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Lookout Mobile Security is one of the most popular security apps available on Android -- you can read our full review of it here

An announcement from Lookout to its users today confirms that it will be introducing a premium service in the near future, making some of the free features available for a price. 

While Lookout hasn't said what the premium service will include, it did provide these details:

  • A free version of Lookout will continue to be available
  • Existing users of Lookout will continue to get all the features they enjoy right now for free, for the life of the account
  • The premium version will be specifically to Android at the beginning, with other platforms to follow

A pretty good deal if you ask us. Lookout offers some great features and the fact that existing users can enjoy the product free of charge after the premium version comes out only emphasizes the need for customers to try this out. If you haven't tried Lookout yet, find the link and the QR code to follow. For a full look at the announcement, check after the break. [Lookout]

We're excited to let you know that we'll be releasing Lookout Mobile Security Premium for Android later this year. We will continue to offer our award-winning free Lookout product and we will be adding a premium offering for those of you who want added protection. While we can't reveal the details of the Premium version just yet, we can tell you what will happen for our existing users.

For you, nothing changes-- unless you want it to! Because you are an existing Lookout user you can continue to use the same great Lookout product you know and love for as long as you want, free of charge. While we will continue to offer a free product, a few of our free features will become premium features for new users. Existing users like yourself will get to keep using those features free of charge for the life of your account. If you are interested in upgrading to the new Premium product, you'll have the option to do that. And if you change your mind, you can always go back to what you have today for free.

Here's How it Will Work:
- We will continue to have a great free version of Lookout
- Lookout Premium will be coming out soon (more details, including price, to come)
- You'll have the option to upgrade to Lookout Premium
- For existing users, you get to continue using all the features in your Free product today, for the life of your account
- Note: The first version of Lookout Premium will be for Android users only. Additional platforms will follow.

When we release more information about Lookout Premium, you'll be first to know. Stay tuned and thank you for supporting Lookout. If you have any questions, please send us a note at support@mylookout.com.

In the meantime, tell your friends to sign up for Lookout now!

John Hering
CEO, Lookout Mobile Security


Reader comments

Lookout Mobile Security planning to add a premium service


I got this announcement too. Its all very mysterious.

It seems like there are any number of features they could add, but in the security area they have all the bases pretty well covered now.

Locate, Scream, and Wipe. What more can you ask?
Have it call 911 and report itself stolen? Take pictures? Record voice phone calls? Fetch the phone's WIFI public and private IPs?

The current virus scanning stuff seems a tad suspect. I've never even heard of a virus on Android yet. Has anyone actually seen those scans trigger on anything? What about the media and files people put on the phone? Are they scanned?

People should download the app now before they charge you for the same thing unless they have a special feature

I never got the email. Ive only used to app for about a week. Hopefully I get it soon, since my last name starts with a W. Im hoping im further down the list.

I downloaded it but after the download my battery started dying really fast so I uninstalled.

Maybe it was something else but I did do a test on the Scream and Location and noticed that I could turn down the siren sound from the phone.

This is an amazing app. I tested all it's functionality, and it does what it says it does...i located my phone via GPS and wireless approximation and both worked great, the siren is very very loud!!!

Not to mention that the UI is incredibly simple!!! This is app is great free, but even would be one I would pay for for. I just hope their pricing is reasonable to ensure growth!

Great...yet another article about an app in search of a problem, whose developers deliberately spread FUD in an attempt to fear us into using their product, and who trash the rep of an innocent developer in the process. No thanks.

Got the email about it this morning from the Lookout CEO, I think I'm going to uninstall this (I know free version will remain on existing customers) since the antivirus part really isn't needed but the location and backups are useful.