Motorola Car Dock

Basic 'Navigation Dock' with few frills made specifically for the Moto X.

It seems Motorola is gearing up for the launch of the Moto X more than ever, and has released its second official accessory for the device. Even though you can't buy the phone yet, Motorola has put up for sale an official car dock, made by Griffin specifically for the Moto X.

The accessory looks like a basic suction cup mount with a grippy plate that is adjustable for "all but the bulkiest cases" for the phone and an adjustable arm to pivot the phone towards you. The dock will enable car mode when the Moto X is placed in it, and naturally the extra software features for hands-free use should work just fine as well.

The dock is selling for $39.95 directly from Motorola at the source link below.

Source: Motorola; Via: Moto X Forum


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Moto X car dock goes on sale for $40 direct from Motorola


Must be a way to connect the charging cable. GPS/SatNav uses a lot of power, and if you're on a long journey, will need to keep phone connected to the charger. There doesn't appear to be a gap in the those grips. Solution would of course be to rotate the Moto X 90 degrees back to it's regular orientation and simply grip the phone on it's edges, freeing up the microUSB port.

I'm with you on this. No Power, No go. if it connected to the dock, you'd think it would be priced higher. If it could turn vertical to expose the usb port, i don't know about that. i think the body of the dock looks to long for that. looks built for landscape only. the hole for the port looks to be on the other side of the dock and the team just didn't put it in there right for the pic. i see a gap of white between the phone and the grip at the head of the phone.

Is it just me or does anyone think OEM accessories only for phone X are a total rip off compared to generics that work for almost any model phone?

I'm sure it's not just you. However, I'd gladly pay a very hefty premium for a vehicle dock designed just for my phone. I bought one for my Droid X, one for my Droid RAZR, and I'll get one for the next phone. I used a generic clamp any phone dock, and it sucked. I want a dock that is designed to grip my phone securely, and includes power. I put my RAZR in its dock and when I lock it down, power is connected. If I'm using the integrated USB/audio cable, then I'm done. Anything less is a failure. I'm in and out of my car a lot. If I have to plug in a USB cable after I place the phone in the dock, then that is a step backward.

I'm worried about the new Droid line. No word on docks for them, and it appears Motorola has abandoned making them since Griffin makes the one for the Moto X. Maybe I won't be getting a phone next week after all. I'd rather have a Maxx than a G2, but if the G2 has a good dock and the Maxx doesn't, I'll gladly change my mind. I guess I'll be waiting to find out. I don't even care if I have to wait a while to get it, as long as I know it is coming.

My other thought is that with Qi charging, it should be an option to add to the dock. Again, I'd pay the premium. That would be ideal. A high quality dock with Qi, and then a Bluetooth stereo. All I'd have to do is slap the phone in the dock and go.

Also, if the whole industry just made everything compatible with the 17mm ball mount, they wouldn't even have to throw in the suction cup. It could be an added option to charge for if you really needed it. I have 3 suction cups with 17mm ball mounts (2 Moto 1 Garmin), and I don't use any of them. I'll have 4 after my next purchase. I have 2 dash mounted balls that I use instead. I use my phone all the time, but when I go on long trips, I pull out the dedicated GPS too. Then the phone does other things without losing my map. I love that setup.

Then it's just a matter of slapping the device on when I want it, and easily changing docks when I get a new one. Heck, auto manufacturers could start including them as part of the vehicle. I'd love that. A place designed to mount my devices that is not in the way of anything else.

Qi wouldn't be able to put out enough power for use + charging, I don't believe.

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