusional some of you are, but over seas labor is much cheaper than state side labor. that cost had to be passed on to someone.

Only 3 things I don't like... The screen resolution, no MicroSD, and no removable battery. Everything else I really love but not enough to trade my S4 in for a Moto X. If do 1080p in the next gen I would consider it but I'm sure Samsung will have similar features in the S5 w/removable batt and MicroSD...

I'm gonna go ahead and say this and people are gonna dislike it but it needs to be said and I'm sure the AC editors will agree. Everyone crying about how this phone is a fail because of the price I have no sympathy for you and it's for one reason and one reason only. You broke a cardinal rule in the mobile tech industry. You absorbed rumor as fact and it's your own fault nobody else's. Everyone saying they or we or whoever "Thought" this phone was gonna be 200-300 bucks off contract put yourselves in a position to fail. Motorola didn't fail with the pricing of this device. You all failed yourselves. And personally I hope this device sales well because I think it is a step in a fun new direction and any shake up we can get in the mobile industry here in the US is welcomed. This is NOT a Nexus and it was NOT made by Google period.

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Also I find it ironic that every smartphone enthusiasts (which I'd like to think a lot of us here are) main complaint is battery life yet no1 seems to think of 24hour battery life as a spec. Granted it hasn't been proven yet but given the track record I'm more inclined to believe that Moto will deliver on that number than any other OEM when it comes to Batt life. On a 4.7 inch screen you guys would really prefer 1080p and 8 hours of batt live VS 720p with 24 hours (or close to it) of juice? I love android but man it's no pleasing this community sometimes I swear.

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this is a mid range phone so stop comparing it to S4/HTC1. it's a space with little competition and Moto intends to market this nobody on this forum. its not a Nexus, Google has nothing to do with Moto pricing so expect a $500 off contract pricing.

if your looking for a Mercedes, why are you looking at a Honda, cause that's all this is as is reflected in the specs and target market.

S4 via Android Central App

Just say "no" to AT&T. Just say "no" to any company that signs exclusives with AT&T.

Thank you, no, Motorola.

$600.00 is Too Much to pay for a phone with 16 Gb of storage.
$600.00 is Too Much to pay for Dual-Core Technology heading into 2014.
$600.00 is Too Much to pay for 720P Resolution Technology going into 2014.
$600.00 is Too Much to pay with the competition it has to go up against.
$600.00 is Too Much to pay for the Moto X.. PERIOD.

Would you kindly provide the link to the OFFICIAL press release that says this phone will be $600.00. PS rumors, hearsay, personal opinion, or your own deductive reasoning DO NOT qualify as official. PERIOD.

Well I won't be buying this. I was excited too. There is no way I'm paying $600 for this when I can get. A way more badass phone for the same price. The new LG, note 3, htc one, s4. $450 was the cut off level for me. Thanks for nothing motorola and google, I thought you knew better?

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This has same feel to it as the Sprint Kyocera know the dual screen phone that was big for ..oh wait it wasn't, same difference except you can pay big for changing the color!

As I stated before, I like what the phone has to offer, I really do. My concern is that 2 things determine how your phone does in the marketplace: feature set and price range. And if you are going to position your phone as a mid/high end phone with the price, then you are going to have to provide a similar feature set to compete there

Camera wise it should be better than the HTC One and Xperia Z based off of reviews. The phone is more interactive that its competition, however as with the GS4, how long will it be before the novelty of "interactivity" fades and you stop using it again? And battery life matters to you and me, but how much does it matter to Suzie the teenager who just wants a phone that works?

Where this phone has to separate itself is going to be Overall Experience. The sum must be greater than all of its parts. An easy to use phone that anyone can use that performs under pressure even with 200+ apps installed.

It has to become THE phone. Right now (and don't kill me when I say this but) the iPhone is THE phone. It doesn't have a killer screen, it doesn't have the best camera, and its not the biggest, baddest phone. But its overall experience keeps customers coming (blindly, i may add). And if Moto X can deliver a better overall experience it may be on to something and I might want to start eating some crow.

Can't wait to buy this. Fast, non-ginormo, great screen size, the always on google now feature (i *really* hate having to play with my phone every morning to get the weather etc), it is absolutely perfect for me. So psyched. It's the wait that is going to kill me.

Am I the only person who thinks 'Holy shit, that's cool' when I see someone just talking to a phone and it responding?

To me it seems that this is so useful that it should be included in stock android.

I see nothing but complaints here, you guys still haven't learned that vzw, google and android will always fail you, no matter what. I've been through it, I learned. YOU WILL NEVER HAVE AM ANDROID PHONE THAT CONFORMS TO ALL OF YOUR NEEDS! It's all a money loop, and you guys always fall for it. Every time.