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$79 ZTE Sonata 4G also available starting today

As the Moto G continues its march through seemingly every carrier and retailer, Aio Wireless has just announced that it will carry Motorola's inexpensive handset starting February 14th. The Moto G will set you back $149 without a contract, which is a $30 savings over the unlocked GSM model but currently a $50 bump over the carrier-specific CDMA versions on Verizon and U.S. Cellular.

Another even cheaper device, the ZTE Sonata 4G, also goes on sale from the prepaid carrier today. It's hard to expect much with this device, and you'll be getting a 4-inch 480x800 display, dual-core processor and a 5MP camera. But for $79 off-contract, that will probably be enough.

Aio Wireless operates on the AT&T network (and is actually owned by the carrier), and offers a pretty nice set of plans, which just got a bit sweeter with lower prices and increased data allotments last week. The lowest plan offers unlimited talk and text with 500MB of full-speed data (in Aio's case that's 8mbps) for $40, going up to $60 per month for 5GB of full-speed data.

You'll be able to pick up the ZTE Sonata 4G from Aio Wireless online starting today, with the Moto G hitting its store on February 14th.

Aio Wireless Announces Availability of Three New Smartphones

Moto G™, Nokia Lumia 520, and ZTE Sonata 4GTM join Aio’s device line-up

            Alpharetta, GA, Feb. 7, 2014 –Aio Wireless announced today a bevy of offerings just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Beginning today, the ZTE Sonata 4GTM is available at Aio stores and online at  OnFebruary 14, Motorola’s Moto GTM and Nokia’s Lumia 520 will be added to Aio’s rich device portfolio.

The ZTE Sonata 4G offered at $79.99 in pearl white—an Aio exclusive in the U.S.—features:

∙       A crisp 4.0” WVGA Display and peppy dual-core processor that makes hard work look easy 

∙       A 5MP camera with flash and video to capture the moment wherever you are

∙       Android OS lets you stay in sync while on the go with access to over 500,000 apps with Google Play

The Motorola Moto G, offered at $149.99, is a benchmark Android 4.4 smartphone that is ideal for value seekers who want a great smartphone with premium features, including:

·         A brilliant, scratch-resistant 4.5” HD display

·         Splash-proof technology to help protect against life’s little mishaps

·         All-day battery life

·         Quad-core speed for easy multi-tasking

·         Latest Android OS (KitKat 4.4) to browse, stream, navigate, play, and more

The Nokia Lumia 520, offered at $99.99, is a versatile Windows 8 device and a great fit for first-time smartphone users and multi-taskers looking to take advantage of Lumia benefits like:

·         A 4” Super-sensitive display screen that can be used when wearing gloves or with fingernails

·         Nokia Mix Radio for subscription-free streaming music

·         HERE apps: Maps, Drive and Transit to help you get around and enjoy doing it

·         5MP camera with SmartShoot editing capabilities and HD video recording

·         An organize-it-your way display with live tiles which update in real time

·         Vivid colors that express your style (Black, Yellow, Cyan, Red) 

In addition to expanding its device portfolio, on February 4 Aio lowered the pricing on its three simple, unlimited plans and added more high speed data to its two most popular plans. Customers who sign up for Auto Pay* with any of the new plans can get a $5 account credit at the end of each billing cycle for as long as they remain enrolled in Auto Pay.

∙       Basic Plan: $40 ($35 after Auto Pay credit), unlimited voice/text/data, including 500MB of high speed data (same price as before but double the data);

∙       Smart Plan: $50 ($45 after Auto Pay credit), unlimited voice/text/data, including 2.5 GB of high speed data ($5 less/month plus an extra half GB of data); and

∙       Pro Plan: $60 ($55 after Auto Pay credit), unlimited voice/text/data, including 5 GB of high speed data ($10 less/month with 5 GB of data).

 All three plans are available for smartphones and include taxes and fees, so the price you see is the price you pay. 

“We thought Valentine’s Day was an ideal time to provide our customers with an even greater selection of amazing smartphones as potential gift ideas,” said Andy Smoak, Aio’s head of Product and Marketing. “We think these devices, in combination with our incredible new low price plans, make this the perfect time to switch to Aio,” he added.

Aio launched in May 2013 and is available through dealer-owned stores in 21 markets in Florida, Georgia, Texas, California, Ohio, Indiana, Louisiana, Washington, Michigan, and New York. Aio is also available to all U.S. customers online at

For more information visit an Aio store or

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Moto G coming to Aio Wireless Feb. 14th for $149



Just kidding...

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

I've been thinking about a switch to AIO, get the Moto G for the GF, pick up a Nexus 5 for myself, bye bye Verizon, selling my Note 2 should about cover my termination fees, and I'd save money every month, switch from Verizons to At&T's network won't hurt too bad.

Yeah, it's a good move. I've been on Aio for a bit now and I'm very happy with the service.

Do remember that Aio caps LTE speeds at 8Mbps, though. I think that's plenty, though, since you're getting 5GB for $55 (with the autopay credit).

I tried to find some reviews online today but didn't have much luck, thanks.

Posted via Android Central App


Speeds seem plenty fast for my needs too, and coverage is a huge step up from T-Mobile (my previous carrier), though it may be a small step down for you coming from Verizon. I've been quite happy overall, including with their customer service.

Moto X/Nexus 5

Yeah, I had to go through customer service to get my APN set up. It didn't do it automatically when I popped the SIM in. Kind of annoying, but the service rep was really helpful.

If Aio is GSM, would it be possible to take this phone to T-Mobile or is it set up for different bands of HSPA+?

Yup of course its GSM, it's basically an AT&T phone. What's not clear is if this is at all made for Aio Wireless, locked, or anything of that sort.

Why not just spend the extra $30 and get the unlocked one right from Motorola and not have to guess?

Virgin Mobile needs to get this so my wife can have a decent phone.

Posted via Android Central App

So, since this is meant for Aio, could I just pop in my AT&T SIM and be good to go or does AT&T have restrictions on activating pre-paid devices on post-paid accounts like Verizon?

Well, if it's locked to aio, which we don't know yet, you won't be able to pop in an AT&T SIM. I work for an aio store and tried with our Galaxy Amp yesterday for a guy looking to get a cheap smartphone, and no dice.

First as an AIO user let me say it is worth it if you are not a heavy data user.

1. Any AT&T compatible phone can be brought to AIO.
2. I have two phones on AIO neither one was unlocked from ATT, BUT I paid the ETF and just popped in the AIO chip. They worked right away.
3. If you have a Verizon phone that is unlocked as per the 700mhz agreement -correct me if I'm wrong- you should be able to just put the sim in and go.
4. AIO's customer service is very limited at the moment so make sure your phone is at least compatible with the AT&T bands.
5. As for the Moto G. I am sure that phone will come locked to the Aio network, but after 45 days of activity can be unlocked by Aio. But if it were me, I'd just pay the extra and spring for the Moto X.

For point 3, you are mostly correct. Only Verizon LTE phones are SIM unlocked, so getting one of their few remaining 3G only phones would not work. Second, since Verizon and AT&T LTE bands are different, you won't get LTE if you use a Verizon phone on Aio. You'll still get HSPA+, which can be very fast in some areas, but no LTE.

I have a Verizon S3 and can only get voice, text, and Edge data. :-(

Posted via Android Central App

Moto G does not have LTE, doesn't matter which carrier... The phone doesn't support it.

Posted via Android Central App

Yep....or 65 for six high speed gigs, as you can pay an extra 10 on any plan for a recurring "aio gig". That's a pretty solid amount of data.

Moto X/Nexus 5

If anyone knows of an easy way to port my number over from Straight Talk let me know. I tried to yesterday and a representative told me that they only do Straight Talk ports in store. Unfortunately, I am nowhere near one.

Straight Talk isn't Aio Wireless... but you should be able to port your number on the ST website. They may call you to confirm some things on your current wireless account, but that's how I did my port. That was well over a year ago, though.

Hmmm, interesting. I've heard other reports of AIO having problems with ST ports. I have ST too and I would be interested also in possibly porting to AIO to get their $35 plan, but I don't want to go through the AIO checkout process and be charged for a plan if the port won't go through when I activate later.

Did you try the port from the AIO website or by phone? Seems like I've read that some have had success going from ST to AIO via the AIO website. By the way, the ST acct number is the last 15 of your Sim card if you BYOD.

Also you could port your ST number to Google voice, then just get a new Sim and number fresh from aio, and forward from GV.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk

AT&T does the same with their go phone plan.
I am very happy that they allow an additional gigabyte for that cheap.

Posted via Android Central App

If you live in an area that has AT&T coverage then yes you will get LTE on Aio if it is in that area. Of course as long as your phone supports it.

Don't know why anyone would buy the motoG from AIO when you can get the unlocked version for a few dollars more, and by BYOD you have access to the $35 plan if you choose. AIO seems to make you choose the other two more expensive plans if you by a device from them. Love the motoG but not from a carrier!

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk

Yeah, and the best thing about prepaid carriers is that if another carrier pops up with with better plans, you can switch immediately. Better to pay the extra few bucks for the unlocked version so that you can do that if necessary.

I needed another Moto G & switched to aio. 149 is a great price & I plan on sticking with them now. Anyway I'm thinking this device can easily accept an unlock code from any number of unlocking sites on the internet as when I had my Tmobile sim in it when it powered on it immediately brought up the enter sim unlock screen.. So it does not come unlocked but looks like it's easily unlockable. If someone does not want to wait the 3 months for a code from Aio directly.

I just switched to AIO from t-mobile. T-mobile cost me about $60 for 2.5GB of data, taxes and fees included (i got an employee discount) but their service is pathetic. In-home coverage is terrible. Worse, they had bad equipment that they knew about but refused to fix (my corporate line is t-mobile too and even their intervention did not really help and there was someone from the Office of President that presided over my case and still... ). A friend of mine switched to t-mobile and had the same sob story. My wife got no coverage inside her office building either. These were a reasonably well populated area in the suburbs where T-mobile's opinion of it coverage is "GREEN!". With AIO, i have only had it for a few days now and haven't had a reason to complain especially with $15 less/mo. 8Mbps is more than enough for most applications. Let's not forget that's the speed we had (or most people still) at home :)