'OK Google Now, what's the forecast for today?'

The torrent of Moto X leaks continue today, as a video from Canadian carrier Rogers has appeared online showing many of the headline features from Motorola's upcoming handset. The video also reveals that the Moto X will launch exclusively on Rogers in Canada this August, and come in black and white color options.

Among the Moto X's software tricks is a new voice command system that's always active — the video shows it linking in with Google Now to produce a weather forecast, and mentions that directions and alarms can be activated in the same way. And the notification dynamic has been changed up a bit, too — instead of a notification LED, Moto X pulses icons on its screen when its asleep, allowing you to see which apps have notifications waiting.

The camera app it also shown being activated with a double-twist gesture — presumably this is another "always on" feature that allows you to get to the camera at any time. And the app itself is different to what we've seen in stock Android — tap anywhere to take a photo, or long press to take a burst shot.

Moto X leaked screenshotSpecs and screenshots

In addition, screenshots from the AT&T version of the phone have been unearthed by posters on the Android Central forums. The images show spec listings in CPU-Z, seemingly confirming a 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro powering the device, with 2GB of RAM, around 12GB of available internal storage and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. The display resolution is consistent with Android running on a 1280x720 panel with on-screen buttons, and the laundry list of hardware features falls in line with earlier spec leaks for the Moto X.

One screenshot, seemingly from Moto's new voice control hub, suggests that certain features — like direct dialing contacts — will be available even when the screen is off, simply by saying "OK Moto Magic," followed by the command.

With new leaks emerging all the time, it looks like it won't be long before the Moto X officially comes out of hiding. So how do you like the sound of these new voice-based features? Shout out in the comments!

Source: YouTube, Google+ via Ausdroid, Android Central forums


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Moto X features outed in leaked Rogers video


IMO They should all be fired for confusing "Google Now" with "Voice Search". It's "OK, Google", not "OK, Google Now"! Google Now is just cards, not a person!

Also get off my lawn!

I disagree. I'm pretty sure they DID make the command "OK Google Now" for this purpose, in order to reduce the number of accidental responses, especially since Google has "OK Google" activated in the web version, too. If the phone is always listening, they had to make the command more complex.

"Notification light that doesn't tell you anything"

Obviously she's never heard of LightFlow, seriously, setting up a light colored coordinated with every single notification is awesome, and probably less energy than your screen flash every 15-30 seconds.

Also I can't believe this will be the first motorola smart phone that doesn't offer an sd card, dafuq that about? 16 gb isn't much and is actually going to be 12gb after software, I have 4 gb of apps and games on my phone to begin with which leaves 8 gb. Think I might wait for the Flagship hero device in october

Interesting video.
Question is, are these Moto X features or Android 4.3 features?
I have a feeling that they are 4.3 features with the on-screen notifs thing more like a increased Daydreams feature.

4.3, where art thou?

Moto X was originally said to be running stock android, but with all this added software IDK. Why release 4.3 now when in 3 months they will release 5.0. Not to mention none of the carriers would even bother to update any phones with 5.0 around the corner, allegedly of course but all the tech sites are saying october or november

I sincerly hope its part of 4.3 because if not, it would mean a third way to get promply updates (Not a Nexus, not a Google Experience). Basically bringing even more fragmentation, but this time within Google themselves.

Also, I share the battery concern unless they already have a production-ready new generation battery that kid invented ealier this year; but I doubt it.

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I know the difference between updates and notifications. I was only using other known or rumoured features not shown in the video.

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This is Motorola. There is no reason to be concerned about battery life.

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I used to work at Motorola and that is a ridiculous statement. Their brilliant battery technology is to simply put a bigger battery in a bigger handset.

I doubt OK MOTO MAGIC will be built-in to the next major version of Android.

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A lot of the features shown were mostly like, "Oh look, Google Now, running 24/7 on your phone" That being said, I question the battery life on this phone.

those are all old iOS features. (siri does the same thing) same with the lockscreen. I guess just like iOS 7 catches up to android in area's this is android's in reverse.

IOS had nothing even close to Google Now. Siri is reactive. Google Now is proactive.

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True, Siri is a witty conversationalist with bad hearing and Google Now is a useful voice assistant.

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I think that the spec of dual core S4 pro is incorrect. It seems off to me that they would build a new phone and include a SOC that is for all intensive purposes exactly the same as last years Droid lineup. While I doubt that we will se a quad-core beast like the Snapdragon 800 my money is on the Snapdragon 400 which is found in the Galaxy S4 Mini.

Actually is was rumored and confirmed to run a dual core s4 pro. Its fine in that regard. They want to market the Moto X to everyone not just techies who care about specs. Hence, the last year processor.

Posted via Droid RAZR M on the Android Central App

I have the dual S4 in my HTC One S. Its a fine processor and kicks the crap out or My Nexus 7 with the quad Tegra 3 in day to day real world use.
Ii's just I don't think the price difference is there to justify using a year old SOC nor does it make sense from Qualcomm's perspective. For example the Snapdragon 600 found in the Galaxy S4 costs $20 according to iSuppli.com, the S4 in last years Galaxy probably cost about the same, so perhaps the Snapdragon 400 comes in around $14 maybe less, how much less would the old S4 cost now?
The real question is why would Qualcomm want to continue mass producing an old chipset. I am assuming they probably stopped most S4 series production around the time that the x00 series production began to come on line. Of course from the time of SOC production until the phone is assembled and ultimately reaches a consumers hand could be many months, you get the idea. However between a new Droid line for Verizon and a worldwide budget of $500 million for advertising this thing, I would hope they plan to sell more of these then they would have SOC's on hand.
As I said it just doesn't make sense from any manufacturing or marketing point of view even if it's aimed at the average consumer more concerned with free or low cost then top of the line specs.

They are probably cutting costs so it can be available at a low price point. If they do so what, its still a capable processor.

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By using last year's processor, they won't run into supply issues, in that regard.

Also, now that there are newer processors on the market, I'm guessing, the older versions can be had for a pretty steep discount.

That's my opinion, anyway.

I was just thinking the same thing. I have the US GSIII with the regular S4 that has the 225 GPU. It would be really nice to have that 320 GPU in a phone.

Posted via my themed "WHITE DRAGON" LiquidSmooth Sprint GSIII.

I'm not waiting for a high spec phone, merely theorizing about why they would possibly make the decision to use the same parts as in last years line of phones.

Because last year's parts are still great but significantly cheaper. You have to manage cost somewhere and from what it sounds like, Motorola is going to put their premium into the batteries. Is a slightly slower processor a worthwhile tradeoff for a significantly better battery? For some people, the answer would be a resounding yes.

So you are more concerned about being able to brag about having a "new generation" cpu then having a cpu that is perfectly capable in a phone that runs "new generation" software and probably gets better battery life because it doesn't have extra cores that are not actually increasing its efficiency?

With the emphasis being on the "Pro" here just to clarify, the S4 Pro chip was the quad core offering from Qualcomm. Wouldn't they just be using the regular S4 chip here instead? Something doesn't add up here.

The S4 Pro was available in two variants, the MSM8960T, a dual core Krait 300 CPU with cell radios, and the APQ8064, a quad-core Krait without cell radios, both running the Adreno 320 GPU.

The Snapdragon 600, by contrast is an APQ8064T, and is thus an APQ8064 with cell radios integrated. So, for all intents and purposes, the S4 Pro being used in the Moto X is a dual-core version of the Snapdragon 600 found in this year's other flagships. As such, it is entirely possible that a (rumored) optimized S4 Pro dual-core can perform at the same level as a non-optimized S600, since core scaling is not linear (i.e. 2x cores does not equal 2x performance).

The S400, by contrast, is mainly a re-branded S4 Plus with the minor core architecture updates found in the S600.

I like how they're targeting software and the overall user experience, and not saying we have a beast of a phone juts based off specs. At the end of the day the average user doesn't know to much about specs, besides big (not knowing the screen size), fast ( not knowing the depth of the processors), brand ( not knowing that companies success or history), and I can go on. They know such a broad version of each and every phone that comes out and based off popularity. I think it'll be a pretty solid phone in general.

Nice to see some video. As for specs I don't think an S4 pro is completely out of the question. I can see it being a viable cpu. The omap in the galaxy nexus still runs jelly bean very well and the s4 pro is a much faster cpu and it's has a newer architecture to so I don't think it would be that bad.

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One question : If the camera has touch shutter, and long press serves to take multiple shots, how do you manipulate the focus?

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oh easy... everything is backwards so shutter button to focus and touch screen to take a pic.... really dont like what im seeing with this phone..

It looks like it has intelligent/infinite focus in the "stock" mode, but there is supposedly a setting in the menu that allows you to use a traditional shutter button. Personally, I will be using the screen shutter more often than not, as I rarely have to change focus on my camera phone for quick snapshots.

I will never say 'Ok moto magic' out loud. Voice commands are embarrassing enough as it is, but that's forcing you to sound like an advert

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I think that it will be customizable. You will be able to name your phone whatever you want.

In the video she said "Ok google" when the phone was off. So I think that will be the default. Moto Magic is probably what someone named the phone for advertising purposes. If this is not the case, I wouldn't use that feature either.

I like saying "Google set alarm/text/remind etc" but I would not be comfortable saying "Ok Motorola X Magic Phone 2013 - Send message to..."

Also, from the video, and as a lol only:

You are working on a computer, why the heck do you voice command to get weather info ... Just go on the damn website! Lawlz.

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You can change that setting to whatever you want. For example you can wake it up by saying, "Hay sexy". Which is much less embarrassing!

HAHAHA OMG if that happens I will laugh. That will be like shitting on the industry, everyone would have to step their game up to lower their prices.

If they do release it at a price like that and they do actually spend $500m on advertising, this could be a great selling phone. And it could actually bring Motorolas name back on the map.

i guess you missed the news that motorola with this phone will skip the 50% profit margin and take a smaller profit...rewind a little

It might be close to the $200-250 price tag. The n4 was $299 8 months ago with similar specs and Google has it's own manufacturer making it this time around.

Nexus devices are sold at cost or a little below. A $200 off contract price means Motorola/Google will lose a lot of money on each phone. But hey Google played $12 billion for Motorola which was a sucker buy so I guess anything could happen.

So the new moto blur is based on voice commends interesting.

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Needs RGB LED. On screen is ok, but I assume those notifications aren't always flashing and also assume that if screen is on then touch is active and don't want accidental unlocking. If touch is not active, i.e. still have to press power button, that is a little awkward but preferable for me.

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Well it is supposed to be aware of the user and everything else right? So I imagine it knows when it is in your pocket and doesn't display any notifications while in the pocket. Once it is pulled out of the pocket it probably starts flashing the notifications. If it does notify in the pocket and the touch screen becomes active well then that is just a broken, poorly thought out feature. I honestly hate the twist the wrist to use the camera thing, that will not save me any time from hitting power button while removing from pocket and then sliding left at the lock screen. By the time I aim now I have the camera up and running.

About the notifications on screen... The iPhone have the exact same behavior, and they are no issues with the display being active

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Removable battery yes, sd card no. I wish I had an sd card slot on my Nexus 4 where I could move apps to sd.

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Ugh, moving apps to SD card is so annoying and complicated. Just install all apps in the storage like a normal person would.

voice activation on phones is seriously overrated.
i really dont understand why would any company put an emphasis on this load of crap.
really, like 90% of the time, you are with other people, and thus trying to make this thing work makes you look stupid.

It's not overrated. I use Google Now all the time; it's a very handy feature.

I'm confused, as to why you would be embarrassed, to use a feature on your phone. I've used Google Now, while on dates, and each woman thought it was cool. Now, they all use it.

There is a joke here somewhere but I'm too tired....someone help me out

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I was disappointed in the processor selection initially as it weaker then what was used in the Nexus 4. However this is the same processor, possibly refreshed, as was found in the US variants of the One X and S3 and neither of these phones were known for lag despite OEM customizations. This processor was also known for having the same (if not extremely close levels of) low power benefits of the Nvidia quad core competitor at the time which I think was the Tegra 3.

Quad core processors in general in Android devices was important for lower power consumption and pushing a larger pool of pixels with the ever increasing PPI density. Thankfully, IMO, the device is only 720p which a dual core S4 Pro can handle very well (again see One X and S3) and with Jelly Bean there were significant software tweaks to reduce dependency on cpu power as I understand. So essentially going for a quad core processor while it may have add future proofing value to the device could be simply overkill and not worth the change in retail pricing and I'm down with that.

As for the notifications, I like that the screen briefly (assuming it's only briefly) awakens and with larger icons displays what the update is but that doesn't replace the flashing LED. When I'm away from my phone and come back the glowing blue and red lights let me know there's an update I definitely want to check while the green can be ignored. There's value in that however, assuming they are axing the LED, maybe they are assuming that for most people light or not of we were away from our phone then we're likely to wake it up to check for updates anyway, which I do more often then I let the LED govern me.

The enhanced and always on voice control is cool though I really hope there is not going be a split in commands based on the voice commands "ok Google Now" and "ok Moto magic". Maybe it's either/or and controllable in settings.

Camera's that require me to press specific on screen button is a pain in my ass! Especially as screens get larger and I want to use the superior rear camera to take a picture of myself with friends or something like that. The ability to press any ware on the screen with a burst option by holding one spot is helpful. Simpler solution is to bring the physical shutter button back -_-... Oh how I miss it.

All that said, I'm excited!

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Agreed completely on the processing power. The SoC is not that different from the S600, and properly optimized should perform at a similar level with better battery life. As for the notification LED, I would assume that the screen will pulse at the same frequency as the LED would, perhaps even with a wave over the screen to surface that feature instantly if you've been away for a while.

The physical shutter is useful, but it is still needing a specific press to activate the shutter, where pressing anywhere on the screen is much more accessible. With instant focus, its possible that it could focus where you tap and take a shot, which would be amazing.

Agreed completely on the processing power. The SoC is not that different from the S600, and properly optimized should perform at a similar level with better battery life. As for the notification LED, I would assume that the screen will pulse at the same frequency as the LED would, perhaps even with a wave over the screen to surface that feature instantly if you've been away for a while.

The physical shutter is useful, but it is still needing a specific press to activate the shutter, where pressing anywhere on the screen is much more accessible. With instant focus, its possible that it could focus where you tap and take a shot, which would be amazing.

Omg I feel in love a lil more. But pardon me if I think that "Google Now" will be the core intelligence of the systems that wipe humans off the map

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Google Now is a very efficient way to hand even more of your personal information over to the NSA and to advertisers.

2 very important things it certainly needs
1. Really powerful battery
2. Ample internal storage - there has to be a 32gb and 64gb versions

Seriously if this cums out universal with a dual core instead of quad I'm passing. That just crushed my dreams

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All of the serious rumors have said dual core from the beginning. This phone is meant to compete with high end competitors on price and features, not specs. If you want the fastest processor this phone was never for you.

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Dual core is fine. The jump in power from 2 cores to 4 is much smaller than from 1 to 2. The chip that supposed to be in it is basically the same one as in last years US spec S3 and One X, only it has the much more powerful Adreno 320 GPU, which appears in Nexus 4 and the Snapdragon 600 chips. I think we have well and truly reached the "good enough" era. Specs aren't the be all and end all of a device however and frankly cause stupid arguments and loss of focus. It looks like Moto X is going to be concentrating on how you use the phone. Hope it works

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You know what you guys are right I don't know why I just freaked I'm sure the software from Google will be completely optimized to run flawlessly on the Moto X. I have to keep in mind that this is Google's phone so there designing both hardware and software to work seamlessly together instead of relying on an third party OEM to make the phone then having to make Android run on it. I do realize that they have the chance hear to compete with the overall smoothness of apple because they to are now making hardware & software for there phone. I just hope they don't blow this on :-) Go Google

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"Cums Out"..?

Really..? The Geeks here don't know what that means.. you have to converse in their tongue.. for them you would say, "Comes Out".
Your Welcome.

Off topic, but why are there no comments about NSA, PRISM, and spy phones! Xbox one is always listening and people freaked out about that. I can only imagine how many paranoid people will freak out about this as well - and the Xbox was only listening for "Xbox on". Anyway, I'm not worried in the least and I think the moto x sounds very interesting. If it updates almost as quick as my nexus 4 I may get one.

Can someone please explain to me why Google insists on being overly complicated with android features? Why have an always on feature wasting precious battery rather than just mapping Google now to a hardware button not to mention sounding like a damn fool saying "ok google now" before each command, it should be implemented like the iPhone, hold home button and give command and be done with it.

Also the reminders in google now is a joke, why not just have all reminders just go to google keep. Right now just to view/adjust your reminders you have open google now, scroll down, tap the dots, settings, my stuff, reminders. Seriously!!??

The only thing I think Google should be focusing on for android is fixing the damn lag, stuttering, dropped frames! It is a freaking joke that Google apps are smoother and run better on iOS than they do on android! Oh, in case you're wondering I have an iPhone 5 and nexus 4 so I'm not comparing some crappy old android phone.

I have the same 2 phones. Nexus 4 and my wives iphone 5 and I find Google now much more fluent, accurate, and integrated than siri and would choose it over siri any day for any task. So i guess it is a matter of opinion which one is better.

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Also siri is so annoying with so many prompts. Set reminder, what time, yes, yes, yes. While Google now I can say "get groceries tomorrow at 9 pm" and I'm done. You can get what you need to do done quicker with less effort.

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You have both phones and you still don't know the differences between what Siri is for and what Google Now is for?

How Samsung of you, Google. How about giving us features we care about, not stuff we turn off the minute we get our phones.

I wanted to love this phone, I really did. But if the leaks are true, I can't even begin to justify owning this. Dual core? Ok I can deal with that. 720p screen? Again, not great, but heart breaking. No notification light? Yeah I think I'll pass.

It seems that voice commands are the main driving force behind this phone. I love my ipad mini with siri, and my S4 with Google Now, but the only time I talk to them like a weirdo is in the comfort of my own home.

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I like the look of it, don't mind the specs... still an upgrade over my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. I don't care for hardly any of the new features though. With that said, I'd consider it for 450 off contract on Verizon. My phone works fine for now and I plan on trying to keep my unlimited data as long as possible. 450 doesn't seem unreasonable with a year old processor and a screen that has to be cheaper than the "Full HD" screens of the S4 and One. Plus carriers would love a 450 dollar phone they could subsidize down to 200, rather than a 650 dollar phone down to 200.

I hope this phone had some killer features... my S4 does most of those things with the exception of total control via Google Now. The price point is another whole thing as well

Posted via my Galaxy S4 using the Android Central App

It's hard to justify even a $400 price point when you can get a slightly used Droid DNA for $300. Quad Core, 1080p, surprisingly decent battery life. Hell, you can even put sense 5 on it, making the major difference between the HTC One and the DNA being Boomsound.

***EDIT: This comment is really for peeps on Verizon wanting to keep unlimited data like myself.

Yep, I agree. I wouldn't necessarily go for a DNA myself, but a recent model phone used would seem to be better than this Moto X at $400 or above. $300 for the Moto X and I'd be interested though.

You guys seriously should consider doing a little more research. There is a video of a guy running a CPU benchmark and it's scoring Snapdragon 600 high.

I want 8...just saying. I am starting to think Motorola has a shot at coming back with serious power

They ditched the LED ! Why ? Screen based notification, a great way to waste more battery ! Looks a bit more beefy than the N4 and late properly almost onto a winner except for the horrible tacky plastic on the back

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Arent we going to call these gimmicks like we do with Samsung?

Moto Magic = S-voice
Moving your wrist for the camera = Motion on Samsung

I don't care either way but if your gonna B*tch about one, lets be consistent.

Moving on, the post in the forum says that it is running 4.2.2 so no, these are more than likely motoblur features, so no stock on the X (not that many thought it would be but they hoped). Granted it will be no where near as heavy as the SGS4, oh wait, it is close. the last SGS4 ROM left you with 11GB free out of 16 and this one leaves you 12.

Again, I have no horse in this race, I own a Samsung and had designs on maybe going with the X, but neither the SGS4 nor the X blew me away with anything.

Damn upgrade is still burning a hole in my pocket though...

Yeah I have been waiting for the X to choose between it and the S4. I really thought that I was going to go with the Moto X but the more leaks that come out the more I think I am going to get the S4. I'll wait until the presser to make it official just to be sure.

Very much a let down. Its form factor is OK but I cannot understand the aging specs. Sure software plays a huge roll in the speed and performance of the phone but it still doesn't make sense. If this device has an off contract price point of any more than 250-300 people are going to opt for a used DNA,S4,ONE for 350-450 and get a much nicer device.

All specs leaked everywhere, EXCEPT the battery. Is this running a MAXX battery like the new Droid Ultra's @ 4,000mAh for 48hr use ?

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I really like the voice features. I use Google Now a lot, so knowing that more voice commands will be at my disposal makes me want this phone even more.

I don't care about a removable battery, or SD card slot, or the fact that the phone is meant to be mid-range. If this phone is competitively priced, it will sell well.

Haters gonna hate.

Actually I was disappointed when the dual core cpu showed up, but after reading all these comments I remembered that not always more cores mean better perfomance. The S4 Pro is not obselete at all, it still belongs to top tier cpus. Let's just hope that it gets LTE and a big battery to power it, then I'm getting this device.

When it comes to features, I liked the on screen notifications and the shooting the camera by touching the screen, although I want to know how will the focus work. However I've always thought that voice commands are not for everyone, depending on the daily tasks that you do they will become useful. I just hope that this "always active service" doesn't eat the battery, or even better, it can be deactivated.

I'm hoping they sacrificed top specs to pay for a large battery, and I mean LARGE battery. I don't care about the latest greatest specs but if you are gonna make a device with "always on" capabilities, I cannot imagine the battery will not get eaten up, looks pretty gnarly but I will stick with my HO.

I think I agree with you. I have a Note 2 with a 720p screen that flies. If you get same performance and great battery, this will be a winner. However, I think many people will overlook this because of the specs.

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The only number I've ever seen for battery is 2600 mAh, but that was never substantiated. As for the "always on", if they are using super-low-power secondary cores to control those features, battery won't be an issue, as the main CPU won't need to come out of deep sleep to show notifications/do background updates/listen for voice activation.

I am curious to find out how the battery performance on the MotoX will hold up due to the constant listening for user voice.

Something feels off about this video. In the pics that leaked out, the phone had a Motorola M on the top corner, this doesn't. And only on Rogers? I thought everyone was saying it was going to be on all carriers?

The M is an etched identifier for the test phones. The ring is different on each. It helps track the source of leaks. As for the exclusivity it'll be on all US carriers. Not necessarily Canadian or European.

That's a pretty good benchmark score for a dual core. If it has a Maxx sized or just high capacity battery and rubs Chrome well if use it. 4.2.2 runs well on my GNex still so a better architecture won't hurt.

This phone looks to be an epic fail on Google's part. I'm not convinced it stand up to the hype.

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Is there really any need to show the carrier name in the notification bar... I knew which carrier I'm using. I don't need to be reminded.

So I'm guessing form the leaked specs, these might be the official specs...
4.7in 1280x720 HD screen
Snapdragon S4 Pro dual core processor clocked at 1.7 GHz
2gb ram
10mp back camera
1.5-2.0mp front facing camera
Android 4.2.2 with promised updates similar (but not exactly like) nexus updates
4g LTE
NFC, Bluetooth and other standard things

Posted from Google Nexus 7 via Android Central App

That's pretty much it. Only thing missing is the plethora of sensors and (possible) extra low-power core(s) to handle background tasks (background data fetch, camera app, voice action prompt, etc.). Also I expect battery to be 2600-3300 mAh, which should mean all-day heavy usage. All in all, a really solid phone.

I don't mind the specs and features so long as it receives updates. What I want to know is how good the call quality is and how well do the speakers sound.

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Only 12gb of interior storage is just pathetic. The Smartphones of today need a minimum of 32gb of storage, I want a minimum of 64gb if the device does not have ext sd-card. With ext sd-card a minimum of 32gb is needed. Todays apps and games are extremely large files and eat up interior storage very fast. When the int storage is eaten up the phone becomes sluggish and becomes not a very good experience. I find this totally ridiculous to build a new phone without adequate interior storage. If we are forced to use the cloud for out int storage we also will need our data connection to be working. If we are in a poor signal area we will not be able to reach those files, that is not building a responsible modern day phone. I will never buy a new SmartPhone without plenty of interior storage, It costs just pennies to ad int storage to a new phone while under construction. Do not let the manufacturers force you into this. For whatever reason every device Google is behind these days they all lack int storage. Google does not listen to their customers. The 1st version of their last phone came with only 8gb of int storage, people complained so that made a huge bump in int storage to 16gb. Then you subtract the Operating System and that is the complete storage for a new phone. Google better snap the fuck out of it, they don't know how to build a phone. I want to buy their products but they just suck. I have owned every Google device up until this last phone, I decided I was not going to buy anymore phones from Google until they started building phones equal to the devices made by other manufacturers. They continue to fail.

Well, people like me don't need so much space. On my Nexus 7 (16GB) I've only used around 2GB, not planning on filling it up any time soon. Why don't you grab those sdcard adapters that recently got funded in kickstarter? I'm sure they might be useful for you.

Why should the person who uses more adapt backwards? There should be ample space to start with

Posted via

I guess OEMs have to sacfrifice something to lower the prices and reduce thickness of the device. I think it's not a matter of adapting, it's just about chosing the right phone for you, maybe higher end motorola phones will have microSD expansion.

I expected SO more from this device. It's too bad it's got the specs of last years phones and it hasn't even been released yet. This phone COULD have propelled Motorola into a top contender but instead, it's barely reaching "mid range" status.
So disappointing!

Ok, thanks for playing, Motorola. Now bring on the next Nexus with the Nikon camera. Thanks.

By the video, it will interesting to watch how it does on the mobile market. I can definitely see myself using one.

Still a hideous-looking device. Apparently Moto hasn't gotten it together in the design-end.

Now I know Fido shares the same towers with Rogers, so does that mean I'll be able to get the phone on Fido too? If so, that would be awesome.