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Yesterday Samsung's Filipino site published statement announcing that the Galaxy S II would be receiving the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, starting tomorrow, Mar. 10. Since then, Samsung has stepped in via its official Korean Twitter account to say that the article was posted in error, and that any official date will come straight from them.

This isn't the first time a supposedly official date for the long-awaited update has been rescinded. Last week Samsung Israel took to Facebook to announce that the update would land on Mar. 15, and that post has since vanished. With all this talk of updates arriving in the next week or so, though, we're sure Galaxy S II owners won't have too long to wait.

Source: @SamsungTomorrow; via: The Verge


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March 10 Galaxy S II ICS upgrade date posted in error, says Samsung Korea


the ICS launch has been a complete comedy of errors and a disaster. really ridiculous. from the botched limited G-Nex launch with the dumb Verizon exclusive, the lack of an ICS update for devices including the Nexus S, to now the starts and fits and fumbles like this.

Google - if you want to get your newest most advanced most powerful OS out into the hands of people - how about trying a little harder?

do you hear me Rubin???????????????????????

The only nexus s that didn't get the update is the 4g (Sprint version) correct? I'd assume that has less to do with samsung/google and more to do with Sprint approving the software and assuring that no free wifi-tethering is possible with standard software since they announced their tiered hotspot plan. That...and it has to do with writing good drivers for the wimaxx do have to pay the time cost of updating devices once they deviate from standard formats. Lastly, it kind of makes sense that less effort is put into updating the one version of a two year old phone that didn't sell as comparatively well as the Galaxy S II...there's like a billion of those things out there, so you have to cater to the masses

LOL Gekko you always picking on Rubin LOL but i love it you wrote a similar response last week pertaining to another ICS issue. Google is becoming a joke with regards to handling ICS updates and phones.


The very nature of Android is the cause of this confusion. Anything that isn't a flagship device relies on the respective manufacturer to get the update sorted. What I don't get is why the nexus s hasn't yet been updated. That's Google's remit isn't it?

waiting for ICS is just boring now news here about it coming out tomorrow and then an error samsung has to do a better job come on now we are waiting!!!!!!!

I think they realized "hey wait, we're Samsung, we don't update phones quickly, let's add another month or two."

You have to remember that the people they (carriers, google, and manufacturers) are thinking about when they release new operating system software are the very NON-savvy users. There are plenty of people that bought a galaxy s II that have never been to an android forum and couldn't even tell you which version of android they are using. So if one of these people gets a bad experience from an OTA update it all falls back on the carrier, google, and manufacturers. It's many hours of wasted time trying to troubleshoot basic problems.

I've been running ICS in some shape or form on my Nexus S 4g since October and it runs like a dream for the most part. It's not that the phone can't handle it. It's the phone users. :-)

Everybody Root. Problem solved. I have been running ICS for months on my Inspire 4G. A phone that will never see an official ICS release.

I really thought that Samsung would have timely updates for their "flagship" Galaxy S II lineup. Its obvious to me now that they don't give a shit about their customers.

My guess is they're actually looking at an October 3rd date. Most of the world uses, day, month, year....

i always like going with the galaxy s series cuz its the powerfulest but seriously if they dont update soon i think im just gonna start going with REAL unlocked nexuses not that fake verizon one. yea i know u can root which i am but i hate using broken roms and theres barely a ics alpha for my tmo gs2 nothing works just the bare minimum. barely boots up

Aaaaaah! I wasn't bothered about when it was coming until they said it was coming this weekend.

Right! there are three weeks of march to go and after that point we will have entered the Q2 of the year. If it hasn't come by then I'll have a whole lot of angry fist shaking to be done.

Until then i'm the centre of Zen calm

I think we're missing the point here: Samsung is a manufacturer launching new devices every three months or so which makes more rewarding for them to include newer version of Android SO into new devices to encourage new buyers in; so from Samsung's point of view the SII it's so last year that they'll make not profit for upgrading them

Oddly Apple supposly greediest of them all can handle updates for device for 3 years. Everyone say that it's because they got only few iOS products, but if you divide those products in to generations they actually handling 8 different devices at one time (including newly announce iPad). So i don't think so thats it if Android supposely be freedom and less greedy.

I think real issue is 3 head leadership on updates (2 for unlockted devices) where Apple say no for 3rd party software modifications, Android update process is much harder then iOS.

Why CynamogenMod guys are faster? They don't care about casual users because they don't use CM. Where software companies deal there minds about casuals user experience, casual user expect things to work out of the box not need of hacking device. Besides they just using single set of stack Android with some extra apps.

So the update comes from Samsung for all S2's or non US countries? I have AT&T version and I thought that the update had to come from them?

You have to wait for Samsung to push the update out worldwide. Then they give it to AT&T who says, put the bloat on if for us, they then have to make sure it works with bloat, then you get it pushed to you.

Apple updates don't include all features for all phones, not all phones get updates. Og iPhone is on what, 2.0? iphone 4 still no siri.
Yes they will always be better at timely updates, but be real.

Waiting patiently for ICS on Skyrocket, but liely will own a SGSIII before update is available.

Sounds like Google is having tech issues with ICS upgrades as it is...why phones are still launching with Gingerbread

At the top on Convo it was stated that every NEXUS S has received ICS OTA except the NEXUS S 4G, THIS IS FALSE us i9020a model NEXUS S owners have not received the update @ all. The ppl saying just don't worry about the update and Root your NEXUS S need to realize that Alot of ppl just bought a NEXUS S when it was announced to be getting the update and because of it supposedly getting the update first as advertised. So these devices are still covered under warranty and Rooting voids your warranty. If your gonna void your warranty and something goes wrong your shit outta luck and have to pay for another phone outta pocket so you might as well of paid the extra cash and got a GALAXY NEXUS, Doesn't make sense to take the chance and risk it. I'm on the verge of taking more drastic matters with Google related to the NEXUS S i9020a update issue if we don't get it within the next few days as they have screwed up in a major way treating us NEXUS S Owners to nothing but lies and putting us on the back burner as they were out partying (Rubin) and making deals with Crackberry and everything else they were upto when they should have been dealing with supporting the ppl who made them the millions they were busy out blowing. -KID ANDROID NEXUS S I9020A / ACER ICONIA A500.

Galaxy S II owners just look back at the OG Epic escapades to see what you're in for. This should last for another 9 months or so.

As I Sit here with my Sprint EVO 4G and contemplate which Samsung Phone I'm going to get. It becomes evidently obvious that I need just to wait for the Galaxy Note to come to sprint so I don't get blood pressure up from stuff like the above.