The front of all three colors of the LG G3

There's a lot that's been leaked about the LG G3, but this one really takes the cake. It seems that somebody at LG Netherlands pushed the wrong button and accidentally published their full LG G3 product page. As of publishing time at least part of page was still surprisingly online, revealing the full specs and many of the new features we can expect to find in the LG G3. Our Dutch comrades were able to learn a bit more about the software that you'll find on the phone, so there's some new stuff you'll find after the break.

There's a lot we've already learned about the LG G3, so we'll recap that here. The screen is a big 5.5-inch number with an eye-popping 2560x1440 resolution. The updated user interface will be quite a bit flatter than before, in line with the updates made in recent iterations of Android. The official case will have an officially round hole. There will be a Snapdragon 801 processor, a 13 megapixel camera with optical stabilization, and a removable 3000mAh battery, at least if an internal LG presentation is correct. We even know its precise dimensions: 146.3mm tall, 74.7mm wide, and 8.9mm thick.

The back side of the gold, black, and white LG G3

As for what's new, the leak from the Netherlands contradicts the earlier leak, stating that there will be 2GB of RAM (instead of 3GB) and 16GB for storage (earlier it was 32GB). It's possible there could be multiple models with higher storage capacities, but differing amounts of RAM seems unlikely in our eyes.

Additionally, we've been wondering what might be behind the black shield on the other side of the camera lens from the flash, and though on the LG G Flex that's where the IR blaster resides, it seems we'll also find an autofocus laser behind there as well. The laser is presumably also infrared, which most smartphone camera sensors are capable of picking up but the human eye cannot see. The camera software has also been updated, taking on a "Touch & Shoot" mode that removes unnecessary controls from the interface — not quite as simplified as the camera interface of the Moto X, but still an improvement.

The LG G3's simplified camera interface

Software-wise the leak revealed that LG's customizations will see you getting "tips based on the status of your phone, your behavior, and the locations where you are", which sounds a lot like Google Now to us. There's also a "Quick Circle" feature that will put your six most-used apps in a convenient circle (LG's got a thing for circles these days, eh?) and a revamped custom LG keyboard.

The LG G3 will be officially unveiled tomorrow, and we're sure there's more to learn — especially on the software front — so be sure to check back in then for all the latest.

Source: LG Netherlands Via: Androidworld,


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LG G3 specs and features revealed in Dutch leak: lasers, circles, and UI


Today my G2 asked me if I really needed to upgrade.
I said no.
Then my G2 jumped into overdrive and bled every game that came is way.
No stutters.

Think he is trying to make some snide comment about the 801 processor running 2k and how it might possibly stutter. Even though no one has a real clue because the phone isn't even out. Just justifying his purchase and envious of everyone that'll have the g3 that's all.

Posted via Android Central App

Wow! So it's practically the same height as the m8, a little wider, and thinner. All while squeezing in 1/2 an inch more of screen space! My decision for my upgrade just got harder!

Posted via Android Central App

4 mm wider is more than little. Ok I understand you get the bigger screen, but to be fair 5" is more than enough. Im term of height, they seem to be the same, but again you get the awesome BoomSound. In terms of size I still think M8 is the better choice. Let's not forget the same 801 with the same Gpu adreno pushing a QHD. It's up to you buddy.

Another valid point. The 801/303 combo is pushing a QHD instead of 1080p- almost double the pixels. I would expect some natural slowdown or stuttering.

The only suggestion I can make is to test out a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, since that contains a snapdragon 800 driving a 2560x1600 display running Samsung's UI no less.

Posted via Android Central App

When we're talking these-sized dimensions, 4mm either way isn't much. I'd much rather have a mini device with flagship specs like Sony's, but apparently that is too much to ask for these days *cough* HTC, Samsung, LG *cough*.

It's becoming less and less of a monster phone and more of just another "flagship device" with similar specs other than screen compared to the Htc, sony, and Samsung devices

I haven't been paying attention to the leaks since it came out that it would have a 5.5 inch screen with higher resolution- I expected an 805 to power that kind of display. I think I'm going to stay away from this phone, mostly due to the size, but I'm also weary of battery life with the increased resolution.

Exactly what I was thinking. And LG tips mimicking Google now? Are you kidding me lg? Why spend time when we already have Google now. Instead of making your ugly ui and copying useless Samsung, go the Motorola way in software.

I know what the reply will be from others. Samsung makes money and Motorola doesn't. Facepalm!!

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See where you fail is calling Samsung useless. Many people find it useful. The only thing that "cripples" (and I use the term very loosely, the X is the bad camera and the need to "hunt" for apps. Samsung, LG and even HTC have phones that come with features that people want, and use, right out of the box.

For what it is, the X is an awesome phone. I do not subscribe to the fact that we need MOAR SPECS to make a phone run well. But it is the features and stuff "just working" right out of the box that draws consumers in.

So what value it adds by developing features like s voice or help(whatever lg calls it) or various other features that are already present in Google?

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To me and you? None. We prefer Google Now and we know about it.
To the average consumer, they barely know that Google Now exists. They see S Voice as Siri
To the OEMs, it keeps you sucked into the ecosystem so they can get a piece of the revenue.

On the other hand, I would take the camera app on the LG or Samsung over the Stock Google app any day and twice on Sunday. Chome is not as good as webkit browsers. Samsung and LG have loads of features not present in Stock phones.

I do agree that some google apps should not be replaced and are a waste to replace, but you cannot call them useless.

NoNsense has his own agenda. Rarely is there any basis in fact.

Samsung's Bloatwiz is well known and appropriately vilified among a broad group of editorials.

As codiusprime cites with the above link, most of those so called features are not used and only serve to clog up functionality.

Dutchies <3

Quite a bad step, the LG G3 page is still online.. Weird it has Android 4.2.2 KitKat (according to their site)..

I'm liking this phone the more and more it is leaked. Can't wait to play with one in store.

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And $650 unlocked price. ...
I guess it is the oneplus one or moto x+1 for me now.

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@patstar5 - I was also between the OnePlus and Moto x+1. The heck with OnePlus and their contests/invites. I'm leaning toward a x+1 or the G3 if by some miracle they price it at $500 US.

So a minor bump in processor. See no need to jump from g2 to g3. Super screen with crap specs. No thanks. . I'll wait for G3 Prime.

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This phone is not meant for people who already own a powerful device like the G2.

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Precisely, the G2ers are still on their contracts, so the G3 doesn't really need to blow the G2 out of the water anyways.

Yet when Sammy does the exact same thing, people forgot about this very same point and heavily scrutinize them for not making "the most earth shattering smart phone everrrrrr" LOL

'crap specs'. I hope that was said as a joke. They clearly are not crap specs at all. What processor would you put in it then? The 805 that isn't ready for launch properly yet?

Aside from all the spec hate and UI. The phone looks friggin gorgeous. That super slim bezel is f** sexy.

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You all do know that the 805 chip does not have the LTE modem build into it, which means a separate chip, which means it needs more space, which means higher costs for the handset manufacturer, I am sure the 801 will handle the screen resolution just fine. Plus the 805 is not ready for prime time for smartphones just yet, maybe tablets. I say the 808/810 will be a better option for device makers next year, or later this year, like October onward.

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Agreed. Can't wait for the reviews to say how fast this phone is. I'm not even getting this phone but I'm tired of people saying lag lag as if LG forgot to ask their permission

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Sorry but your wrong, it actually is bumped up to cat 6 connectivity, where as the 800 & 801 us cat 5 connectivity.

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noob question (i never dealt with lg) do lg phones have a skin? like tw and sense? if so, is it better than those or same ish? or are they following their nexus 5...?

Yes. It's basically a slightly improved rip off of TouchWiz. I'd say it's better than TouchWiz (barely), but nowhere near as good as Sense or stock.

EDIT: But someone is going to reply to this telling you how easy it was to root the G2 and put Cyanogen or something on it and that it doesn't really matter. Personally, I'm over all of that stuff and would much rather buy a phone that doesn't require me to immediately remove all of the software. Since there are options now, it's stupid to buy an Android device if you hate the skin.

Totally agree with you, the stock experience shouldn't make you want to slap a custom ROM on it, but the stock G2 is just awful. Never been a fan of TouchWiz, Sense has turned into something that's finally really solid and a real value add for the consumer, and I've never played with a Sony phone so no idea what it's like as a daily driver. Personally, after a week, I was screaming to get the stock 4.4.2 off my G2 and jumped to CM11. It shouldn't be needed these days, but in my case, it really was. Just running Nova Launcher wasn't enough to overcome the bizarre UI for the settings.

Agreed. I love stock and typically hate skins and I've been using Sense for almost two months now on my M8. The option to convert it to a GPE is there, but I just haven't felt the need to take it yet. That's why when I'm asked by a general consumer I'll always recommend the M8 simply because the experience is a good one straight out of the box. LG has very little to offer in their UI other than knock on/off, so I don't really see the point of it. Lightweight, aesthetically pleasing UIs are beginning to take over. Even Samsung had to make TouchWiz slightly better looking in fear that their customers might someday use another smartphone and realize what they're missing out on. LG doesn't have the advertising budget or sales that Samsung has, though, so plastering such a half-assed UI on their phones is doing them no good whatsoever. What's sad is that the hardware is there, but the software is so bad that it negates it.

INORITE?? The specs and performance on my G2 is more than I could have expected for a $400 phone. Given that it was the same price as the Nexus 5, it was a no brainer for me. If LG could get a software team that knew how to do UX correctly, they'd do much better in sales I think. Sense 6 (at least on my M7) was beyond enjoyable. A great experience and all the settings were right where I'd expect them coming from a GPE experience. Oh well, I have great hardware and now decent enough software that using this phone is a joy.

$400 for a G2 is phenomenal, especially if you're the type of person who roots and roms. I also really like LG's hardware and design (almost no bezel is awesome). But, yeah, that software. I know how to root and rom fairly well, but I've gotten so used to OTA updates and generally great out of the box experiences that I don't want to go back to getting rid of OEM software and installing my own. I don't think it would be that difficult for LG to strip down their UI, keep the great features they've implemented, and bank. I just don't understand these OEMs most of the time.

So now it has the same RAM as the G2, and less memory than the G2? I really hope this isn't true. Guess we'll find out tomorrow.

I just snagged a G2 to replace my M7 and couldn't be happier with it (and the stunningly low price on it). It's been said elsewhere the G3 isn't much of a temptation for anyone with a G2, and I think that's a valid point. I'll echo the concern about an 801 driving that display, but with a replaceable battery that might not be a big problem. Looks nice and I'll be interested to see what LG can do with their software to make it a better experience than the G2 is. Slapping CM11 on my G2 turned it from a good phone into a great one. For anyone stuck between the GS5, M8, Z2, this adds a real competitor to that contest. Nice LG. Looking forward to seeing the presentation this week.

The current G2 is a boss and I have it, but let's see if I can be tempted to upgrade this year.

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16gb of int storage for their best device for 2014??? Keep it, just trash in my opinion. Total ridiculous to build a top of the line flag ship phone with a pathetic 16gb of int storage. Todays manufacturers have no idea how to build a top quality device. The longer people keep buying trash and don't complain the longer this junk keeps coming at us. Websites who get these phones to break them down should be honest and quit kissing butt, any modern flagship phone with 16gb on int storage is a phone that in a very short time will be laggy, sluggish and out of int memory. Keep It.

I agree first the s5 launched with only 16gb and now the G3? At least give us the option on launch day to buy 32gb internal storage I have the G2 and was considering getting the G3 but if it has only 16gb even with an SD card I will pass.

Posted via Android Central App

Hmm I am hearing different things so I will not make a decision until tomorrow when it is officially released.

Posted via my DROID MAXX

So no 3GB of RAM after all?! Was looking forward to that over G2. Looks like I'm sticking with my G2 until maybe I find a G3 on CL or eBay down the road for a good price. Need to keep my Verizon Unlimited and I'm not paying retail as my ROM'd and rooted G2 is doing fantastic.

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Well, I never had luck with LG
My current LG G2 is unreliable after KK update.
I am looking forward to replace it in few days.

I hope Nexus 6 (if there is one) gets similar specs

Depend on in what issues to the having, it high be easily solvable! Don't give up on a great phone because of it!

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I hope there is no Nexus 6, but that is besides the point. Have you done a factory reset since you updated? Generally that solves 90% of the issues. The G2 is a good phone, sorry it is not working out for ya

I just had to fix my wife's note 3 on Verizon - also problems after the KK update few days ago. I wiped cache and seems to be fine for now. Some issues are still there but much better. You can't dismiss the whole brand based on that experience - there are always problems w Android updates :)
VZW Moto X

Its funny people complaining about a phone they never used. Complaining about battery life yet you haven't used the phone, about cpu and the screen. Until you actually used the phone or played with you cant say the battery life no good enough or cpu is too slow for the handset. Nonsensical thinking if i didn't know better i would say the average age on here is 15.

What about the 16gb of internal memory ? What excuse do you have for that considering last year it was 32gb. Unacceptable for a 2014 flagship as others have said.

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Well, there's different leaks from different sources so everyone is complaining about the space but nothing has been official. Take all leaks with a grain of salt no matter how reliable a source has been in the past because you never know where someone has gotten it wrong.

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You are the first comment I have read out of 80 that made the first lick of sense.
The rest of these assholes are just flipping their lips about nothing

Htc m8 was said to start with 16gb and people flipped s**t, then it turned out it was only for select markets. After all, the Dutch model could be different than the US one.

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The main difference between the 805 and the 800/801 is that it was built for 4K. Mark explains “the 805 was designed with 4K in mind. It was plumbed all the way through to support 4K including the thermal hit”. The improved thermal management has also led to better energy efficiency, quite how much that will impact the battery life of phones and tablets remains to be seen

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Light to Moderate users, your 48 hours away from being able to buy this beautiful phone.
Power users you will *Regret* buying this phone.. Unless something is pressing you to get a new device now.. My advice is to wait.. give it 60 days.. Let the news on the M8 Prime, Samsung Prime, Note 4, and believe it or not LG-G3 Prime ( They are going to have to update to the 805 chipset this fall..) take focus. or live with this device for 6 months and prepare to "Jump" if you are lucky enough to be on T-Mobile around X-Mas time. Let's just say it's Beautiful but it's shortcoming are going to crop up very quickly.. :-) I hate saying this as I'm an LG G-Pad 8.3 owner but it is what it is.. a Tweener phone that's too early for the 805 chipset, but LG HAD to get on the same release cycle as Samsung and HTC.. thus 1440P and no 805 chipset to run it.. and that's too bad. Just seen the specs on the M8 Ace.. 801, 1080P, 13MP Camera, 2Gigs of Ram releasing June 3rd and under $500.00? not bad.

60 days? Really? By the time the so called prime phones come out there will be rumors of phones with 810.... Should they wait then also?

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In all honesty there probably won't be, considering how well qualcomm was able to get the 805 out to market lol

Posted via Android Central App

Do you think Qualcomm works on LG's schedule? Your comment is emotional..
It's LG's problem.. Changing there release timetable backwards 3 months.. That's why they're missing out on the chipset that was designed for 2K 1440P.. And force to use the 801.. Don't worry, you can turn around and buy the prime edition of the G3 with the proper Snapdragon 805 chipset installed this fall.

LOL!!! Way to misinterpret my comment! Yours was really "emotional." perhaps pay attention to context and who I'm replying to next time?
Posted via Android Central App

Then don't wait...
It's your money or name on the contract for the G3.. If you don't see issue with the 801/ 330 pushing 2K at it's best then enjoy your G3... And did I not preface my comment by saying "if you don't have a pressing need"…. You seem *froggy* so Show Up Wednesday and grab yourself a shinny new G3..Don't let my words linger in the back of your mind...

Funny how people complain about the 801 when the One Plus One has a 2k display with the 801 and runs fine with great battery life.

How is differing amounts of RAM unlikely? Samsung Galaxy S3 anyone? Looks like LG is saving the better version for Korea and giving the rest of the world a dumbed down version just like the G2.

I remember at one point there was a rumor that a 16GB variant would have 2GB RAM and 32GB variant would have 3GB RAM. Which, is the same approach that Oppo took with the Find 7a and Find 7, respectively. But, Oppo used different SoC's with those phones. 2.3GHz 801 in the 7a, 2.5GHz 801 in the 7. And 5.5 1080p on the 7a, QHD 5.5 on the 7. LG being a bigger company, maybe they're doing the more storage means more RAM approached. We'll see!

Has anyone heard anything about this being a PenTile display or some other tech intended to reduce power consumption and GPU load? Just wondering what, if anything, LG's done to address those concerns in regards to the pairing of the relatively older 801 SOC and the quad-HD display???

801's not that old. It's the same GPU from the 800. And the 800 was also used in 2560x1600 devices like the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.3 and larger models as well as the LTE model of the Note 10.1(2014 ed.). So in terms of GPU performance, this will power the screen well considering the 801's Adreno 330 GPU is something like 128MHz faster than the Snapdragon 800's same Adreno 330. In terms of power consumption..LETS WAIT AND SEE!