LG Optimus Vu and Samsung Galaxy Note

The LG Optimus Vu has appeared in a picture next to the Samsung Galaxy Note, giving us all a great side by side look at the next phablet to hit the pipeline.  As we can see from the picture, the Vu's overall size is pretty close to the Note, meaning both are big, bold, and in your face.  The 5.3-inch Note is slightly taller than the Vu, but the latter's 4:3 aspect ratio makes it the wider of the two.  The unofficial specs are said to be a 1024x768 display, a dual-core Qualcomm WPQ8060 processor running at 1.5GHz, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of ROM, and an 8-megapixel camera.

We still don't know much more about this one, but now that it's showing off for the camera we expect we will see it at Mobile World Congress in a week or so.  The real question remains -- is the world ready for a phone this big, or are we entering the tablet space once we go past ginormous on the size chart?

Source: HelloAdam100 blog; via UnwiredView

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rchap says:

That thing looks big and ugly.

memphisboy says:

The bigger they make these things, the more tempted I am to purchase....

EggoEspada says:

Is this LG's attempt to 'best' Samsung again? Because it's not going to work. Samsung really hit the sweet spot with the Note. And personally, I feel 5" -- especially at a 4:3 ratio -- is just an awkwardly large phone. I seriously would like to know what goes through LG's head when they make these "flagship" phones. And of course, I do not want to get into how poorly done their UI is. Maybe I'm alone here, but whenever I hear the name 'LG', I tend to want to stay completely clear of whatever they are trying to sell.

/end rant

moelsen says:

that thing is incredibly fugly. the note intrigues me, it's sexy, and juuuust at the top range of being a practical phone. but wider definitely isn't better. i don't want a square phone.

IceDree says:

Fugly doesn't even describe this monstrosity

What happened to LG & their unique designs?

I want phones like the LG Chocolate & the Chocolate 2 !!! Now that was unique phone, a bit oddly shaped but nice

tommydaniel says:

It is unique, it's the only smartphone to be released with a 4:3 ratio in a long time.

Shawheim says:

actually Pantech put out a 4:3 ratio phone about a month ago.


What the hell was LG thinking, or smoking?!

briankurtz79 says:

I think I'm on the wrong site. Is that the ipad mini?!

btc0526 says:

Holy bezel!

Geikamir says:

I like size of the screen personally, but I agree. That bezel is way too much.

mmahavok69 says:

This huge Fugly Piece of crap looks like a bad rip off of the Note and the new nokia windows phones!!!

Who the hell is going to want a phone that big and wide with sharp corners??? I don't see how that thing is pocketable.

LG has really taking a down turn with its smartphones (appliances too). Keep this up and Samsung might own you or parts of you in a few years LG.

Oh and your UI theme over android is like a super bad version of touchwhiz! I'm suprised samsung didn't sue you for it... Oh wait, they relized you might not have any money to pay them..lol

Timelessblur says:

Not a fan of the 4:3 ratio for phones. I also am really hoping that this new huge format does become not the norm.

schrochem says:

Well that was LG's answer to the Note, now where is HTC's? I'm interested in something similar to the Note but want to see what HTC comes up with.

IceDree says:

Or Motorola's

I just hope HTC's response is NOT a Sensation with a giant screen. They played out the Sensation's design theme especially the front panel

briankurtz79 says:

Yeah maybe if HTC can make phones bigger they'll have room to make them thinner and hopefully lighter. I think my evo ways as much as my g tab.

schrochem says:

Yes, that's what I'd like to see. 5.3" with a thin bezel and a thin thickness. Thickness and weight are going to be more of a 'problem' for me as a pocket user. I actually cut out some cardboard as a mock up of the Note dimensions (I know.....)and the size isn't a problem for me, so I say bring on the 5.3" :)

Are we sure this is legit? Would LG really steal samsung's icons like that? Maybe this is a knock off.

IceDree says:

Nah, that's just their Optimus UI theme
it goes way back to their S-Class OS

zer0nine says:

Dat resolution.

planoman says:

Too wide. Cannot hold with one hand (Difficult to wrap you thumb and fingers around the width). The Gnote has better dimensions.

Taz89 says:

lol the skin looks almost exactly the same...

leews24 says:

I can read Korean and thats definitely not Vu.
It's more like Optimus View.
unless LG already said its Vu

leicashot says:

Too wide. My note is incredible and even that is just that little bit too wide. A five inch screen would be nice with slightly less wide profile, between the Nexus and Note.

hmmm says:

I personally wouldn't purchase one but I think it is pretty cool that the choice is there.

It doesn't look 4:3 to me. I feel like 4:3 would still be a little more square. Must just be an optical illusion or something.

kicoman says:

Kudos to them. Since I am 6-6 300lbs. I have huge meathooks. Love the fact this will finally be a good fit.. no more feminine punk phones. Have enough.

rockm says:

would say samsung...but that starbucks cup killed it..apple of coffee

cenkaetaya says:

That phone is way too wide.

I have Galaxy Note and i think if it was 3mm less wide it would be a lot better. I can just barely text with 1 hand on my note, and having it be just a tiny bit less wide would make it a lot less.

bama4life916 says:

Both are too big for my taste.

vinny jr says:

The Note IMO is a much better looking and the size is better proportioned then the LG. The LG is just too wide when you compare it to the Note. I have been reading many opinions of the Note, some say the AT&T version has allot more lag when compared to the European version. I am sure it is the processor, the European model doesn't have the LTE radio so it's processor is different and much faster. If I was to buy the Note I would want the one with the LTE radio because where I live AT&T has their LTE up and running but the advanced back haul isn't turned on for their HSPA+. Who would figure no HSPA+ but LTE. If the Advanced back haul was turned on for their HSPA+ I would take the European model for sure. I like the battery life and HSPA+ with the Advanced Back Haul is plenty fast. I wish AT&T would concentrate on their Advanced Back Haul and get it up everywhere, without the Advanced Back Haul there is no fast speeds.