LG G3 Quick Circle Case

Form meets function with this must-have case for the LG G3

A phone that stands out as much as the LG G3 — buttons on the back! — is worthy of a case that also catches the eye. And that's just what you get with the LG G3 Circle Case.

We're actually going to take a look at two cases here. There's a folio case, which you're more likely to see here in the United States. It fits atop the back of the G3, without removing the battery cover. And then there's the wireless charging Quick Circle case, which works the same way but replaces the stock back cover and adds, well, wireless charging.

And we'll also talk puppies. Specifically, popping puppies.

The LG G3 Quick Circle Folio case

So here's the deal. As has been the trend the past few years, the Quick Circle Case protects your phone with a plastic back shell, as well as covers the screen with a folio cover. The trendy part comes with exposing part of the display so that you can get some information as well as continue to interact with the phone, even with the cover closed. While that's been a popular design (Samsung uses the same sort of thing with its S View Flip Case, and HTC sort of did the same — only way cooler — with the Dot View case), it's been hit and miss. Plastic windows tend to get gunked up pretty easily. But LG's made its cutout a true cutout — you're seeing and touching the display directly.

The circle is 2 inches in diameter, giving you (pauses to do some fifth-grade math) about 3.14 square inches of real estate. That leaves room for a sizable analog clock face that feeds you the day and date, as well as notifications. You swipe that clock face to get to any Quick Circle-friendly application shortcuts, such as the camera, LG Health's fitness app, Puppy Pop (if it's installed), and the settings. You can have up to six apps installed at one time for Quick Circle functionality — you manage them in the system settings. The Quick Circle settings also lets you choose from one of nine clock faces — each of which looks better than anything we've seen in Android Wear thus far.

One other nice piece of functionality: You can still double-tap the display through the hole to wake the phone. Or use the power button like a peasant. Your call.

The case itself is pretty straightforward. The folio version snaps onto the phone — and it snaps on pretty darn tightly. This isn't a case you're going to want to be taking on and off with any frequency. The shell is a sturdy plastic, with that sort of ridged texture that makes a cool song when you scratch it. (And we've spent way too much time doing it.) The hinge is excellent, allowing the front cover to rest against the back of the phone (when opened) without springing back against your hand and making it hard to type. The shell adds just a little bit of size to the phone, including on the front, where it wraps around the body. But it still retains the overall shape and feel of the phone.

The Qi charging Quick Circle Case

The Qi wireless charging version is nearly identical, only it replaces the back cover and keeps things a little more svelte. Here are a handful of pics of it as well. It's so far proven to be more difficult to get in the U.S., though.

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Reader comments

LG G3 QuickCircle case review


I just got the case for my phone yesterday. I had to do some heavy searching around town, but I finally found one after hours of searching. I am a VZW user and my store had no Qi cases, so I went to Best Buy. They failed. My third attempt was at radio shack, then target, and also a sprint store. Fail, fail, and huge fail. alas I was on my way home in utter failure when I passed by an AT&T. I figured it'd be yet one more failure, but it was worth a shot. Long shot paid off because a couple minutes later I was walking out with a new Qi folio case and a smile on my face. I was pleased to see how well the case fit with the phone itself and the front quickcircle has been actually handy a couple of times already for taking or dismissing calls. I thought the step counter was utterly useless until today when I was bored and wanted to check the time and decided to look at my health icon. it said 12,000 steps.... I was shocked and pleased I saw that so quickly and effortlessly. THE only issue I have had thus far has been with the Qi charging itself. I usually just set my phone on my charger and continue on with no question of my phone charging, and when I laid it on my charger last night I noticed I had to move it around a couple of times to get it to charge. It may be a fluke, it may be an issue, I don't know yet. But yeah, I'm one happy camper with my case!

It's because AT&T uses PMA charging while all other carriers use Qi have you been having any other issues? Optimistic to hear I may be able to get myself a Qi charger for my g3

I just got the wireless charging case shipped to me by Verizon. I went to a local store and they said the only one they could find in their system was at a Winston-Salem store and they only had one left. They sold it to me and shipped it next day to me for no charge. I couldn't find it anywhere else online or locally. I also ordered some magnetic clips from Amazon because I didn't like the flap popping open sometimes on me. Helps out alot.

I dig it. Took a while to get use to because I barely use flip cases, but this one is pretty good. Much better than the dot case I tried with the M8. The dot case doesn't stay open, and also doesn't fold perfectly so its really awkward to use. This one was no hassle.

Posted via Android Central App

Would have been great if LG made a circle smart watch and a square case instead of the other way around.

Posted via Android Central App

I have the S-View Case on my Note 3 and I must say I much prefer LG's QuickCircle case.
Edit... However I don't like the fact that it adds bulk to the device. The S-View case replaces the battery compartment on the Note 3 leaving the same dimensions in place.

"We're actually going to take a look at two cases here. There's a folio case, which you're more likely to see here in the United States. It fits atop the back of the G3, without removing the battery cover. And then there's the wireless charging Quick Circle case, which works the same way but replaces the stock back cover and adds, well, wireless charging."

Posted via the 64 GB OnePlus One

It didn't have to. I got a hold of the European back with Qi and it is the exact same dimensions as the standard backplate. The Qi function doesn't add any width and works great with my Incipio case.

The wireless charging version of this case adds almost if anything in thickness. It does however give you a bit of a wrap around on the corners. I like it. Now if only I could get a charging mat for it. Lol. Been on order from Amazon for two weeks now.

Posted via Android Central App

I dunno I don't think I'll ever be able to use a flip case. Got a free one for my Note 2 back in the day and used it for about 3 hours before I switched back. It looks good and is nice when the phone is closed/not in use, but when you want to use the phone, it's a huge pain.

Taking pictures, texting, anything just sucks with that giant flap in the way.

Best case out the three (LG, HTC, Sammy) there's actual apps being developed for the Quick View.

Posted via Android Central App

case looks nice.. saw flossycarter do a review of this on YouTube last week.

Posted via the Android Central App

What I love about it is you can take pictures with the flap fully flipped back. That's my only complaint on HTC's DotView.
I end up either taking my DotView off or having to hold it open while taking the picture which is impossible if i want to take a picture of something I need to hold in my other hand... (not my privates, promise)

I haven't had my LG one too long so I dont know if it will continue to lay flush on the screen after being held open a long time, I know my old samsung ones stopped fairly soon, so when they sat on the table they would kinda be halfway open in the air, looking stupid. My HTC one has continued to flap shut with no issue flush, however it makes it bounce while I'm texting which I hate.

Doesnt the D855 international version have wireless charging built in anyway? Might explain why there is a non Qi version of the case.

So i'm confused re: the photos of the quick charge case. If you have to remove the old back to put this case on, why does it still appear to wrap around the sides? Are those accidently shots of the regular case?

Got this cover today with the phone. Wish it had a little plastic over the round circlel, because its not protected..

Anyway the case works really well!

Posted via the Android Central App

Because its designed to work with the back buttons and camera. Plastic creates a glare. They designed this with that in mind.

Posted via Android Central App

Thanks. I'd really like to get the QI one but it's not as easy to get....

Posted via Android Central App

Nothing, you need to remove the original backcover and click your phone in this'backcover'

Its actually not big at all!

Posted via the Android Central App

I assume you have both phones?

Otherwise, I would not base your decision for which phone you are getting off of these cases alone.

I see the Qi compliant case is now available on LG's website. No sellers listed yet though.

Posted via Android Central App

Not difficult to get the QI Charging Circle case, I ordered it with my phone and it arrived at the same time. No difficulty at all.

I have a similar case for the G2 and like it. It is a rectangle not a circle, but allows you to answer calls, see time and weather etc.

Posted via Android Central App

Wheres pics of the qi case on the phone. Vzw has the qi version in stock, how slippery is the back? No kickstand feature? Is there a yellow or what color version is available? Unboxing video or any video at all

Posted via Android Central App

I'm sorry it's not. It's the most unique but its extremely awkward to hold and handle in one hand because it does not fold flush to back. The flap also does not stay open when laying down on a flat surface.

Posted via Android Central App

pi*d is circumference. Area (square inches) is pi*r^2. His math checks out.

BTW, multiply those square inches, by the phone's resolution in ppi (538^2) and you get ~ 909314 pixels. That's almost 99% of the 921600 pixels on an entire 720p display!

Do you still need a clear screen protector with this case or will the folio cover suffice or does it include a clear cover too?

Before I got all high on math a few comments back, I came here to ask a question...
Does NFC still work with both cases?

I have been using the Case and its really very helpful, but I am having trouble regarding the customization of the clock face. I have downloaded some clock faces from LG smart world and now i don't know how to change the clock face. Any solutions?