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Has the whole world gone 3D? Sure looks like it's headed that way. And first out of the gate is LG with the Optimus 3D. We first saw this phone at Mobile World Congress in February, and it'll be coming to AT&T as the LG Thrill sometime this quarter.

We got our hands on an evaluation unit at Google IO, and things are pretty much right where we left off. It's got a 4.3-inch touchscreen and is powered by a TI OMAP dual-core processor, with dual-channel memory. LG trumpets it as the most powerful phone around -- more powerful than the Samsung Galaxy S II, they say. Navigating around LG's custom user interface, it feels snappy enough, even for an unfinished device. We're not worried about lag in the least. But it's 3D where this puppy really starts to shine.

So, about that 3D thing. The Optimus 3D has a pair of 5MP stereoscopic cameras on the back (with a flash, too). They work in tandem to record 3D video and take 3D pictures. And of course you need a screen to actually show them, and the Optimus 3D delivers.

It's kind of tough to really demonstrate the 3D effects without actually seeing them. Don't think of it as a holographic experience, where images leap off the screen. Rather, the screen is the focal point, and you get a neat sense of depth within the images. Gimmicky? Maybe a little. Or more than a little. But someone had to be first. And LG has done the right thing by not just giving you a screen on which to watch 3D content, but the means to create 3D content, too. And did we mention you don't need crazy 3D glasses here?

There's a dedicated "3D" button where you might normally find a camera button that takes you to a special menu (in 3D, of course). From there you have quick access to 3D games and apps, a 3D guide, YouTube 3D (you can upload your own 3D videos right to it), a 3D gallery and the 3D camera. Think of it as a three-dimensional quick launcher.

Oh, but there's more. It'll record the 3D video in 720p -- and will do 2D video in 1080p. Yowzers. And it can play back video via the HDMI port, or over DLNA.

Those are the broad strokes, people. But our early impressions are that even if you think 3D is a passing fad, the Optimus 3D is a solid smartphone, in any dimension. We've got more pics and video after the break.

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LG Optimus 3DLG Optimus 3D

LG Optimus 3DLG Optimus 3D

LG Optimus 3D


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LG Optimus 3D initial review and hands-on


Great Job Phil. Thanks for being a trooper and kicking this out last night when getting back to the hotel.

"but somebody had to be first" well Sharp was with the Lynx 3D in Japan.. Not that that'll prevent LG from claiming to be first, and at least LG is trying to market this worldwide unlike Sharp haha (and has 2 cameas making recording 3D content much less awkward). Pretty much a useless gimmick from my own usage of the Lynx 3D, I haven't used 3D content or taken a 3D pic in MONTHS.

hi; really waiting this phone to hold in my hands -but i need to know some points first like:
1-resolution of the front camera
2-the screen is scratch resistant or not
3-what's the audio form that used when record a video (amr or aac) ?
4-what's the total Ram (while it's dual memory)!!
5- does it has a FM transmitter?? (i saw it at one review on youtube)
plz plz give me an answer

How come you didnt leave the part of you explaining why it was a 3G SIM and not 4G?

You cut it out as soon as youre about to explain......

Alright guys I have to tell you that I am one of the luckiest people in the world right now.. I went to the LG event last night after IO and I got the only phone I wanted at IO which is this one.. I now own this phone so lets get a lil more into it.. I am actually using it on tmo and the phones were using tmo at the conference.. Yes it supports HSPA+. This phone is amazing.. It is so fast and snappy and the 3d games are amazing.. Not sure on the front resolution. The rear is dual 5 mps. The screen is gorilla glass and it is amazing..not sure on the audio form but it is using the H.264 standard video. And it supports both jps and mvo files for 3d pictures. I have a spec sheet and I will list it up later or I will send it to the guys. And yes it does have an fm radio app on it.. so yes it does have fm capability.

Btw I have to say that I seen both the Evo 3d and this one.. And I own this one.. I have to say that lg with all thier experience with tv's has done an amazing job with this one.. The 3d is perfect and it is easy and rad to look at.. I found myself very much so not being able to adjust to the evo 3d. It is like those hologram things back in the day where you look one way and it is one image you turn it to the other side and it is a different one but if you had it in the middle you will get blurry images of both, that is what the htc evo 3d is like.. lg had done thier homework and it shows..

thank you very much man and congratulations - i am really interested to have this great devise that's why i am asking for some features of it -and i'll be glad if you add me to have some talk - also i want you to send that sheet you have mentioned for the phone features
nahedd_h@yahoo.com -
greeting :)

Anyone have any idea how to get your blurays or other movies that are 3D to work on this phone? There's the side-by-side 3D movies but how do those get handled on the phone?

Dear Android Central,

Please stop calling what everyone else in the review game refers to as a "quick look" or "first impression" an "Initial Review". Please stop the review smoke in our eyes.

Signed, rexdeaz.

He's claiming "initial review" shouldn't be used. That it should be called a first look or something. I think it is simple semantics and the casual viewer understands an "intial review" is a first look.

where are the pics??link of picasa pls!!

p.s. i sent you an email ;) hope you can answer to that few questions.

WOW! Doul camera 5Megapexels on the back and 3D and Dual core! and 4.3 inch screen, SO everyone now copycat the LEADER of them all the HTC EVO 4G and the EVO 3D. And when the EVO 4G released everyone was saying it`s ugly and too big of a phone, am wondering what next
Sprint comes with so everyone will do the same.

I wonder if we are we going to see more of the LG Optimus 3D in the Augmented reality arena! - This new Android Smartphone MUST be a winner when AR is in question. Looking forward to seeing what is going to be developed for this cool phone using AR.

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