So we've got the LG G2 here for a little one-on-one time. That's the good news. But we also need to make clear that this is a preproduction unit. The hardware is solid, but the software's not quite final. (As we found out already in a new hands-on video.) Not a huge deal, and it gives us time to play around with some of the more unique features of this phone before we get into review mode. 

So let's flip over to the back of this phone, where the volume rocker and power button live. Crazy, we know. But maybe — just maybe — it's our kind of crazy.

A few quick thoughts:

  • Yes, it takes some getting used to. Even after switching back and forth between having the power button on the side for most phones, and up top for HTC's — this takes a little getting used to. But it's hardly insurmountable. You'd be surprised just how quickly your brain gets used to it.
  • (And straying from the back of the phone for a bullet point, the "Knock-knock" feature helps alleviate some of that pain.)
  • This is a big phone, but I don't have big hands. LG's done a nice job positioning the buttons, though. Once you remember they're there, it feels pretty natural, especially when you pull the phone out of your pocket.
  • That said, I do keep overshooting the button and end up with my finger on the camera lens. We'll see if further use takes care of that.
  • I saw someone say they were concerned about greasing up the lens even more than they already do. But I figure if you already have to wipe it off anyway, what's the big deal about your finger hitting the lens because of where the buttons are?
  • I love how the power button lights up when you press it — I just wish I could actually see that. Cool feature for someone on the other side of the phone, I guess, but I have no intentions on leaving it face-down. That's actually a cultural thing, though. For many folks, when you're in a meeting you put your phone face down as a sign of professional respect. (And there's something to be said for that, I think. Take a look next time you're sitting around a table with co-workers.)
  • The buttons themselves have just the right amount of click to them. Nicely done.

One more thing: We know already that Verizon's changed up the design of the buttons a little bit. It'll be interesting to see what the other U.S. carriers do.

Have more questions? Be sure to swing by our LG G2 forums!

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reeper55 says:

Want it so bad its driving me insane! This T-Bolt is horrendously bad!

Posted via Android Central App using this POS borrowed Thunderbolt while waiting for the G2 because I walked into the ocean with my GNex in my pocket.

hodan says:

Fitting end to the Gnex, however.

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reeper55 says:

Yeah it was just a month or so too early. Sitting on an upgrade waiting for a beast of a phone whilst using a complete POS is maddening!!!

I feel for you- until I think of me. :) I have droid charge. Yes- it's even worse than your bolt.

Johnny Z says:

Yeah, that's a really bad phone lol

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jwyche007 says:

I think it's a great design choice


Podolsky says:

It is nice to read something IT IS NOT from google...

posted from chingaTuMadre EPN

This makes me a very happy man!!!! My gf got the one, I am waiting for this phone.

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bearda says:

I don't know about everyone else, but I consider leaving my phone in my pocket a sign of professional respect. Why have it out at all?

reeper55 says:


Posted via Android Central App using this POS borrowed Thunderbolt while waiting for the G2 because I walked into the ocean with my GNex in my pocket.

Justadye4 says:

Best. Signature. Ever.

the1m.polo says:

In case it goes off or you need it.... The last thing u want is the phone vibrating and you then fumbling around trying to stop the noise... When one quick tap stops it... Why not on silent you say? (i know thats next) because i know ive had my boss or co worker call or txt saying I'm running late or "which meeting room are we in today?" also family emergency.. U may have to step out to take a important call.. So again ypu dont want to be fumbling in your pockets trying to stop buzzzzz buzzzz...
Certain meetings like an interview.. yea put that thing away.. But if its my boss or co workers or even cross company biz partners.. We are all adults we have phones... There is a mutual respect...

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^ Pretty much.

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Nault2000 says:

Does anyone know what changes Verizon has made to the buttons?

Nault2000 says:

Thank you.

Sean473 says:

Verizon's buttons do look better! Less plasticky!

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the1m.polo says:

Was just about to say that..... Agreed

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landjo77 says:

I'm mostly interested to find out how well these buttons will function once you put a protective case on the phone. I think a cutout would make them difficult to reach, and simply extending the button through the casing may be difficult to pull off properly.

How so? I can't imagine itd be any different than the way cases are now. My case covers up my N4 volume rocker, but the case adds cushion I guess to push it easier, rather than a cutout. I could see a case for the G2 built the same way except for the back.

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landjo77 says:

It might be totally doable, but I think that having the power button right smack in the middle of the volume rockers will make it tricky to add the cushions. Maybe I'm wrong. I really only have a couple of pictures to go by...

eahinrichsen says:

Every time I see the back of this thing, I think that the power/volume button is a sliding cover for the camera lens. That would actually be a great feature.

mmidgley says:

Opinions may or may not call the power button light up nifty--but I thought the light there was to be used for notifications when the phone is face down (for whatever reason).

Sixftrabbit says:

The power button does double as a notification light for some features like missed calls I believe. But there is another notification light on the front of the phone as well

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Johnny Z says:

I was wondering that, since I never put my phone face down.

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FitzAusTex says:

These manufacturers have got to put their foot down about the carrier names on the front of these flagship phones. Bloatware is one thing, but I will never buy a phone with the carrier name on the front. Don't like it on the back either, but the front is a nonstarter for me. Probably one reason I have only had Nexus.

sublimaze says:

Carriers choose which devices go on their networks. Carriers tell manufacturers what colors and other external features to put on devices, not the other way around. If LG wants their phones on Verizon, LG will be making the concessions, not VZW.

FitzAusTex says:

Yep, verizon, at&t, sprint, and t-mo, musta thought the iPhone was perfect, and not in need of any carrier branding or exclusive colors.

ctk4949 says:

Tru dat!! I dont care, LG should have sad we are not putting your stupid logo next to the ear piece!! I will not get this phone if its not removable somehow. I hope its not under the screen so i can just rub/scrap it off!!

Kenny G Jr says:

I think it's a smart design, and I can't wait for it to come to Canada.

oesjmr says:

I can't wait to finally upgrade from my original EVO!

Devices like the Droid Maxx and the Nexus 7 have the button placement right for video viewing in a stand or dock. Power and volume on the same side so they can be pressed without moving the device.

Paragon99 says:

Volume buttons on the back, great!

If I had a nickel for every time I have silenced my phone by mistake by picking it up and hitting the volume buttons on the side, I'd have....well...I'd have a lot of nickels. ;)

Zaki says:

How do these buttons perform while the phone is in pocket? Do they accidentally press and cause any issues?